Chapter 6

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Guild Master Intends to Hide His Crime
“Oh, it’s quite spacious.”

The underground arena is quite splendid.
The examinees who are taking the exam have already gathered. There are six people including me. It’s the people who passed the written exam. Other than me, everyone is in their teens.
The content of the examination is a mock battle against the examiner.

“I’m Geese who is in charge of the exam.”

A muscular bald ossan has appeared. There’s a large scar across his cheek, he indeed looks like an adventurer. Or yakuza.

Geese 42 years old
Race: Human
Level: 36
Skills:〈Sword Technique〉〈Fighting Spirit〉
Life: 908/924
Magical Power: 63/63
Strength: 312
Endurance: 322
Dexterity: 263
Agility: 280
Magic Resistance: 209
Luck: 127

His level is inferior to Ellen only by a little.

The exam is done in order, and I’m the last.
I have appraised all of the examinees, but they were all around level 10.
Fighting against that ossan would really seem like a fight between a child and an adult.

“Alright, come at me all at once.”

Is what I thought, but it seems he wants us all to go at once.
As expected, the examinees are perplexed by the six versus one arrangement.

“It’s alright, come at me. Of course, full power. Don’t worry, kids like you won’t leave even a scar on me. If you do, I will let you start as D-Ranks.”

However, with ossan’s provocation and a promise of a reward, the eyes of examinees light up.

(Adventurer’s ranking goes from F to S. F is a novice. It takes at least a year to be raised to rank D which is two ranks above. Of course, requests are easier to accept with higher rank, and accordingly, so will the income.)

Naviko-san teaches me.
I mix among the other examinees and step into the arena.
Ossan looks at me doubtfully.

“…… Do you plan on fighting bare-handed? You are not carrying a staff, you don’t look like a mage to me, though……”

Ah, crap.
I’m completely empty-handed.

Oh well. Let’s properly deceive him.

“That’s because I’m a martial artist.”
“Martial artist, huh. You don’t look that strong, but……”

It’s not a lie.
I who have [Bushin] skill is a martial arts master.

And the examination has begun.
Together with the signal, all examinees charge at ossan all at once. All except me.
It might be impossible by myself, but we might have a chance when we go all at once. They must be thinking that.

But, such thinking is naive, they have immediately realized that.

“Too slow, too slow.”
“Over here.”
“Too obvious.”

The examiner ossan dodges the fierce attacks of the five examinees as if dancing and quickly hits them with slashing attacks. Although I say that, it’s with the sword’s back side.
Like this, the five examinees were quickly disposed of.

“Fumu. You and you have passed. You three have failed. Come try again.”

Because they couldn’t move their legs and arms, the two who passed couldn’t even celebrate. The other three hang their heads in disappointment.

“So, that would also mean failure for you?”

Ossan turns towards me who was just looking at their fight.

“I waited for those guys to lose. I wanted to fight one-on-one with ossan.”
“Ha, don’t you have quite the confidence? Then, come at me whenever you like.”

Ossan is brimming with confidence.
In that case, I will make a move.
The orc has splattered, but if it’s this ossan, he should endure some extent of my power, right?
I decided to try the martial arts I have learned with great difficulty.



Ossan opens his eyes wide when I suddenly appeared in front of him.

Shukuchi is a technique that allows to instantly close the distance between opponents.
It closes the gap using the opponent’s awareness to my advantage and is in no way similar to magic like warp.


As one would expect from a skilled adventurer, ossan immediately moves his body aside.
Because of that, my fist cuts the air.

Ah, did I hold back a little too much?
Even though I intended to end it in a single strike just now.

“W, what was that……?”

Ossan stares in wonder, sweat running down his forehead.

“Wa, hahahahahaha! Aren’t you good! Looks like I will have to get serious against this guy!”

Realizing my true strength, ossan suddenly starts laughing.
This ossan, is he that?
I become excited after seeing a strong person type, right?

“Oooooooh! [Aura Blade]!”

Moreover, something killer technique-like is comingーーー!

His sword is shining brightly.
Ossan kicks the ground and swings his sword from above his head.

Huh, can he hit me from that distance?
I wonder if his sight is bad?
What a hopeless fellow.
I step forward.

“Sword catching!――eh, huh?”

I tried to catch ossan’s swords between my hands and realized that I had underestimated my opponent.
I couldn’t stop it.
Rather, my hand was snipped by the blade, though!?

(It’s because of Fighting Spirit. When wrapped around the sword, its offensive ability and cutting power largely increase. Stopping it with hands would be indeed difficult. At least, please use the fighting spirit as well, Master. You have〈Fighting God〉skill, after all.)

No, tell me that earlier, Naviko-san.

The next moment, ossan’s sword cuts through my body.

“You, why did you come in front of me on your ownnnn!?”

Ossan shouts.
No, no, you are at fault for using such a dangerous move as an examiner.

Bushuwa, my blood gushes out.
The face of the miss receptionist who came to see the match turns pale.

Thus, my new life in the different world quickly ende――――huh, it still continues?


◇ ◇ ◇


“Why did you come in front of me on your ownnnn!?”
“No, I thought I could catch it..”
“Idiot! There’s no way you could catch a sword with fighting spirit barehanded! Moreover, it was my full power attack, you know!?”
“That was full power? Give me a break. Normally, I would be dead already, you know?”
“Treating new recruits with contempt concerns guild master’s dignity! Therefore, I thought to teach you a proper lesson here!”
“Furhtermore, your reason is the worst!”

Rather, this ossan was the guild master?

“Shithead, seriously, what should I do! At this rate, I will have to resign to take responsibility……………… Alright, let’s bury the corpse in the forest and pretend he never came to the guild……”
“Your mind is full of concealment?”
“Am I not like that because of your death!”
“I should be the one who is angry.”
“――Eh, why are you still aliveeee!?”

Finally noticed? Too slow.

I’m still lively.

“You have, no wounds……?”
“It healed.”
“I see, it healed―――huh, no, no, no, there’s no way it healed!? You have eaten all of my killer technique, you know!? You should have definitely died under my killer technique!?”
“Myyy~ haven’t you made a mistake?”
“There’s no way I did that! In the first place, aren’t we both stained with blood! No, there’s unexpectedly such small amount of blood……”

My body was certainly cut by that strike a while ago.
No, rather than the body, my forehead.
There’s blood because I was hit on the head, but the wound wasn’t that large.
It’s thanks to limit break on my endurance.

(The damage received a short while ago was 128. Master’s Life became [9923/9999], but it has regenerated itself back to [9999/9999] one second later.)

Moreover, I do have〈Self-healing・Extremity〉skill.
My wound has healed in no time, and my life has recovered.

(Furthermore, it seems that the calculation does not match since Master’s actual Life exceeds 9999.)

“Oi, just what kind of trick have you used!?”

Ossan presses.

“Is it Divine Protection of Goddess!? Or is it some kind of support magic……”

Hmm, I don’t want to reveal too much about myself.
All right, let’s deceive him.

“Ossan, the examination has not ended yet, right?”
“Secret technique, payback for a little while ago fist!”
“…… Gube!?”

I hit the ossan, guild master and he faints. He has bubbles around his mouth, but well, he’s breathing.

(It was 894 damage. His current Life is at [14/924]…… It’s a near-death state.)

Ah, crap~
He almost died…… tehepero!

(Seriously, you are not learning at all, Master.)

This and that happened, so I have passed the exam and became an adventurer.

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