Chapter 51

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Magic Puppet VS Shadow General
“Where is this~?”

Filia left the gang’s base got lost.
It’s already evening. The surroundings are already getting dark.

Ordinary children would start getting worried and long for their parents, but Filia is not like that at all.

“Ya~y! A delish smell~”

Appetizing fragrances started drifting from the houses around. She advances steadily without stopping.

Then, a shadow of a person appeared in front of her.

“Ojouchan, it will soon become dark ssu?”

Of course, it’s one the Rein Empire’s Four Generals, the Shadow General.

Unlike the time she assaulted Lucifer (she was actually the one assaulted), she was wearing normal clothes. Her clothes are ordinary, and her hair is in braids. Aside from her speech, she looks like a normal town girl.

Right now, she’s about to kidnap her target, Filia.

(I don’t want to approach that inn ever again ssu……)

Just remembering it makes her back shiver.
Because of that matter, she was acting quite carefully.
Because of that dangerous woman, the degree of danger of the target in Mea’s mind escalated. She decided against a direct confrontation and set her eyes on the target’s child which should be easiest to capture.

“I’m a resident from around here ssu. I saw a child walking here alone, so I called out to you because I was worried ssu yo. It’s dangerous around here ssu. …… Where’s your house?”
“Don’t know.”
“Then, Oneechan will bring you to your Papa and Mama ssu.”

The orders were only about the target, Mea had no intention harming his surroundings. But, if resisting, it’s inevitable for her to use force. If she obediently comes along, Mea doesn’t have to act.

But, Filia shakes her head left and right.

“Filia won’t come along~”
“…… Why is that ssu?”
“Elza said so~ Don’t follow strangers!”

Filia has learned.
Incidentally, Elza is the girl who was captured in the dungeon together with Filia.

“…… Is that so?”

It can’t be helped, I have no choice, but to use force. Mea thought.
She ordered subordinates to clear the surroundings of people.

Making a little girl faint is too easy.
Mea moves behind Filia with natural movements and hits the back of her neck with her hand.

Pashi, her hand landed.
No, Boki might be a more accurate sound effect.


Her little finger has bent in the wrong direction. She nearly cried out unconsciously, but she somehow managed to save her dignity as an assassin.

W, wha, what is this child……!?

Mea sensed it with just this action. It wasn’t a fluke or anything else. The little girl perfectly saw through her movements, and that little body has the power equal to that of a dragon.

“A bad person, after all!”

Mea’s decision was swift.
She instantly gave up on her strategy and immediately withdrew from that place.

However, she got caught!


When it comes to the speed of legs, Mea was said to be the fastest among the Four Generals, but Filia obviously surpassed that by far.

“D, don’t joke around ssu! Why are they all such monsters!?”

Mea receives Filia’s punch and gets blown away.
It was such power she nearly lost her consciousness.
She flew through air for about 500m and finally sunk into the ground――

“Oopsy, are you alright?”

Someone caught Mea’s body before she crashed into the ground.

“I, I’m saved ssu…………!?”

When Mea looked at the person who saved her, she froze.
It was the target.

But, the opponent doesn’t know that she’s an assassin.
Mea calms down, expresses her gratitude,

“Oh, I thought who it was, aren’t you my stalker?”

Wild voice unconsciously leaked from Mea’s mouth.

“You have been following me for a long time, right? I know about it.”
“Whawhawha, what are you talking about ssu? I, I would be happy if you could quickly lower me down, though ssu……”

Mea pretends not to know while breaking in a cold sweat.

“You are the Rein Empire’s Shadow General, right? Mea-chan.”

Oi, I was completely exposed ssu!? Even my name!

“It’s fine, it’s fine. The development of the story where the assassin falls in love with the target is quite common.”
“What are you talking about ssu!?”
“No need to be so shy. Now then, let’s go together!”
“Gyaaaaa! Release me! Release me ssuuuu!”

Mea was desperately struggling, but she was held down my tremendous power and couldn’t escape.
The tragedy from yesterday passes through Mea’s mind.
Violated again……!?

“What are you doing? Find Filia-chan at once.”

The one who hit the target on his head was an elven girl.
Mea put forth all her power and planned to escape when his power relaxed. But, she was naive.

“Hahaha, I won’t let you escape, ya know?”
“Therefore, what are you doing!”

Zugan, a sound of the impact of tremendous level resounded.
And this time, Mea succeeded to escape and jumped into an alley at high speed.

“I had enough ssu! I don’t want these fellows as my opponents anymore ssu!”

She has decided to retire as an assassin while shouting towards the sky.


◇ ◇ ◇


“Elza said that she wants me to come to her house!”

Filia who has thoroughly enjoyed her adventure around the town said.
When asked about details, she was apparently kidnapped by a gang and helped to save children.
…… Rather, it looks like Filia was kidnapped as well.

“What were you doing……”

Ellen sighs in amazement.

“Filia-chan, you can’t follow strangers ever again, okay?”
“Yea! People I don’t know will be properly served punishment!”
“Please do that. ——Huh, punishment!?”

That being the case, we decided to visit the residence of the girl called Elza together with Filia the next day.
Speaking of Edban family, they are famous in this city. I have〈Detection・Extremity〉skill, there was really no need to ask for directions, though.

Actually, it was an unreasonably big mansion.
The gangsters who kidnapped the daughter of this house must have demanded a large amount of ransom.

The Edban house is originally a ruined nobility from a foreign country that escaped to this town and opened a trade business. And fortunately, it was a huge success. They have grown into one of few super-wealthy families of Melshia.

“Ooh, you have come.”

The one who has welcomed us was the head of the Edban family, a dandy ossan. It might be because of his roots, but the atmosphere around him is more of a noble than that of a merchant.

We are shown into the large mansion.
…… It’s quite quiet. I don’t see any maids or butlers. Moreover, it’s such a large mansion, yet I see nearly no furniture.

(The Edban House has failed at business and went bankrupt just the other day.)

Eh, seriously?

“Ah, Elza!”
“Filia, you have come.”

As soon as a girl wearing a dress appeared, Filia swiftly bolted towards her. She smiled at Filia, but she couldn’t conceal her sorrow.

“Elza, still not feeling well~?”
“N, no, I’m fine.”

She’s surely a smart child who understands the situation her house is in.

“…… I would like to express my gratitude somehow, but as a matter of fact, we have gone bankrupt. We also have to sell off this mansion soon.”

The head of the Edban House says apologetically.

“We are in a situation in which I couldn’t even pay the ransom for Elza……”

It appears that if not for Filia, his daughter might have been sold as a slave.

“By the way, what kind of business?”
“In fact, I run a casino, you see.”

Hee~ what a coincidence. I have recently received a favor from a casino. I have gained heaps of profit, after all.
Because of my [Good Luck・Extremity] skill, I won’t lose no matter what game I play.
I was doubted whether I was cheating or not, but they couldn’t find anything no matter what. I mean, it’s my luck, it’s impossible to find out.

They still have to pay me half of the money, but they are properly paying.

“It was running smoothly, but an outrageous gambler suddenly appeared, you see……”
“I see.”
“He wouldn’t lose no matter what game he played”
“…… N?”
“We have first doubted whether he was a cheater, but we couldn’t find anything no matter how we searched.”
“That gambler earned a year of the casino’s sales in one day…… that’s why we are in such a state. ――N? What’s the matter?”

There’s no mistake no matter how you think about it.


“That gambler, it’s me.”


I got too excited and overdid it.
I’m shorry.

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