Chapter 52

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Quest after a Long Time
“Karuna-san, how long are you going to sleep? It’s already noon.”

When I slept in the inn’s room until noon, Tira came to wake me up with an amazed expression.

“I will wake up immediately if Tira comes to sleep together with me.”
“No way. In the first place, what you are saying is contradictory.”

I reluctantly raised my body, but.

“Ah~ I don’t have any power because I can’t gamble……”
“…… Those were complete lines of a failure of society.”

Because of the matter of the other day, I have been prohibited from gambling.
Certainly, if I continued, this town’s casino would get destroyed, but it’s difficult to me who is dependent on gambling.

(Rather, isn’t this a good chance to cure your condition?)
“But, I want to gamble~ I want to taste that heart-throbbing feeling of betting everything I have once again~!”
“Just how did you gamble!?”

In the end, I won thanks to the [Good Luck・Extremity], though.
But, perhaps…… the thinking and the incredible pressure, I have become addicted to that feeling.
Of course, the feeling after winning was the best.

“Rather, it would be good to go bankrupt once and experience the difficult times, wouldn’t it……”

After Tira sighed such,

“Why don’t we go to the Adventurer’s Guild with everyone after a long time? There might be just the right request for a breather.”


That being the case, we go to the Melshia’s Adventurer’s Guild.

All members are gathered today.
Because I’m accompanied by women and a child, we are gathering the adventurer’s attention as expected. Moreover, because they are beauties, filthy men seem envious.

“I, if you’d like, won’t you join my party?”

One of the comrades suddenly started inviting.
Moreover, the opponent he spoke to had to be Lucifer.
She ostentatiously holds her nose,

“Could you not approach me? Because you stink so much, my nose has warped wa.”

And thus he was instantly killed by Lucifer’s words. Pitiful thing.

“Of course, female adventurers are welcome even if they stink desu wa! For example, Ellen-san’s armpit scent after weight training is the best! Haa, haa……”
“A, am I really always smelling that bad……!?”
“…… It’s embarrassing so please quickly as possible stop that conversation.”

We arrive in front of the bulletin board.
Looking around, all of them were C and D ranks, it’s full of the low-rank requests.

“Oh, but, isn’t this somewhat nice?”

[Request rank F] Cosplay model recruitment
Restricted to female adventurers. Restricted to beauties. I will let you wear various clothes and take pictures. Reward: 1 Gold coin.

“That’s wonderful wa! Tira-sama in those clothes and such clothes…… Guhehe.”
“I won’t wear them. Rather, why is this requested from the Adventurer’s Guild……”

In the end, because of Tira’s strong opposition, it was rejected.

“Karuna. This request, should receive.”

Shiro points at a request at the bottom of the board.

[Request rank C] Subjugation of beach monsters
Please subdue the monsters that appeared on the nudist beach. I want to quickly take my clothes off. Reward: 3 Gold coins

“That’s wonderful wa! Stark naked Tira-sama on the sandy beach…… Guhehe.”
“It’s not that kind of a request, right!? …… In any case, such vulgar beach should be destroyed.”
“No can. A place to undress is necessary.”
“You undress anywhere as you please, though……”

This was also rejected by Tira’s strong opposition.

“Mu. Karuna, how about this request?”

This time, Ellen showed a different request.

[Request rank D] Muscle pride urgent recruitment
Please enliven the first bodybuilding championship. Adventurers with thoroughly tempered muscles are needed. Reward: 2 Gold coins. Additional reward depending on the results.

“Ellen, that’s completely your hobby.”
“That’s wonderful wa! To fully display muscles, one should be nude as expe——”
“Why do you take anything and everything in that direction?”

This was rejected by Tira’s and mine opposition. To be frank, all participants would be guys and I have no interested and muscled guys.

“Is there no S-rank request?”
(As one would expect, it’s not something common.)

Even though I would like S-rank request, there are no A or B ranks either.
There, at that very moment, a new request was timely put up.

[Request rank A] Investigation as well as subjugation of an old castle
We have information that a vampire equivalent to danger level A is living in the old castle on the hilltop of the Flam Village. Please investigate. Reward: 5 Gold coins. 20 Gold coins after the subjugation of the vampire. Please note that the castle has become a dungeon.

“Alright, let’s do this.”
“I, I oppose!”

Ellen raises an objection in a loud voice.

“Bbb, because it’s dangerous! Speaking of vampires, they are called the kings of the undead, you know!”
“In other words, you are scared of undead monsters.”
“I, I, I’m not really scared or anything!?”
“Then, it’s fine. Alright, it’s decided.”

Ellen’s face turned ghastly pale.

“Wawawa, wait! I’m fine! I’m not scared of ghosts or zombies even a slight bit, okay! But, Filia is here as well! There should be better things to do than taking a child into a den of undead monsters that turned into a dungeon!”
“Filia, you aren’t scared at all, are you?”
“Yea! I’m A~Okay!”
“A, are you really okay? You won’t be able to sleep at night, you know!? You won’t be able to go on toilet alone, you know!?”
“Oi, Ellen…… just now, behind you.”
“That was a lie.”

In addition to the fear of heights, this fellow has a lot of weak points……


“Ooh, now this is a castle with a presence.”
“…… Isn’t it?”

It really looks like a vampire is living in this old castle.
It’s a splendid castle, but the outer walls are covered with vines, and the garden is in ruins. The castle generally shows signs of stagnation, but crow’s cries can be occasionally heard.
And now, with the cloudy sky that looks like it could start raining at any moment, it increases the ambiance further.

“Ellen, are you okay?”
“…… I’m fine.”

She replied after a brief silence. She doesn’t seem to be fine.

“Looks fun~!”

On the other hand, Filia’s eyes are sparkling. She might look at this as an attraction in the amusement park.

“Filia-chan, if you go alone on your own, you will get lost.”

Tira cautions Filia who runs around the ruined garden. …… It really looked like an exchange of daughter and mother who came to an amusement park.

Passing through the crumbled gate, we enter in the castle. Because the information stated that this place turned into a dungeon, monsters will likely appear. There are responses on my [Detection・Extremity] skill.

“Don’t come out, don’t come out, don’t come out……”

Ellen mutters in a bleating manner. Is she scared that much……

“Please, don’t worry, Ellen-sama. Undead monsters who fall into the arms of an angel, namely me, will instantly meet death. Of course, if Tira-sama falls into my arms, I will instantly meet death as well, though.”
“The second half wasn’t necessary, was it?”

As she herself said, angels are strong against undead monsters.
I too have [Necromancy・Extremity] skill, so no matter what undead monster appear, it shouldn’t be my opponent.


As soon as a groan appeared from the front, a swaying figure appeared from behind the shadow of a pillar.
It’s a zombie.

“Gyaaaaaaa! It appeareeeeeed!”

The screaming Ellen is clinging to me!

“I will grant it death.”

Luficer uses her heavenly power, trying to purify the zombie.

“Wait. I want to enjoy this feeling of Ellen’s breasts for a little longer.”
“! I see, there was such a trick. As expected, Karuna-sama.”
“Quickly! Quickly, do something about it!”
“Ellen-sama, next time, please cling to me next time!”
“…… What are you doing…… the zombie is showing a troubled reaction, please deal with it at once.”

The zombie standing in front of us who are making a fuss is looking somewhat troubled.

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Ecchi Products from Japan from J-List - Your Favorite Online Shop and Friend in Japan

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