Chapter 3

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Female Knight and Orcish Happy Meal
According to Naviko-san, the orc inhabits the fortress.

(…… That name, you don’t really plan to change it?)
“How about Navitchi then?”
(I was foolish expecting something from Master’s sense.)

Pushing my way through the trees, I go towards the fortress.
Standing on a hill, I could see an enormous stone structure.
It’s larger than I thought. It seems it would be difficult to capture the normal way.

By the way, the orcs have low intelligence and are violent, so they are generally recognized as inimical characters in this world.
It means they are recognized as monsters, not demi-humans.

The gate of the fortress is tightly shut, and the height of the stone wall surrounding it seems to be over 4 meters long.

“Now then. Assuming that there’s a knight being killed inside there, how will I rescue her? From the front?”
(I’m unable to understand that assumption, but invading the fortress is easy for Master. It’s possible to simply destroy the gate or just invade by jumping over the wall.)

I see.

“Can’t I invade without being exposed?”
(It’s possible. Please, use the [Secrecy・Extremity] skill. However, is there a meaning to hiding?)
“Stupid. You need to hide yourself to see the killing scene up close!”
(…… Why did you get angry, I can’t entirely understand.)

I use the secrecy skill.

“I won’t get exposed like this?”
(Yes. With [Secrecy・Extremity], the orcs won’t notice you when you stand right in front of them or even if you shout in their ears.)

It’s almost the same as optical camouflage.

I magnifically walked to the front of the fortress.
But, the orcs around have not noticed me.
Great. It seems that they seriously can’t see me.

I lowered my pants n the spot.
I take off my underwear as well.
The wind gently brushes against my crotch―― Super Feeling Of Freedom !!

(…… Just what are you planning by exposing that filthy thing, Master?)
“No, when knowing that you aren’t seen, it’s in human nature to want to take off the clothes.”

Rather, don’t call it filthy.
I jump and land on top of the wall.
Ah, I properly put on the pants back on.

I invade the fortress just like that.

(Master. I have discovered another living creature besides the orcs in the fortress.)
“Incredible, Naviko can tell even something like that?”
(Yes. I’m equipped with a detection function. But then, I won’t know unless in the 200m radius of the detection.)

Naviko-san is too capable.

(Master is able of detection as well. You possess [Detection・Extermity] skill. Therefore, terrain, building structures, heat source, magical power, individual specimen, traps, you can grasp all in detail. The effective range is approximately 3km radius.)

I’m more capable.

Incidentally, [Detection] is an active skill I have to put into operation with my own will, while [Perception] is a passive skill that doesn’t need to be activated.
I own [Perception・Extremity], so I can perceive dangers or traps, presences, malice, and killing intent automatically.

I tried using the detection skill.

“Ooh, I can clearly understand the structure of the fortress.”

It’s a convenient skill, making maps not necessary.
Orcs are gathered at the center of the fortress in a spire-like building.
Among them, there’s one person of a different race.

“It’s the tortured knight!”
(It has not been decided that it’s a human being yet, even if it’s, there’s a possibility of the knight being a man.)
“The market has decided that the one who is captured by the orcs is a female knight!”

I hurried to the place while feeling the presence of the creature Naviko has discovered.
I arrive immediately.

There she is! It’s a female knight after all!

It’s a red-haired girl wearing a beautiful silver armor.
Her limbs bound by the chains hanging from the ceiling and an expression of agony on her noble-looking face.
Around her are orcs with vulgar smiles on their faces.

“Ku…… Kill me!”

The death wish has been received!
Huh,, now’s not the time to be delighted.

――I ought to slowly enjoy this!

(…… Haven’t you come here to save her, Master?)

Ignoring Naviko-san’s point, I mix in with the orcs.
I don’t forget to buhibuhi, so I won’t get find out. It’s perfect.

“! Y, you are a human? Why are you here……?”

While trembling with excitement about the brutality that’s going to happen from now on, the female knight noticed me.
Ku…… how did she know!?

(As expected if you stand that close to her she would notice.)

It seems I shouldn’t have sat in the front seats. I’m the type that sits in the front row at the cinema.

“Buga!? (Who are you!?)”
“Buhii? (From where?)”
“Buhihi! (A human!)”

Noticing me late, the orcs started oinking. Why I am able to understand the pig language (?) is most likely because of the〈Language Comprehension・Extremity〉.
I dashingly step forward.

“I came to rescue you. Everything is all right now.”
“Weren’t you enjoying yourself among the orcs up until now!?”
“That’s just your imagination.”

I embrace the female knight’s body while trying to make her feel relieved.

Naturally, this is not sexual harassment, it’s a part of the rescue operation.
Touching her breasts under her breastplate is also just an accident. This female knight’s boobs are seriously huge.

The orcs simultaneously attack us.
Taking care of those guys while holding the female knight seems like quite a chore.

『Master possesses〈Space-time Magic・Extremity〉so, use the transfer magic, please. You can escape from the fortress with that』

The way of use is by inputting in my head as usual.

“U, uwaaaa!?”

The female knight raises a high-pitched squeal.
I have changed the location to approximately 100 meters above the fortress. I’m not floating in the air by using wind magic.

“Are you perhaps bad with high places?”
“I, I’m going to die…… going to die…… save meeee!”

Didn’t you just tell the orcs to kill you a minute ago?
The female knight faints, but I endure it for now.

I do have〈Basic Attribute Magic・Extremity〉skill.
Wind magic is one of those basic attribute magic.

(Yes. The four basic attributes of magic are fire, water, wind, and earth.)

I decided to use fire magic next. It’s troublesome, so I will turn the orcs in the fortress into roasted pork.
There doesn’t seem to be any other humans anyway.

“Ultra grade magic [Hellfire].”
(…… Master, there’s a limit to overkills.)

Immediately after, a huge magic circle appears, and terrific flames assault the fortress.
The flames instantly engulf the fortress, and a pillar of flames rises into the sky.
Although I’m quite far away, the hot wind blew even here.

“Wha, wha, wha……”

It appears that the female knight lost her words because of the spectacle in front of her.

Rather, I’m also surprised. I didn’t think it would have such power.
Even the forest caught on fire.
Huh, crap! The forest will burn down at this rate!
I use another magic in panic.

“Ultra grade magic [Mythical flood].”
(…… Master, are you perhaps doing it on purpose? Do you intend to change the topography of this area?)

This time, a heavy rain like from an overturned bucket falls down at the fortress.
Fortunately, the fire went out in no time, but the trees in the are were swallowed by a muddy stream, and the whole area turned into a pond.
The fortress seems to be carried away as well, leaving without a trace.

“Yep, let’s use less powerful magic next time.”
(Please, do that, by all means.)

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