Chapter 2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Guide-san is Simply Excellent
I finally came to a different world of my dreams.

Now, let’s fully enjoy this world――Contrary to my expectations, as far as my eyes can see, tree, tree, tree, tree, tree.
I’m in a forest no matter how you look at it.

Which way should I go?
I didn’t think I will be suddenly thrown to such a place.

(It’s possible to come out of the forest approximately five kilometers in the southeast direction. The town is about ten kilometers in the east if advancing straight from there.)

I suddenly heard a voice in my brain. It’s kind of like being spoken to directly in the brain.

(Pardon my late introduction, Master. I’m Master’s acquired skill, [Navigation・Extremity].)
“Ooh, best regards.”

The so-called Guide-san fellow.
It’s somehow indifferent woman voice, but somewhat human-like.

“I thought you would sound more mechanical.”
(I would if I were a low-level [Navigation]. However, because Master’s skill is at its pinnacle, I’m endowed with this pseudo-personality. Starting by offering information, I also provide more sophisticated features.)

I see. I’m thankful for that.

(Denunciation or scorn, I am able to provide Master with verbal abuse.)
“Is that function necessary?”

Am I an extreme masochist?
But, I’m slightly curious. Let’s try it once.

“By the way, have I properly acquired all 100 skills?”
(Yes. You have certainly acquired them.)

I was seriously tired of hearing the same explanation one hundred times, but considering that it was in order to obtain cheat skills, it wasn’t that bad.

I will use these hundred skills――――and enjoy this different world with all my might!

But, I have one concern.

“Is that safe? Won’t the Goddesses be mad if I get exposed?”
(Usually, acquiring a hundred skills from the Goddess of reincarnation would be impossible. However, I think there’s shouldn’t a problem. Because Master has acquired those skills with proper procedure.)

Fumu. If [Navigation・Extremity]-san says so, then there’s probably no problem.

“However, [Navigation・Extremity] is too long, isn’t it? What should I call you?”
(Please call me as you like.)
“Then, Naviko.”
“Huh, no reaction?”
(…… I’m terribly sorry. Master’s naming sense was way more horrible than I thought, I have frozen for a moment.)
“Unexpectedly acrimonious!?”

I have been abused right away.
Even though I thought it was quite a nice name. Naviko. It’s cute.

“Then, Naviko it is.”
(…… I’m stuck with admiration by your persistence.)
“Oh, thanks!”
(No, Master. I wasn’t praising you.)

To think she would use that tsukkomi there……
Isn’t Naviko-san quite good?


At that time, I heard the sound of leaves rustling nearby.

N? Is there something?

What appeared is a bipedaling pig-headed monster――It’s an Orc.

“Oooh, it seriously is a pig walking on two legs!”

Huh, now’s not the time to be impressed.
I have no weapon, and my clothes are still on the other side.

On the other hand, the orc is holding something like a spear.
Its height is about 180cm with a good physique. The physique of a pro wrestler.

Rather, shouldn’t slimes or goblins be first? Why is it an orc right from the start? Talking about orcs, won’t you get recognized as an adventurer for killing an orc by yourself?

“By the way, what’s my level?”
(It’s 1.)
“Is it possible to defeat an orc at level 1?”

Ain’t that dangerous?

(But then, that’s only the case if we talked about normal level 1 human.)
“That means?”
(First, try using [Appraisal・Extremity] to appraise the orc.)
“Appraisal you say, how do I…… Ah, I did it.”

It appears you use the skill by inputting in your mind.

Orc A
Race: Green Orc
Level: 23
Skill: [Spear Technique]

Words emerged on the edge of my view.
Although it’s not a language I’m familiar with, I am able to read it for some reason.

(It’s because of [Language Comprehension・Extremity] skill.)

I see. However, what a mysterious feeling.

(It’s also possible to see each ability more in detail.)
“I will give it a try.”

