Chapter 4

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The Female Knight is Mostly a Musclehead
Avoiding the flooded places, I land on the ground.
When I land on the ground, the female knight couldn’t stand due to fear and powerlessly fell on her butt.

“Are you all right?”
“Y, yes. I, I thank you for saving me. B, but, just who the heck are you…?”
“I’m Karuna. A simple traveler.”
“A simple traveler…… After using ultra grade magic one after another, there’s no way you could be just a traveler! There’s not a single person in our royal court who can use one!”

Was it such amazing magic? Well, it had quite a kick.

(This world’s magic is divided into elementary, intermediate, advanced, ultra, and god grade magic according to their power. There appears one person able of god grade magic among humans and demi-humans once in several hundred years.)

Naviko-san teaches me. There was slight tiredness mixed in her voice.
…… Rather, the truth is that I wanted to use the god grade magic first, but I restrained myself by level.
God grade might have wiped out the whole forest. That was close.

“O, oh well…… I, I’m Ellen, a knight belonging to the Alsara Kingdom’s Knights Order.”

The female knight says after somehow managing to stand up.

Ellen, 18 years old
Race: Human
Level: 39
Skill: [Sword Technique] [Superhuman Strength] [Fighting Spirit] Life: 1087/1132
Magical Power: 91/91
Strength: 401
Endurance: 368
Dexterity: 331
Agility: 304
Magic Resistance: 242
Luck: 81

She certainly has a status appropriate for a knight. Probably. Rather, I don’t know the details about this world so I can’t ascertain if she’s strong or not.

(She’s strong. Standard, competent soldiers are able to solo an orc, but she can instakill them.)

Ah, the orcs have such a position as expected. Apparently, monsters are graded by degree of risk S being the highest and F the lowest. Orcs are C.
Well, I can instakill them too!

(…… Why are you trying to compete?)

By the way, the Alsara Kingdom is?

(Are you ignoring my question? …… It’s the main country of humans, the place Master is currently at belongs to their territory. If you advance about 40km to the east, you will arrive at the capital. Alsara’s Knights Order is entrusted with the defense of the capital and subjugation of monsters.)

However, do knights usually attack orc fortresses alone?

(I can’t understand that as well. However, with Master’s〈Appraisal・Extremity〉, you might be able to pull out more information.)

Hee~ Appraisal can do even something like that?

Height: 166cm
Weight: 57kg
B91 W57 H90

(Master. Who told you to check her three sizes?)

That was unconscious.
However, a G cup…… Incredibly nice!

(…… Please, confirm her title.)

Title: Alsara Kingdom’s princess, Alsara’s Knights Order’s Commander

“Huh, a princess?”

She’s not just an ordinary female knight, but a princess knight!

“U? How do you know that I’m a princess!?”

Ah, crap.
I unconsciously blabbed out the information I got from the appraisal.

“You have a royalty-like aura.”
“Also, abruptly meeting a woman of high standing like this is obligatory.”

When I vaguely try to deceive her, Ellen’s makes “What are you talking about?” expression.

(If she’s a famous person, it’s possible to learn basic information.)
(I see)

・Ellen: The third daughter of the present king of the Alsara Kingdom. Although a woman, the skill of her sword is the best in the country. She’s currently serving as the commander of the Alsara’s Knights Order.

“It’s just that she’s quite a musclehead with dangerous eyes with which she charges alone into the crowds of monsters, it says.”
“W, who’s musclehead!?”
“So you have charged alone into the orc fortress today, but you were defeated and caught because they had more war potential than you have expected, huh.”
“How do you!? N, no, I have not lost! The other side just had an orc that could use sleeping magic which he used to make me fall asleep, that’s all!”
“That’s losing.”
“Seriously, even though I faced them fair and square! These orcs have no honor!”

That very idea is completely musclehead.
Speaking simply by status, the orcs are no match for her, though.

(It appears that she’s a lady with regrettable head.)
“Naviko-san is normally sharp towards someone else than me……”

At this time, I heard a voice from somewhere.

“Wha, the fortress disappeared!?”
“The hell is this lake!? Just what has……?”

I’m sorry. It’s my fault.

“Rather than that, where is the princ――Commander Ellen! Commander Ellen! Commander Ellen!”
“Oi, they are calling for you?”
“Mu. It seems they finally caught up.”

Ellen is apparently the commander of the Knights order. She must surely have it hard.

“Karuna, you said? What are your intentions from now on?”
“I thought about seeing the capital first. Haven’t thought what to do after.”
“Then, please visit me in the castle by all means. I want to thank you for this incident.”
“It’s alright, I don’t need thanks.”

I just want to fondle your boobies a little.

“You can’t say that. If Karuna wasn’t there, I might have been…… that…… i, it would be terrible!”
“You would be stripped naked and gang-raped by orcs.”
“Don’t say it! Even though I specially said it blurrily!”

Ellen’s face turned red. Cute.

(That statement right now was sexual harassment, Master.)

There’s such a concept in different worlds as well!?

“T, that being the case, come to the castle without a fail! All you have to do is tell my name to the guards!”
“Alright. You will let me fondle your boobs then?”
“I don’t have any plans on thanking you like that!”

What…… she’s not?

(Master, do you have no intention of restraining yourself from the sexual harassment?.)

Of course, I don’t!


Ellen pretends to ignore me and walks away.
But, I don’t know she’s thinking, she suddenly stopped and turned around.

“Also, I’m not scared of heights of anything, you know! I was just slightly surprised!”

As expected, she was scared.


◇ ◇ ◇


“Incredible! There are demi-humans! The real kemonomimi! Is that over there a dwarf!? What wonderful muscles! Oooh, is the one facing him a halfling!? So cute!”

The passersby looked at the country bumpkin me with suspicious eyes.

(Master, you are obviously a suspicious person. If you drool over little girls that look like halflings, you will be arrested by guards.)
“It can’t be helped, right? I have finally arrived at a different world town of my dreams!”

This is the capital city of the Alsara Kingdom.

The Alsara Kingdom is a country governed by humans, but the interchange with races are deep and because of that there are many demi-humans and dwarves.

The castle is visible in the distance.
It’s such a splendid castle, I can’t think of it as a home of that musclehead.

Now then.
What should I do?
Since this is a different world, it should be the Adventurer’s Guild, right?
Please, teach me. Naviko-san.

(It’s possible to detect it yourself, though?)
(…… This is the west side of the town, but the guild is in the east. Please advance straight on that main road. It’s a three-story silver building, so when close even monkey wouldn’t miss it.)

Then, approximately after 30 minutes of walking.

“What a flashy building……”

The guild is a three-story building without walls in silver foil, it’s dazzlingly sparkling.
What an incredible presence. Certainly, even a monkey wouldn’t miss this.

The first floor is the reception.
It appears that it’s possible to put and receive requests.
The second floor is a bar.
The third floor seems to be an office.
Oh, there also seems to be a basement.
The basement seems to be a stadium used as a training grounds for adventurers, and the guild occasionally organizes an exhibition there.

“Now then. Shall we register as an adventurer right away?”

I face the reception.
There are quite a lot of people, it seems that I will have to wait for some quite time.
There are three windows, with five, three and two people waiting respectively before them.
I line up behind the queue of five people.

(Master. Why did you line up in a queue with most people?)
“Fool, it’s obviously because the receptionist is a beauty.”

There was absolutely no space to give away.

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