Chapter 10

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Last Boss (Weak)
We have stopped in front of the staircase leading to the 100th floor.

“It’s finally the time, isn’t it?”

Next is the top floor at last. The tension raises whether I like it or not.

“…… That, I’m sorry. My tension went up uncharacteristically……”

Suddenly, Tira timidly apologizes.

“It’s fine. Such Tira was also cute.”
“…… Geez, stop it, please. Please, don’t tease me like that.”

I’m telling the truth, though.

“Now then, whether you like it or not, this is the top floor. Let’s go.”

I fire myself up.

“Ah. Before that, put me down please.”
“Let’s do our best, Tira.”

Hearing the voice of my dependable companion, my fighting spirit raises even further.

“Put me down, please.”
“Now then, the last fight!”

Raise my fist, ei, ei, oh~

“You can definitely hear me, right!? Please, put me down! Fighting the last boss while being carried, isn’t that embarrassing!”

Tira’s shriek reverberates.
She’s still being carried on my back.

“It’s all right, no one is watching.”
“My dignity is not agreeing with you, though.”
“I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to live anymore without Tira being glued to my back.”
“Please don’t say such scandalous thing!?”
(Master, it’s disgusting when you say it so straightly.)

Naviko-san spews venom as usual.

“Also, Tira’s sighs tickling the back of my neck, haa, haa.”
“Aren’t you just a pervert then!? tte, don’t block my butt with your hands when I’m trying to get down!”
“Tira-tan who gets excited by having her butt rubbed, haa, haa.”
“I’m not excited!”
“Ouch, hey, don’t pull on my hair, I will go bald!”
“I will rip it all out and make you bald, you know!?”
“Before that happens, charge!”

I run up the staircase.
Enduring Tira’s hair loss strategy, we finally reach the 100th floor.

A vast space is spread there.
And in the center, around five-six meters tall, gigantic monster.

Red Dragon (Boss)
Race: Red Ragon
Level: 60
Skills: [Breath of Fire] [Roar]

“Red Dragon! That’s this dungeon’s last boss, isn’t it…… T, this is bad, Breath of Fire will come at us! The heat from Red Dragon’s fire won’t leave even a bone behind if we get hit! Please, quickly escape……”
“Alright, frontal breakthroooough!”
“Have you heard what I said!?”

Immediately, the Red Dragon’s neck swelled up, and it spat bright red and burning flame from its mouth.
I instantly kick the ground with all my mind.
The stone floor caves in and pieces of stone scatter around.
Goooo, immediately after, a terrific flame grazes my feet. I barely dodged. Tira shrieks Kya~ next to my ear.

I leap with a momentum above the Red Dragon.


I hold the sword above my head and swings towards the dragon with my all.


“Huh, the sword broke?”
“Red Dragon’s scales are harder than steel! Karuna-san, spare sword…… you don’t have one, do you…… ku…… as expected of the empty-handed Karuna-san…… let’s retreat temporarily……”
“Alright, let’s fist it then!”
“Therefore, are you listening to what I say!?”

Since the sword is of no use now, I hammer the dragon with my fists.


A tremendous blow sound resounds, and the Red Dragon’s large body vigorously strikes into the ground.
Blood gushes out from a large dent in the partially destroyed scale I hit.

“You have smashed the Red Dragon’s scale with a fist――――!?”

Tira raises a surprised scream.

“Y, you are not a swordsman!?”
“There are times where even swordsmen have to talk with fists, after all.”
“I don’t understand anything anymore!!”
“There’s no logic. You feel it by heart. It’s alright, once we are married for many years, the feelings will completely connect to you.”
“We met just a moment ago, didn’t we!?”

Well, it wasn’t a bad sword, but speaking frankly, my fists have higher offensive ability.

(5473 damage. It’s life force has not been exhausted yet. Be careful.)
“Not being brought down by one punch. How tough.”

The Red Dragon leaped at me with a look of anger.
But, Tira activates advanced magic at that time.
The Red Dragon gets struck by lightning.


The whole body burns and the Red Dragon roars.

(873 damage.)

Red Dragon’s scales apparently have high magic resistance, but the lightning flowed into its body through the scale I destroyed.

“Advanced magic, so you can use it”
“Yes, it takes a short while to chant, but just in case. When Karuna-san destroyed the sword, I thought that we couldn’t bring it down without advanced magic, so I started the chant.”
“You did great beating my head and tsukkoming while chanting……”

Quite dextrous.
The Red Dragon seems to be defeated as it turns into ashes.

“Fuu. I’m glad I could be of use a little.”
“Rather, you took the best part.”

Or how should I put it, it was unexpectedly weak.
That as the last boss? Not enough.

“Now then. Shall we search for the research material left behind by that person?”

It was at that time.
Tira suddenly tightly hugged my back.

“…… I see. Tira has finally accepted me――”
“T, that’s wrong. Rather than that, o, over there……”

Tira points her finger with a trembling voice.
An old man was standing there.
But, he was floating in the air. I thought it was magic at first, but the old man has no legs. No, far from that, his body is slightly transparent.

No way, a ghost?

(Yes. It’s a monster produced by the grudge of the dead, a ghost.)

Naviko-san informs me.

“…… Who are you?”

Answering my question, the ghost opens its mouth.

(―― I’m Owen ja.)


The creator of the dungeon has appeared, though?

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