Chapter 49

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The Magic Puppet Can’t Read The Situation
“Still no candies~?”

Filia who was pushed into a chilly, dim room was still honestly believing that she would get candy.
She was in a dungeon.
Her kidnappers successfully caught Filia who was tempted by candy.

“…… Fool. You were tricked.”

A cold voice resounds from her side.

It was a blonde girl looking about the same age as Filia.
She looks to be no more than ten years old, but she’s quite mature. Her attire is also fine.

“You have been kidnapped. …… Both you and me.”

That girl has been swept just like Filia and locked up in this dungeon.

“You will be sold to some country as a slave, or you will be exchanged to your parents for ransom…… it’s probably one of the two.”

The blonde girl says with a sigh. The reason she’s so calm is because she’s sure that the latter applies to her.

There were several children locked up together with the two.
Because the number of children imprisoned is so high, it was certainly an organized crime. They should be en route to be sold as slaves.
There are many crying children.

“Why are they crying~? Are they heart-broken for not receiving candy?”
“That sure can’t be the case, can it! Nowadays, you must be the only one who can get tempted by candy.”
“Just Filia?”
“…… I was suddenly attacked from behind by a man with something like sleeping drugs. I lost my consciousness and then I woke up here.”
“Hee~ you say…… you don’t seem to be shaken up by this situation at all, don’t you?”

The girl says exhaustedly.

“Is your family wealthy? If not, you will be sold as a slave. Your looks are not bad, you should fetch considerably high price. If they demand ransom, it should be quite a large sum」
“Your father, what is he doing?”
“Gambling! Also, he always does ecchi things!”
“I, is he all right, your father……?”
“Filia loves Papa~!”
“I see……”

When he conversation of the two pauses, the silence returns to the dungeon――

“Aa~ a~ a~. Shugo~i! It’s echoing~!”

——it never returned, as Filia was running around in high spirits all by herself.

“Hey, keep it quiet a little……”

It was at that time the girl sighed.
Several rough men appeared before the dungeon.
It was the duo who kidnapped Filia.

“Candy came~?”

Filia said with sparkling eyes, but the men have ignored her.
They looked at the girls behind the iron bars and pointed fingers.

“You, you, and you, come out.”

They included the blonde girl too.

“Rejoice. You are going to live as slaves”

Hearing those words, the girl let out ‘eh?’ as she couldn’t believe her ears.

“W, wait a minute!? Why do I have to live as a slave!? What about the ransom!?”

Her flabbergasted voice echoed around the dungeon.

“Ah, you were certainly Edban house’s daughter, right? When we suggested your father a ransom, he has turned us down. Seriously, just when we thought we came across a golden oppurtunity.”

The man spits out.

“H, he won’t pay the ransom……?”

That can’t be true, the girl shakes her head.
After all, her family is one of the ten super-wealthy families in the commercial city.

“Who would have thought his business would go bankrupt at such time.”

The girl couldn’t believe her ears. She has lost all hope.

“T, there must be some mistake…… something like that……”
“Be quiet! Shut up and come over here!”

She was threatened, and her hand was forcefully pulled on.
She was going to resist, but she couldn’t go against the adult man’s power.

“Behave yourself!”

Her cheek was strongly hit, and the girl fell on her backside.

“Quickly stand up. There’s work we have to do after this.”

This time, she was caught by her hair and dragged away.
Witnessing such a scene, Filia tilted her head and asked.

“By any chance, are ojisans bad people~?”
“You won’t give candy and treat Filia and others horribly?”
“Seriously, what a foolish brat. You still haven’t realized from all of this? We have naturally kidnapped you to make a living.”

Kuhahaha, the men laugh.

“Bad people must be punished, is what Papa said!”
“Ha, no one is going to save y——”

Filia grasps the iron bars, bokin! and magnificent sound resounded.


The two men are stunned by the unexpected scene.
The blonde girl also stares dumbfounded with her mouth opened wide.

Filia forcibly wrenches open the iron bars and steps out.

“Filia, will, beat up, the bad people!”

Don, the ground breaks under Filia who sprang towards the dumbfounded men.
Her soles sink into the two men’s faces.


The men got synchronically blown away and crashed into a nearby wall.
They fainted completely.
——Far from that, they are in a near-death state.

“Punishment finished~!”

Filia issued a mysterious signature phrase, and the children who were caught got lost words for a while.


“Even Carla lost!? Just who the hell is this brat!?”

A famous gang in the commercial city Melsiha, the “Bloodfang.”
All of them were capable of making children cry with their rough looks, but all of them felt like crying now.

All their skilled colleagues have been defeated by a child they kidnapped.

Of course, that child is Filia.
She who was escaping from the dungeon with the other children was knocking out the gangsters one by one.

“Use weapons! It can’t be helped even if you hurt her!”

They decided to use weapons at last.
A man with a sword in his right hand and battleax in his left leaps towards Filia.

“She stopped the blow!?”

Filia caught the blade with her bare hands and casually crushed it.


Filia drills her small fist into the man’s stomach.
He gets blown for tens of meters and starts blowing bubbles in agony.

Understanding her overwhelming power, the gangsters started retreating with stiff faces.

“Oi, don’t be afraid of a little brat!”

The leader-like man raised his voice, but everyone else was already hesitating.
On the other hand, the children protected by Filia were regaining their vigor after witnessing Filia’s strength that’s above the adult men.

“I, incredible…… you, just who are you……?”
“Filia is Filia!”
“I didn’t mean your name……”

It was at that time.
One man appeared from within the depths of the corridor.

“So noisy. What the hell are you guys doing.”

The moment the man spat out the irritated words, the gang members have immediately broke into a cold sweat.

“B, Boss Burd!?”

The man who shouted a little while ago raises his voice again.

That man called Burd, is a man who expanded the “Bloodfang” gang which was only a small organization into several times larger gang in just a few years.
And, he who was banished from the guild for bad behavior is also a former famous A-Rank adventurer.

The intimidating aura around him is in a different dimension compared to the other guys. His hairstyle is also in a different dimension. New members who enter the gang are first and foremost taught to never touch that subject.

The children immediately recognized that man as special. Their hope to escape were immediately crushed.
Among them——

“What a weird head~!”

Filia who can’t read the situation pointed at Burd’s “pompador” and burst into laughter.

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