Chapter 50

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Magic Puppet VS Gang Boss
A strong, manly, pushed out forelock that disobeys the laws of gravity.
Burd wears the pompadour proudly.

Burd has never seen anyone who has the same hairstyle. He has met people from every corner of this commercial city, but he has never met a person with a similar hairstyle. It’s indeed a unique hairstyle.

But, Burd had no doubt that this is the coolest haircut ever.

“Boss! Your hairstyle is looking the best today ssu!”
“It’s the most desirable hairstyle in the world ssu!”

The gang members all gave praises simultaneously. Burd is short-tempered, but praising his hairstyle calms him down.

“Ha, only I am allowed to have this hairstyle. You guys don’t try to copy it, alright?”
“W, we know!”
“I’m seriously disappointed that I can’t copy it ssu!”

Of course, no one really thought that inwardly, but they all looked full of regrets.

It was at this time.
Filia pointed at Burd’s hair and shouted while laughing.

“What a weird head~!
“””She suddenly stepped on the greatest land mineeee!?”””

It goes without saying that everyone froze instantly after hearing her words.

“…… Just now, what did you say?”

Sure enough, Burd has snapped.

“What a weird head~!”

Filia obediently repeats, and the vein of Burd’s forehead comes to the surface.

In the past, those who had mentioned the taboo in the same way――they were half-beaten to death.
When they apologized in tears “It was my mistake. That hairstyle is the world’s best”, they were already half-killed.

“…… Brats are only articles to me. I don’t have a hobby of tormenting brats.”

But, the opponent is a child, so he apparently has some self-respect.
On the contrary to expectations,

“Withdraw your previous remark! If you do that, I will finish after beating you half-dead!”

He will beat her halfway to death, after all!? Everyone tsukkomid in their hearts.

“I, it’s the best no matter how you look at it, right?”
“It’s a wonderful hairstyle! Right? Right?”

As expected, they had a bit of heart left in them, so they immediately appealed Filia, completely forgetting about the kidnapping.

“Don’t know.”
“””Read the situatiooon!”””

The blond girl who was locked up with Filia said with a pale face again.

“Quickly praise him even if you have to lie! Since he has such a thing on his head, the insides must be even worse! I don’t know what he will do to you!”
“Oi, I can hear you, brat!”

Intimidated by Burd, the girl shrieks.

“Ojisan, are you the boss of bad people~?”
“Ojisan, you said!? I’m still in my thirties!”

Filia rubbed Burd’s nerves in the wrong way further.

“Filia will defeat!”
“…… What a cocky, stupid brat…… it appears I will have to teach you my hairstyle’s wonderfulness by beating it into your body!”

Burd shouts threats and pulls out the sword on his back.
It’s not a normal sword. The blades of the sword are like snake’s abdomen, it’s a sword that can be used as a whip as well. Handling it is very difficult, but Burd was able to master it.

“Boss took out the snake sword!?”
“Far from making her understand, he wants to kill her right from the start!?”

The gang members open their eyes wide when Burd takes out his sword.
The point of the sword creeps like a snake and assaults Filia.

“Moreover, such bold move right from the start!?”

Unlike the handling of the normal swords, even first-class swordsman would find it difficult to attack like that.
But, it would be finished with one whip——if that happened, Burd who was made fun of because of his hairstyle won’t calm down. He intended to stop the blade right in front of the cocky brat to teach her fear.

However, the children who had no way of knowing Burd’s thoughts screamed as they watched the dreadful scene.
And then, the next moment,


Filia stopped the point of the blade with her fingertips.

“…… Ha?”

Burd unconsciously leaks out a dumbfounded voice.

“S, she caught it!?”
“Boss’ killer technique!?”
“I, it’s because I have stopped it myself!”

Burd shouts at his astonished underlings.
In fact, it feels like I stopped earlier than I intended, but that must be because my arm became slightly rusty. That must be it, or so Burd has thought.

“But, I will do it seriously next time! You should praise my hairstyle while you can!”
“I’m hungry~”
“Listen to me!?”

Burd swings his sword in irritation again.
This time, it aimed towards her legs——as if it was faint, the tip jumped up. Even sharper edge than before approaches Filia’s chin.


Gachin, such sound resounded.
Filia bit on the sword’s tip and stopped Burd’s killer technique with her teeth.

“She stopped it with teeth!?”
“She seriously did it!?”

The gangsters became confused.

“Au, au, ahh~”

Filia with the tip of the sword in her mouth tried to say something, but no one could understand her.

“Shit! Release it! ——!?”

Burd overbearingly pulled on the sword, but it didn’t even budge.
A staggering stopping power.


Bagin! a metallic sound resounded.

“””She chewed throuuugh!?”””

She chewed and crushed the hard blade made of special alloys.
Bari bori bari, the unpleasant sound continued, and Filia kept on chewing the blade further,

“Not delish.”

Ueeh, she spits it out from her mouth.
Metal pieces fall onto the ground.

“T, the hell are you!?”
“It’s my turn now~”

Declaring such, Filia kicks the ground and disappears.
She immediately appears in front of Burd, ei, she does a summersault kick.

It was a near miracle for Burd to avoid that.
Or it was perhaps thanks to the intuition that he has cultivated through many battles. He immediately averted his upper body, so Filia’s short leg which aimed towards his chin could only graze it.

However, the same couldn’t be said for his pushed out pompadour.
It received a direct hit from Filia’s leg.

Filia-chan, no matter what happens, you can’t get serious, okay? Although she was taught such by Tira, she still moved nearly at the speed of sound.
The tip of her shoe created terrific friction against the hair——

——and ignited.

“M, my hairrrrr!?”

Burd whose hair catches on fire roars.

“W, water! Quickly, bring water!”

The gang members panic and round around trying to extinguish the fire.
On the other hand, Filia’s eyes start sparkling.

“Shugo~i! Baaarning! So coool~!”

It appears she likes the burning brightly hair.

“Quickly put it offff!”
“Boss! I brought water!”
“Can’t put it out~”

Filia obstructs the fire extinguishing.

“Returning it at onceee!”

…… After that, Filia and others successfully escaped.
Or rather, they were driven out.

The fire in Burd’s hair was somehow safely put off, and it goes without saying that his prideful pompadour has turned into ashes.


◇ ◇ ◇


“Bastard! I have suffered because of that stupid brat!”

Lucas who was somehow released from the abuse of the adventurers spits out in a back alley.
He had to repay everything he won in the challenge. On top of having his artificial arm broken, he had to give ten gold coins to that little girl.
Thanks to that, he’s penniless.

“! That fellow is……”

At that time, that very little girl has crossed before his eyes.
…… Incidentally, this happened right after escaping from the gang.

(Ha, this is luck. I will murder that brat and get my money back……!

Lucas who made up his mind stealthily followed the little girl.

“Where is this~?”

The little girl tilted her head while restlessly looking around.
It appears she got lost. It has already become dark, and she’s conveniently in a narrow alley with no pedestrian traffic.
The golden opportunity. Lucas takes out his knife and――

“I won’t let you do that ssu.”

A freezing voice resounded from behind.
He wasn’t able to turn back. Lucas who carried out various jobs in the past understood. This fellow is seriously dangerous.

“I have business with that girl ssu. Therefore, I will be troubled if you make a move ssu.”

It took Lucas his all just to nod with his head desperately.



Looking at the young man escaping, the Shadow General Mea muttered.

“That little girl is without a doubt the child that is with the target ssu. I have no hobby in taking hostages, but it can’t be helped this time ssu.”

A new menace (lol) approached Filia.

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