Chapter 39

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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But Still, I Aim For Mixed Bathing
I who transformed into a woman in order to attempt mixed bathing has been immediately found out.

(Master. I wonder whether you should not give up and stand watch?)

Fufufu…… did you think I would withdraw because of this?

“Operation #2!”

I recover from my previous failure and decide to transform into something else this time.
My eye level shrinks and fur covers my whole body.

“Ukiki, ukii! (How about this!)”

I’m a monkey.
Monkeys inhabit this mountain. I have confirmed their existence on several occasions on the way from NAVIKO’s window.
Moreover, it’s said that monkeys on this mountain occasionally use onsen. There were some in Japan as well. Japanese macaques enter onsen.

Even though it’s possible to use disguise magic, it’s not easy to transform into a creature other than a human with similar body height. They won’t surely think that I’m able to transform into an animal.

This will do!
Like this, I can definitely enjoy mixed bathing!

While feeling convinced, I arrive at the waterfall onsen again.
Ellen and Tira are in the middle, Shiro is bathing under the waterfall. I don’t see Filia. When I thought so, she appeared at the top of the waterfall.

“Ya~y! So fun~!”

It’s dangerous so stop.
Well, it’s not like a magic puppet would get hurt.

“N? There’s a monkey.”

Ellen notices me and looks my way.
I acted a bit vary of humans and soaked in water little further away.

“Even monkeys enter the onsen, huh.”

Ellen nods in admiration, but it doesn’t seem like she noticed that it’s me. Well, she’s an idiot. The problem is Tira.
Reflecting on before, I pay particular caution to my expression.

“A Monkey-san, is it?”
“Yeah. It’s comfortably using the onsen.”

When I glance at the two, they had such an exchange.
I’d like to approach more, but I shouldn’t be impatient. I’m a monkey.
I’m currently cautious of human beings. I have to play that I lower my caution little by little.

“Ya~y! A new pet~!”

The shadow with stealthily crept upon me suddenly embraced me.
It’s Filia.

“Pet, pet~”

Wai, stop it! I’m your Papa! Not a pet!

“Theeere, there, there, there, there.”

I’m a pitiable monkey who screams in fear while being patted by Filia.
When pet loving owners love their pets too much, they put the pet under stress, don’t they…… no, I’m not a pet, though.

“Hey Filia, stop it. It’s frightened no matter how you look at it.”

Ellen approaches and reproves Filia.

Kukkuku…… just as planned!

A perfect strategy of action like a realistic monkey and disliking Filia’s affection! Filia was a bait!

A lump of large meat emerged from within the steam.
It’s Ellen’s breasts.
Amazing. When judged from the low viewpoint of monkey, they look 30% bigger!

“Are you okay?”

Ellen puts her hand on my head and pats me. Her breasts are right in front of me.

“N? Right now, I feel like I heard some nasty laughing……”
“My imagination?”

A sight for sore eyes.
There, Tira came over.

“Filia-chan. This child might have a family, you can’t selfishly make it into your pet.”
“Yeah, I’m sorry, Mama.”

Tira gets angry, and Filia obediently apologizes.
Being able to properly apologize is her great point.

(A great difference from Master.)

Rather than that!
The golden opportunity came!
Even rarer than Ellen’s nude body, Tira’s nude body is here!
The time to worship has arrived!

…… Oi, what’s with the toweeel!?

“Ukii! Ukikikikiki, ukii! (Oi! Bringing a towel in the onsen is heresy!)”
“Eh? The Monkey-san has suddenly gotten angry, but……”
“Uki~! (Undress!) Uki~! (Undress!)”
“This Monkey-san…… isn’t it a bit weird?”

C, crap……!
Because I got too excited, Tira started suspecting me.
It was at that time.


Suddenly, a huge shadow fell over the waterfall.
With a great splash, a bright red gorilla landed in the lake.

Red Big Monkey A
Race: Red Big Monkey
Level: 26

No, I thought it’s just a big gorilla, but it appears to be a monster monkey. I don’t know the difference between monkey and gorilla well, though.


The Red Big Monkey hits the water and splashes it around, it appears to be excited about something.

Well this monkey, it came to peep, didn’t it!
To enter so magnificently, aren’t you a great pervert!

(Is Master really saying that?)

The big monkey “Uhou!” screams, and jumps towards Ellen who is closest.
Far from peeping, you want to assault her!?

(Assault, it does, but it’s different from the assault Master is thinking of. Red Big Monkey is a dangerous human flesh-eating monster.)

Flesh-eating……! As expected, this monkey is a carnivore!

“Ku……! This monkey, its movements are quicker than I thought!”

Ellen promptly jumps back to avoid the big monkey. She shouted with her boobs bouncing.


The big monkey was drumming its chest trying to intimidate, but it suddenly tilted its head as if it noticed something.
Immediately after, the big monkey looked at me.

“Uhoho❤ (Ara, what a good man)”

Because of [Language Comprehension・Extremity], I was able to understand what it was saying.
I shouldn’t understand in the first place because many of the monsters don’t have any language, but……

Oi, rather than that, this monkey was a female!

“Uho❤ uho❤ uhoho❤”

She’s unreasonably trying to court me!?

(Congratulations, Master. It’s your first confession from the opposite sex.)

I’m not pleased a single bit!

“Ukiiii! (I refuse!)”

I immediately refuse.
Be reborn as a bishoujo and try again!

“Uho!? Uhou……”

The big monkey receives a shock, it hangs its head, and its body starts trembling. Tears fall down to the onsen. However, it immediately raises its head and rushes towards me in anger.

“Uho, uhohohohoooo!”
(I will kill you, and then I will kill myself! Is what she said.)

There’s no way a monster said something like that, riiight!?
No, it certainly feels like that, though!

Water splashing big monkey monster is approaching.
A big arm the size of a log is swung towards me.


But, I skillfully jump on its arm and move up towards the monkey’s face.
And hammer a kick to that face.


The big monkey falls down while screaming.
It sinks into the lake with its eyes turning backward.


Fuu. It was a fight in an unfamiliar monkey body, but I somehow managed.
When I turn back,

“Stop! …… Please, don’t turn over here. Ka. Ru. Na. -San.”

I shudder at Tira’s voice.

“U, ukii……?”
“Trying to deceive me is futile. Those movements, they weren’t that of a monkey no matter how you think about it, right? In the first place, why does a monkey understand human speech?”
“What! This monkey is Karuna!?”
“This Monkey-san is Papa~?”
“N. I smell Karuna.”

Ku…… there’s nothing more that can be done……?
No, don’t give up! If you give up, peeping will end!

“Uki❤ uki❤ ukiki❤”
“It’s no good even if you imitate the monkey from a little while agoooo! Rather, didn’t I tell you not to turn this way! Thunderbolt!”

Peeping terminated.
Mixed bathing operation #2, failure.

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