Chapter 40

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Castle in the Sky
We, who left the secret onsen are continuing the travel in NAVIKO.

“Where do you plan on going next?”

Ellen who’s skin is somewhat glossy thanks to the onsen asks.

“I have not really decided. We are advancing to the east for the time being, though.”

I had no destination set in mind right from the start. I just want to enjoy this world while dropping by various countries and towns.

(Master, I have discovered something interesting.)
“Something interesting?”
(Yes. There’s a sky island approximately five hundred meters in the southeast direction.)

Sky island, as its name suggests is an island floating in the sky.
It seems that the rocks forming the island carry magical power which repulses with the rocks on the ground, causing it to float constantly.

Looking out of the window, there was indeed an enormous lump of rocks floating in the sky.

“Isn’t that a sky island!”
“It really is. I haven’t seen one in a while.”
“But, it’s my first time seeing one that big.”

It appears that sky island is something that inhabitants of this world are able to see occasionally.
There are some islands that stay in place for a long time and also those which constantly move. Some of them move in a fixed orbit, and some of them appear in fixed periods.

Their size varies, there are small islands that can hardly carry a single person and islands big enough to carry an entire population of a city.

Currently, the enormous island floating before us is twice the size of Tokyo Dome.

“Shugo~i! Wanna see!”
“I understand your feelings, but it might be better to pass on it. I have heard that there are monsters more dangerous than those on the ground inhabiting the sky islands. …… I, it’s not like I’m scared of high places or anything.”

Ellen has a light fear of heights.

“N. The dwelling of dragons is also on a sky island.”

Shiro said.

(There are no monsters living on that island.)
“Then, you mean it’s safe, Naviko-san?”
(No. That island is a little special, it appears that it’s the home of an angel. Whether that place is safe for humans to walk on is up to that angel.)

Whut! Angels, you said!

“Alright, let’s go. I thought of wanting to a pe——meet an angel at least once.”
“Right now, you almost said pet, didn’t you!? Wanting to make an angel a pet, there’s a limit to terrible thoughts!”
“Ya~y, angel, angel~ a pet angel~”
“Even Filia-chan!”

That being the case, we decided to go towards the sky island.

“However, how do you plan on getting there?”

Moving there with space-time magic would be the easiest, but that would be dull. Since we can, let’s fly in the air.

“As a matter of fact, I thought something like this could happen, so I properly modded NAVIKO. Naviko-san, transform into the flying type!”
(Understood. Transforming into the third form.)

NAVIKO transforms. We can’t tell what’s going on from inside, but the body should be transforming into a sharp aerodynamic shape, with wings appearing on both sides.
The wings are equipped with jet engines. This also is powered by the magic stores I have powered with my magical power beforehand.

NAVIKO who obtained even more propulsive power thanks to the jets instantly accelerates. Before long, it lifts up and slowly takes off.

“Shugo~i! We are flying!”
“Hiii!? I, it’s safe, right!? It won’t fall, right!?”
“I’m telling you it’s fine. Even in case we fall, we won’t experience much impact inside NAVIKO.”

A complete opposite of Filia, Ellen clings to the wall with a pale face.

We approach the island flying in the sky.
It’s bigger than I thought at point-blank range.
The undulations of the island are scarce, and on the relatively flat surface, there are grasslands dotted with trees.
And then——

“That’s quite a wonderful castle, isn’t it?”

A big chalky castle is standing in the center of the island.
It’s a beautiful white castle of a medieval western style, the outer wall is reflecting the sunlight, making it shine. Because we are in a place high in the sky, you could mistake it as the Heaven.
The angel probably lives in this castle.

We land at the garden part which is spreading around the castle.
Because there’s no runway, I use〈Space-time Magic・Extremity〉skill to control the space and land vertically on the ground like a helicopter.
We go outside, and I put NAVIKO into the〈Infinite Storage〉.

“There’s not a single soul.”

I lightly tried checking the surroundings with〈Detection・Extremity〉, but there were no life signs at all. Well, even if they were, they would not be human.
But, instead, there are statues here and there around the garden.

“That’s quite a realistic statue, isn’t it?”

I fixedly stare at one of the statues.
A nude woman——she has wings on her back, so she surely must be an angel――a statue of an angel.
Well-balanced appearances of a goddess and wonderful meat. Moreover, the details are properly made, the nipples and the genital area are quite vivid.

“Why are you staring!”
“You are wrong, Tira. This is a mere appreciation of art. I’m definitely not looking with lewd feelings.”
“With such a perverted gaze, you have no persuasive power at all!”

I touch the statue with my seriously rotten face while Tira raises her voice at me.

“…… Uumu, just what materials were used for this?”
“Where are you touching!”
“If you want to touch, there are many places like arms or legs, aren’t there!”
“That is even worse!”

She got even angrier when I touched the secret place.

Nevertheless, it’s all statues here.
Moreover, their ages and shapes are all different.
There are statues of young girls and statues of muscular women. Not all of them are naked, some are properly wearing clothes.

Their poses vary.
Rather, all of them are so erotic. Even those who are wearing clothes are considerably exposed, there are also some wearing not visible, but visible with lively action-like skirts.

Only thing that they have common is that they are all women.
Are there only women among angels?

(That’s not the case, Master. Male angels also exist. Please look, there’s a statue modeled after a male angel over there.)

I turn towards the direction pointed out by Naviko-san.

“No, that a woma…… oh?”

Although the appearances of the statue were completely that of a woman, there was a lovely ‘that’ between the crotch.


I receive a shock.
To think there was a concept resembling that in this world!

“Wha, wha, wha, what is that!? It’s not a girl?”

Ellen who thought that the statues were all girls panics when she sees the thing. She immediately covered her eyes with her hands, but she’s peeking through the gaps of her fingers.

“Mama, can’t see~”
“You must not look.”

Filia who’s eyes are covered by Tira’s hands leaks out a dissatisfied voice.

It’s not real, there’s no need to be so nervous……
Is what I thought, but this is ‘that,’ isn’t it?
Rather than statues, telling them figures would be better. Life-sized figures. Moreover, slightly ecchi.

A garden full of beautiful girl figures.
Is the one living in that castle really an angel, I wonder……

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