Chapter 53

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“Uu…… I beg you, please don’t come……”

One woman walked in a dim corridor while leaking out a pitiable voice.

She wore a jet black robe and a pointy hat on her head.
The typical witch attire.

However, her chest is abundant enough to be recognized through the robe, and her legs are long.
Her style is bombastic, and her appearances are beautiful.
Despite being in plain clothes, the beautiful woman was so glamorous, she could overturn it.

On the contrary to her appearances, biku, biku, biku, she advances in a doubtfully fearful state.

“Even if it were directors orders, why did I have to go alone to this dungeon…… this is an abuse of authority…… that’s why she’s called Hag behind her back……”

While spitting out resentment and fearfully advancing,

“Hiiii! It appeareeed!?”

A zombie suddenly appeared from a corner.

“Uee, why is its eyeball hanging out!”
“There’s another onee!”

It wasn’t just one. Four, five, and even more appeared.
Equally disgusting undead monsters.
Holding back grand nausea, she desperately invokes magic.

“Blazing wave! Blazing wave! Blazing wave! Blazing waveeee!”

She rapidly fires intermediate fire magic and burns the zombies in an instant.
The flesh rapidly burns, leaving behind only carbonized bones.

“T, they won’t move anymore, right……? You can’t do that? To suddenly ‘Uaa~’ and assault me, I have great confidence in leaking myself, you know?”

It was a complete overkill, but the woman passed by the bones carefully.

It was at that time.
A silhouette of a person suddenly surfaced from the darkness of the corridor.

“Hii, another one? Stop it already——Huh?”

She tilts her head.
Because the silhouette walking towards her was properly walking, not like the undead.
When the figure was clearly visible, she sighed out of relief.

“I, I’m glad…… so other people were challenging this dungeon as well……”

It was a white-haired young man.
His flesh wasn’t rotten like that of zombies, his bones were not sticking out like that a skeleton, and his body wasn’t transparent like that of a ghost.
It was a man with a proper body.

“U, umm, I came to this dungeon to obtain materials…… i, if possible——”
“Ah, what a beauty.”

She got confused after suddenly being called “Beauty”.
Of course, it’s not like she didn’t feel happy being called like that by someone she met for the first time, but she had some kind of a bad feeling.

“How about it? Wouldn’t you like to be released from the unsightly shackles and maintain that beauty for the eternity?”
“W, what do you mean by that……?”

The white-haired young man opened his arms wide vigorously exclaimed with a gleam in his eyes.

“I’m the one who transcends the death, a vampire. Let me make you my follower by all means!”
“Even more dangerous opponent than a zombie has appeareeeed!?”


◇ ◇ ◇


“Please die. Banish.”

Lucifer fires the light of heavenly power, and the undead monsters drop one by one.

“She looks like an angel, doesn’t she?”
“How rude desu wa. I’m a genuine angel desu wa.”

Lucifer who purged the crowd of zombies spreads her wings and combs her long hair. Just by that action, she looked like a perfect angel, but……

“…… Tira-dono, is everything all right now?”
“Yes. They have all disappeared completely.”

Ellen who was covering her entire face with a black cloth timidly asks. Confirming the dead undead monsters around, she sighs of relief.

“Ellen Mama, a skull~!”

There, Filia wearing a skeleton’s head on her head appeared at Ellen’s side. Ellen let out a high-pitched shriek.

“Filia-chan, where did you bring that from!”
“It was on the ground over there~”
“That’s no good. Please, throw it away.”
“It’s fine, Ellen-san. That was Filia-chan just now.”
“R, really?”

Ellen hid her face in the cloth and crouched down.
She stands up fearfully.

“I, it’s not like I’m scared or anything, you know? I’m not scared, but……”
“Ellen-san, please admit it already.”

Ellen who blocked off her sight has been moving by holding Tira’s hand until a while ago. She’s pretending to be tough

“Mama~ Zombies are not scary, you know~?”
“Children don’t understand fear!”
“Isn’t that usually the other way around?”
“I, I was fine with insects when I was small, but when I became an adult, I noticed that many of them are grotesque and came to hate them!”

Ellen who’s unexpectedly persuasive.

“All this happens only because of undead monsters, what will you do when we encounter the vampire……”

Tira says with a tired voice.
Ellen plugs her ears like a child.

“Do not worry, Ellen. Vampire’s appearances are no different from humans.”
“Not listening~”

We take the frightened Ellen and advance further inside the castle.

“Oh, quite a big-shot has appeared.”

Wight A
Race: Wight
Level: 45
Skills: [Necromancy] [Black Magic]

“It’s a wight, isn’t it? It’s a high-ranked monster among the undead desu wa. Weak humans who approach them would die.”
“Ellen-san, you are noisy, so please remain silent.”

Wight notices us and approaches.
It looks like a mummy. An ominous aura gushes out from its body, and its deprived of water lips spit out curses or something.

“Banish…… yes, I defeated it. Ellen-san, it’s already fine.”

However, even a high-ranked undead fell in an instant under Lucifer’s hand.
It disappeared without any remains like trash.

“R, really? Is it really not there anymore?”

Ellen stops plugging her ears.
It was at that time.


I heard something like a scream from somewhere.

“Did you hear a scream just now?”
“N, heard.”
“S, scream!? Gyaaaaaaa!”
“Ellen, your screaming is far louder.”

I investigate with [Detection・Extremity] skill.

“Oh, I have a reaction of a living person.”
“Let’s go!”

We hurry to the place the scream came from.
We forcibly drag Ellen along, and after defeating the monsters along the way, we arrived at a dance party like room.

(Please be careful, Master.)
“I know. …… Oi, the fellow, hiding over there, come out.”

I call out to the empty space.
The [Detection・Extremity] skill clearly sensed an existence over there.

Suddenly, a figure emerged as if appearing from within a fog.

“Hee, you knew well..”

Who appeared was a white-haired young man with a faint smile.
Of course, he’s not a normal human.

“You’re the vampire, huh.”
“Fufufu, that’s right. However, I’m in luck today. So many people suitable to be my followe——”
“It’s regrettable desu wa. It’s a man……”

The vampire started talking about something, but Lucifer fired her heavenly power before that.


…… At least let him finish talking, alright?

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