Chapter 1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Goddess A has appeared! Goddess B has appeared! Goddes C has…
“How do you do? Toujou Karuna-san.”

When my name was called, I slowly opened my eyes and saw a girl in front of me.

Uo, who’s this bishoujo?
Idol? No, I have never seen an idol this cute before?
It’s like a light is coming out of her whole body.

Huh, light? What is going on? Humans normally don’t emit light, right?
Moreover, what terrific hair color.
Almost glass-looking glittering silver hair. I haven’t seen such color even on foreigners.

There’s nothing around, just a white space.
I am buoyantly floating here, the girl is floating right in front of me as well.

Just what has happened?
While in great confusion, the girl sweetly smiled at me.
What a dazzling smile……!

“I am a Goddess――Goddess Ashia desu.”
“Go, Goddess……?”
“Yes. It appears that you are still confused. It is no wonder. Something like death comes abruptly, after all.”

As if experiencing something tragic, she slightly hangs down her head and frowns.

“Eh……? I…… Have I perhaps died……?”
“Yes. It is unfortunate, but Karuna-san has died. You might not remember because of the shock on the verge of death, but in a traffic accident――”


I interrupt her words and strike a victory pose while shouting.
The girl――No, Goddess-sama――Makes a dumbfounded expression.

“That…… You have died, you know?”
“I did, right!? With that, I can go to a different world, right!?”
“Y, yes……”

When I checked with her while leaning forward, she backed away a little.

“Ah, my bad. In fact, reincarnating in a different world is my dream.”

Elves, dwarves, demi-humans, halflings.
Slimes, goblins, kobolds, and orcs.

There are various races and many monsters.
And then, there’s magic, legendary weapons and things like that.

What I’m imagining is, the so-called “Fantasy world of sword and magic”…… I have loved such a different world for a long time.
And if I’m to die one day, I thought that I would like to reincarnate there.

To think that my dream would actually realize.

“H, how peculiar……”
“That certainly may be so. So, what world am I going to? Is there something like a game-like world with skills? If possible, I would like a world with elves and dwarves, though. Ah, of course, magic is indispensable you know, indispensable! Although I don’t mind if it’s a world with Maou, I would prefer a world where humans are not at war! I don’t want to die right away!”
“…… Karuna-san.”
“First of all, calm down please.”
“Ah, yes.”


◇ ◇ ◇


According to Goddess-sama, the world I will reincarnate into after this is precisely the fantasy world of sword and magic I have been imagining.

To reincarnate or go to heaven?
I seem to have a choice, but I’m naturally going to reincarnate.

Furthermore, apparently the world I have lived in so far has a higher soul quality, and it’s necessary to correct the balance or something, therefore――It’s possible to obtain one skill.

In other words, it’s a reincarnation benefit.

“Which one should I choose……”

Letters rise into midair, and the skill names that I can choose from and their brief explanation lined up in a row.
As one would expect from a reincarnation benefit, each and every one of them seem to be strong.

Naturally, I’m at a loss.
Everything is hard to discard, and it’s no exaggeration to say that this choice will determine my new life.

“This, only one, after all?”
“Only one desu.”
“Can you do something?”
“Only one desu.”
“Please, Goddess Aisha-sama, a transcending beauty! Nice body!”
“Only one even if you praise me desu.”


Although I was completely at a loss, I somehow finally chose one skill.
Well, can’t be helped.
Even though it’s just one skill, it’s terrifyingly powerful. Desiring any more would be an extravagance.

“Karuna-san, I wish you good fortune in your new life.”

Thus, send off by Goddess-sama, I finally embarked to the desired different world――



“You are Toujo Karuna, huh? I’m a goddess. Goddess Islina. This time, I was chosen to guide your soul.”

――Is what was supposed to happen, but before I noticed, there was another bishoujo standing in front of me.

Moreover, she calls herself a goddess again.
What’s going on?
Seeing my confused expression, the goddess seemed to misunderstand my perplexion,

“Ma, it’s reasonable you can’t swallow the situation. Especially since the traffic accident was so abrupt.”

“Ha, haa……”

I can only absentmindedly nod.
Incidentally, unlike the Goddess-sama called Ashia, this Goddess seems quite prideful.

After that, Islina let me hear the same explanation Ashia gave me.

“That being the case, as your reincarnation benefit, you are able to obtain one skill.”

A familiar window with skills lined up in a row appeared in front of me.
They are exactly the same skills I saw a while ago.

But, I don’t see the name of the skill I have chosen before.
Did I lose that skill?
Or, do I already possess it?

I glance at Goddess Islina.
…… Let’s keep quiet.

I start choosing the second skill.

Because I have already seen it before, this time, it went smoothly――Or not, I was at a loss again.

There are too many skills I want.
Rather, how many are there in the first place?

…… 97…… 98…… 99!
With the one from before, it’s one hundred!
Of course, that would take time.
My life literally depends on it, after all.
Well, rather than my skills being automatically decided, I’m glad I’m able to choose them myself.

While thinking about what skill to take next, “Hurry up” Goddess-sama pressured me.

I retorted with “I have almost decided already! It’s decided in my head!” and choose my skill slowly and carefully like ordering food in a restaurant.

“…… Looks like you finally decided. Then, do your best. I have expectations for your activities in the new world.”

And I, this time, I have finally, to the new world――――




“I am goddess Vermis desu wa.”

――The hell is going on!?


◇ ◇ ◇


“Huh, that’s weird. You have only one skill to choose from.”
“Seems like it.”
“Moreover, that one is unpopular because of its restricted use. Hmm, appears that you don’t have the talent. How unfortunate.”
“I see~ Then, that skill please.”
“…… You are quite composed, aren’t you?”
“I mean, I have no talent, right? It can’t be helped.”
“Fu~n. Oh, well. Nja, do your bestcho.”
“Yes. Thank you, Goddess-sama.”

As I say my thanks, my body starts getting wrapped in light.

Bai ba~i, I chuckle while waving back at Goddess-sama who’s waving her hand at me.

In the end, I have met a total of hundred goddesses.
Thus, each goddess gave me one skill――In other words, all one hundred skills――I have received them all!

That took long.
It took ridiculously long.
No matter what, I have listened to the same explanation a hundred times.

But in the end, I had come to a different world at last.

“It’s a differeeeeent woooorld!!”

――Together with 100 cheats.

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