Chapter 5

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Suspicion of Status
After approximately 15 minutes, it was my turn.

“Welcome. How can I help you?”

I’m afraid to say that the receptionist wasn’t an elf, but she was quite the beauty.
I appraise her status.

Ryuna 20 years old
Race: Mermaid
Height: 160cm
Weight: 49kg
B84 W55 H82

It’s not on Ellen’s level, but she has quite a figure. About an E cup?

(Why the three sizes again?)

I ignore Naviko-san’s tired voice and state my business.

“I wanted to register as an adventurer, but I have changed my mind after seeing you. How about it? How about having tea with me?”
(…… Why are you suddenly trying to court her, Master? Besides, no matter how you look at it, the other party is at work.)

Miss receptionist smiles,

“Yes. Adventurer registration, is it? Do you have a letter of recommendation?”
“Ah, ignoring me?”
“I’m used to dealing with odd adventurer, after all.”

Ah, is that so? As expected of a pro.
Rather, didn’t she just say something cruel about me?

However, I’m done.
A letter of recommendation is needed for a registration……

Shall I ask Ellen for one?
But, we have just met.

However, if I went to meet her at the castle, she would “Y, you wanted to meet me that quickly! What a hopeless fellow!” say something like that with bright red cheeks (delusion).

“Looks like you don’t have a letter of recommendation.”
“Ah, yes, sorry……”
“Fufu, it’s all right. I thought that you definitely don’t have one from your appearances. I just made sure just in case.”
“Am I being belittled!?”

That’s some sharp tongue for such pretty face.

“However, do not worry. If you don’t have a letter of recommendation, it’s possible to successfully register by passing the periodic exhibition.”

I see.
The test contents seem to be a mock battle.
Aside from mock battle, a written test, huh……
I know nothing of this world’s common sense, ya know?

(There’s no problem, Master. I will be able to tell you the answers if it’s only something of the guild registration test.)

Ooh, as expected of Naviko-san.

“In fact, an examination is going to be held today in the afternoon.”
“Alright, I will take it.”
“Then, I will first measure your status, alright?”

Saying such, the receptionist miss takes out a crystal ball like a tool.
When I look at it with〈Appraisal・Extremity〉,

・Appraisal Tool: A magic tool to measure status.

(It’s an appraisal tool, isn’t it? It’s quite expensive and located in every guild. But then, it can’t compare to the level of Master’s [Appraisal・Extremity].)

It appears that my status will be displayed on a plate if I touch it.

“This, is it okay if it gets seen?”
(…… More or less, there shouldn’t be a problem.)

Naviko-san nodded, but she has paused for some reason.

(What is going to display is only name and level, also strength and dexterity ability values. You will also be exposed if you have a criminal record.)

It should be alright since I don’t have a criminal record.

(Yes. You don’t have one in this world. For now.)

Hey Naviko-san, can you stop talking like you have seen me in the previous world?
Also, I don’t plan to commit a crime in the future.

“A minimum ability is necessary to take the examination. Also, we will know whether you have any criminal record so be careful about that please.”
“If this can see your power, is there a need for the mock battle?”
“…… I’m often asked that. However, it was decided like that so.”

A government office-like reply.
No, it might not be a mock battle just for seeing one’s ability. At the very least, it will also serve as an interview to ascertain whether the adventurer in question won’t sully the guild’s name.

(Master, I’m slightly worried if it’s about personality.)

Oi, you there.

I extend my hand and touch the crystal. Oh, it’s unexpectedly soft.

“…… That’s my hand.”
“Oops, pardon me.”
(Master, please stop sexually harassing women. As expected, even the receptionist’s smile has cramped.)

I touch the crystal one more time.

“Umm, the name is Karuna-san. Criminal record………… none?”
“Why are you surprised that I have no criminal record?”

The receptionist clears her throat,

“Level is…… 21?”

It appears that I leveled up after defeating the orcs.

(Master has [Experience Increase・Extremity] so increasing your level will be much easier for you. Also, thanks to the [Growth Rate Increase・Extremity] your status will also increase with more ease.)

“…… Haa!?”

The miss receptionist suddenly shouts.
She stares at the plate connected to the appraisal tool for a long time. Then, with a slight panic,

“I, I’m terribly sorry. It appears that the appraisal tool is broken.”
“N? No, it’s working normally.”
“T, that can’t be true. Those numbers, they are ridiculous no matter how you look……”

She saw my ability and judged them to be impossible.

“H, how troubling…… this is the only appraisal tool in the guild…… it will take time to repair, and the next examination is one month later……”

Miss receptionist says with a troubled and worried expression.
Then, she puts her own hand on the appraisal tool,

“Huh? It’s working normally……?”

It’s not broken, after all.

Oi, what’s going on, Naviko-san?

(It turned out like this, as expected.)

Say it earlier if you have expected it.

(There’s was nothing I could do. There’s a way of changing status with magic, but I thought to propose that only as the last resort.)

If I concealed my status with magic and got exposed, I wouldn’t be able to join the guild again and became a criminal, she said.

“I’m terribly sorry. I will consult with guild master.”

Miss receptionist moves to the inner part of the guild.
She returns after a while.

“Thank you for waiting. Karuna-san is level 21, so you are eligible for the examination. If you fill your name here, the application will be completed.”

It seems they decided to forget about the ability value. Oh well, that’s fine with me. That’s lucky for me.

(The chief of this guild branch is known for his work. He must deem it troublesome to call an expert appraiser for just one test-taker.)

Official jobs are sometimes useful.
Well, if I couldn’t take the examination today, I would have just asked Ellen for the letter of recommendation.

Then, I took the written examination first.
It was easy thanks to Naviko-san.
The results were given out immediately, and my name was called from the reception.
It’s the same 84cm bust, E cup beauty receptionist.

“Karuna-san. ………… You have passed.”

She informs me with a somewhat unconvincing expression.

“It’s a perfect score…… it’s my first time seeing one since I started working at the guild.”

It appears all answers were correct.


Smug voice Naviko-san.

“Well then, the physical examination is right after this, so move to the arena please.”

Now then, the mock battle is next.

(Master, please take it easy if possible.)
“I’m itching to fight.”
(…… Go easy on them, alright? If Master tries to be serious, the whole building will collapse.)

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