Chapter 7

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I Try to Challenge S-Class Dungeon Without Equipment
I have received the adventurer membership card from the beautiful receptionist Ryuna-san.

“W, well then, Karuna-sama, I wish you good fortune, I, I will pray for you……”

She’s scared of me.
Well, it may be inevitable after witnessing something like that.

By the way, I’m D-Rank.
Usually, you have to start from F-Rank, but because I was able to blow away the guild master in one hit, he made me D-Rank as promised.

I changed my clothes.
They were dyed in blood, so I have received new clothes from the guild master after he woke up.
Somehow, his gaze towards me was restless, I have not investigated it more deeply.

(It’s not somehow, he’s frightened of Master’s nonstandard power.)
“Indeed, he looked a little incontinentish.”
(Master, even if you have noticed that, let’s not touch that subject.)

Now then, since I’ve become an adventurer, shall we take on some request?

『Master is currently penniless, it’s necessary to secure the inn and meal charges for tonight immediately』

Oops, that’s right.
I don’t have even one yen in this world. I’m sure they don’t have yens, though.

(This world mainly uses coins, copper coins, silver coins, gold coins, and large gold coins. For each value you can think that 1000 coins = 100 copper coins = 10 silver coins = 1 gold coin. The fluctuation of large gold coins is big, but they are about 30 gold coins per coin.)

“How much for lunch?”
)Around five to six copper coins.)

I see. That means, 1 copper coin has a value of about 100 yen. Silver coin is 1000 yen, and gold coin is 10000 yen. It’s easy to understand.

I move towards the bulletin board.
Various matters are posted there.
There are requests from F to S rank, naturally, the higher the rank of the request, the higher the reward.
There also seem to be requests with no rank limitation.
There seem to be a lot of requests that D-Rank can accept, but as expected, it’s not comparable to the higher C-Rank or B-Rank.

“I’d like to go to a dungeon.”

There are papers with information about dungeon stuck on the bulletin board. It appears that adventurers use the capital as the main base and are active mainly in the following dungeons.


Dungeon “Goblin’s Den”
Difficulty: F (Captured)
Location: Forest, north of the royal capital. A one-way trip is less than an hour.
A cave type labyrinth mainly inhabited by goblins.

Dungeon “Sylza’s Abandoned Mines”
Difficulty: E (Captured)
Location: Northeast of the town of Sylza. A one-way trip is about four hours.
A mines type labyrinth mainly inhabited by kobolds.

Dungeon “Rouen Ruins”
Difficulty: C (Captured)
Location: Ruins southern of the royal capital. A one-way trip is a little over two hours.
Ancient ruins converted into a dungeon. Inhabited by golems and beast type monsters.

Dungeon “Great Hole of Naraku”
Difficulty: B (Captured)
Location: The base of the Mt. Raza. A one-way trip is approximately seven hours.
An enormous hole opened in the sea of trees of the southern part of the Mt. Raza. Infested with Lesser Demons.


…… Hmm.
All of them are already captured.

“As expected, dungeons are good for a girl’s first time~”
(Right now, was it necessary to reveal Master’s fetish?)
“Oh, there’s another one.”


Dungeon “Tower of the Great Sage”
Difficulty: S (Not captured)
Location: South of the royal capital. A one-way trip is about five hours.
A tower left by the old Great Sage, Owen. It consists of 100 floors, the monsters become stronger the further you progress. The difficulty of the lowest layer is D.


This seems to be not yet captured.

According to Naviko-san, the great sage Owen is a super famous magician who apparently mastered the essence of magic.
Even though he was born as human around 200 years ago, she said that the modern magicians still can’t elucidate his magic.

(“Tower of the Great Sage” is a large tower he built and stayed at in his last years. It’s said that he might have left valuable research material on the top floor. However, there hasn’t been anyone who has reached the top yet.)

The research material of a person like that would surely have tremendous value.

(Therefore, the dungeon capture request was commissioned by the king himself. The degree of difficulty is S, and the reward is 1000 large gold coins.)

It’s decided.
Let’s challenge this dungeon first.


◇ ◇ ◇


The dungeon “Tower of the Great Sage” is five hours away, but I have arrived in 30 minutes by flying with wind magic.

“It’s huge.”

As expected of a 100-floor tower. It seems to be piercing the heavens.
It looks like it would collapse when an earthquake hits.