Life: 401/413
Magical Power: 31/31
Strength: 131
Endurance: 137
Dexterity: 76
Agility: 98
Magic Resistance: 48
Luck: 32

(This time, please confirm your own status. You can use appraisal, but you can also look by saying “Status Open”.)

“Staーーーtus, Oーーーpennn!!!”

(It’s not necessary to shout like that.)

Ain’t that fine~

Karuna, 22 years old
Race: Human
Level: 1
Skill: [Navigation・Extremity] [Appraisal・Extremity] [Language Comprehension・Extremity] [Body Reinforcement・Extremity]……

There are so many skills it’s hard to see……
I check each ability.

Life: 9999/9999
Magical Power: 9999/9999
Strength: 999
Endurance: 999
Dexterity: 999
Agility: 999
Magic Resistance: 999
Luck: 999

“Where’s the level 1!?”

Isn’t everything maxed out?

(It’s thanks to the skills. For example, [Body Reinforcement・Extremity] skill increases life +9999, strength, endurance, dexterity, and agility +999.)
“Ah, yes. In other words, the ability numbers don’t matter.”
(By the way, Master has [Limit Break] skill, so the actual numbers are further above that. It’s possible to see the details with [Appraisal・Extremity], though?)
“I’m good at the moment. Let’s do something about that Orc-san first.”

The other side seems to have noticed me as well.
“Buhio!” it makes such a pig-like war cry and charges at me.
It aims at my chest and thrusts its spear.

I skip and lightly avoid it――I kicked the ground just a bit and ended up flying two meters in the air――And then, I rammed my knee into the orc’s face.

Uo, I heard some dangerous sound!?

The orc got blown off with a terrible force with its neck bending back.
It crashed into a tree that was in the direction of travel.

It’s definitely dead……
Its contents are spilling, making it quite a grotesque scene.

(It’s overkill. What are you doing, inflicting 9999 damage to an enemy that has just little over 400 HP.)
“Even the damage is maxed!?”

However, it was fine since my opponent was a monster, but I will have to hold back if my opponent is a human.

(Monster materials sell at a high price so please try to defeat monsters as cleanly as possible.)
“Heihei. Oh, can I also appraise weapons?”

・Stone spear: Offensive Power +13

Picking up the spear the orc have used, I appropriately swing it around.

Ooh, amazing.
It’s almost as if I have used it for many years, I’m able to draw out various moves in my mind.

(It’s [Bushin]’s effect.)

Also known as a skill which enables every kind of martial arts.

([Martial Arts] is an inferior generic skill, there are also skills such as [Sword Technique] [Spear Technique] which are specialized skills. However, if it’s the highest rank of [Martial Arts], [Bushin] then it’s a different story. It demonstrates efficiency that is not in no way inferior to the specialized skills.)
“There’s no need to use weapons in the first place, though.”

It seems that most enemies will fall with a stomach blow.

“However, are the only monsters in this forest orcs?.”
(No, Master. Various beast type monsters are inhabiting in the forest. However, orcs are the largest in numbers. Furthermore, there’s an orc nest nearby.)
“Orc nest?”
(It would be easier to understand if you use [Clairvoyance].)

I tried used [Clairvoyance] as told.
It’s a far sight skill which allows me to overlook the ground from the skies.

Ooh, I can even change the scale and move from place to place.
It’s totally like GooXle Maps.

(I have censored it just in case.)

Oh, that will help. tte, how do you know of GooXle Maps!?

“I can see rather far.”
(Incidentally, if you had [Hawk Eyes] skill, you could see only in the radius of several hundred meters. [Clairvoyance] allows several thousand the normal reach.)

Guugu…… not, looking through [Clairvoyance], I find a fortress-like thing.

(That fortress is the orc nest.)
“Alright, let’s take a look. There might be a captured knight, after all.”
(There is no such culture in this world.)

Naviko-san knows even about captured knights, great.

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