“However, won’t you be able to reach the top by smashing the wall from outside?”

It’s a tower-type labyrinth capture method that everyone probably thought at least once.

(It’s possible. However, the barrier at the top will take a little bit of time to break even for Master.)

It seems to be possible.
But, such a capture method would be dull.
In the end, I decided to take the normal capture route.



“It’s completely a maze.”

Dungeon’s first floor.
There are countless crossroads, one would get immediately lost without a map.

However, since I have Naviko-san, it’s possible to easily decide on the right path. I also have [Detection・Extremity] skill so there’s really no need to depend on Naviko-san, though.

While advancing on the shortest route, I encountered the first monster.

Hobgoblin A
Race: Hobgoblin
Level: 19
Skills: [Herculean Strength]

“Hobgob, huh. I have encountered it before I could encounter a goblin.”

Speaking of goblins, they are the well-known short, ugly, green-skinned monsters of fantasy worlds, hobgoblins are their subspecies. However, compared to the goblin’s height of a human child, hobgoblin’s body is quite large. By the way, goblin’s danger rank is F, hobgoblin is D.
The hobgoblin leaped at me with a club in its hand.

One backhander.
When the hobgoblin gets blown away and struck the wall, it turned into ashes.
It appears that the monsters defeated in this dungeon turn into ashes when defeated.

(They are imitations made by the Great Sage Owen.)
“Hee. It helps that the corpses don’t remain behind.”

A red jewel is mixed among the ashes.
It’s a magic stone that allows the monsters to move.
It seems I will be able to make money when sold, so I decided to pick it up.

(By the way, Master. It’s a little too late, but.)
“What is it?”


(Why are you stark-naked?)


“You see, I wanted to challenge a dungeon without equipment at least once.”
(…… Even so, was it necessary to take your underwear as well?)
“Haha, ain’t that fine? No one is watching anyway. See, the hobgoblin was also nude?”
(…… I truly didn’t think you would compare yourself to a monster with little to no intelligence. As expected of Master.)
“It’s not that much.”
(No, I’m not praising you.)

Even if I have to encounter other adventurers, I just have to use [Secrecy・Extremity].
By the way, all of my clothes were put into a subspace of the [Infinite Storage]. I also throw the magic stones and other drops in there. There seem to be no restrictions on it, it’s very convenient ability.

After instakilling monsters and advancing for a while, I have arrived at a staircase leading to the next floor.



Before I noticed, I arrived at the tenth floor.

To be honest, it was too easy to get here.
Many monsters appeared beside the hobgoblins, such as ogres, trolls, and lizardmen, but they were all finished with one blow.
Thus, I arrived in a big room.

“Ooh, this fellow is the boss?”

A boss seems to be placed on every ten floors.
A huge monster with a humanoid body and cow head was blocking the way to the eleventh floor.

Minotaur (Boss)
Race: Minotaur
Level: 19
Skills: [Herculean Strength]

It’s height easily exceeded three meters.
It stared at me with a ridiculously large battleax in its hands while roughly breathing through its nose.
It seems quite strong.

Well, I defeated in one punch in the end.

Bumo~ Mino-chan rushed at me while shouting, so I hammered my fist into its stomach.

That was the end.

After colliding with a wall, Mino-chan turned into ashes.

“Crap. Instakilling a boss is such a pleasant sensation.”
(It was 9999 damage. An overkill as always).

Level up: 21 → 22

My level has increased.
I collect the Minotaur’s horn which has dropped and advance on the eleventh floor.



After that, I steadily advanced up the tower.

20th floor’s boss, King Manticore was cleared with one kick.
30th floor’s boss, Metal Golem was cut in half with the back of my hand.
40th floor’s boss, Red Griffon was brought down with a poke of advanced grade magic.

On the way, I encountered three adventurer parties. I have erased my presence in panic (because I was nude), but I met only monsters after the 30th floor.

It appears that the record seems to be only the 34th floor.
I had exceeded it before I noticed.
That being the case, I can now stride forward magnificently in the nude!

(…… You were sufficiently magnificent the whole time, though.)

And then――I arrive at the 50th floor’s boss room.

“Huh, there is a preceding visitor……?”

A gigantic three-headed monster――Cerberus and a lone magician-like dressed girl were battling it out.

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