Chapter 38

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I Aim For Mixed Bathing
We have arrived at the base of the Garona volcano.
Looking outside the window from NAVIKO, there is snow piled up close to one meter in height. This area is a heavy snowfall area.

“What did you come for in such a cold area?”
“It’s precisely because it’s cold.”
“What do you mean?”

I inform Tira who tilted her head in puzzlement of my objective.

“This region is famous for onsen.”
“Onsen! I see, you came to bathe in onsen!”

It was Ellen who followed up before anyone else.
The Alsara Kingdom has few onsen, and it appears that the welled up water is rarely used for bathing. But because she had known of it, it appears that she wanted to use it sometimes.

“Onsen, is it……?”

On the other hand, Tira seems to have not heard of it.

“It’s hot water gushing out from the underground. Soaking in that water is good for beauty and health.”

Ellen explained.

“But, the effects of the onsen around here are not of such degree.”

I talk about the information I got from Naviko-san as if I knew about it.

“Soaking heals every single wound and disease, it increases physical ability, and it has an effect of terrifyingly increasing one’s fortune.”

Precisely, a magic onsen.
If it were like this on Earth, it would sound shady, but it really exists in this world. In the first place, magic is normal here.

“D, does it improve sword skill!?”
“It does, it does.”


(It does. It adds a fixed amount of proficiency in the [Sword Technique] skill.)

It appears it does. What an incredible onsen.

“Furthermore, it appears to be good for growth.”
“G, growth……”

Tira started following after I mentioned growth.

“…… I see. Just soaking in hot water has such effects…… i, if it can make me stronger, it might be a good idea to try it.”
“Tira’s chest may also become bigger.”
“I tried to avoid talking about it, please try guessing next time!”

I’m bad at reading moods.

(You are not bad at reading moods, you just don’t read them at all, though?)

“Papa! Will Filia become bigger as well~?”
“Y, you will, you will……”

(She won’t) Naviko-san conveys the sad truth in my head.
That’s right, isn’t it…… because Filia is a magic puppet, she can’t grow anymore……
If you want to hold a grudge, hold it against the lolicon who designed you.

Before long, we arrived at the town in the base of the mountain. Many buildings appearing to be hot-spring hotels are lined up.
However, I pass by all of them.

“Mu, where are we going? There doesn’t seem to be any inns further down?”
“Fufufu. We are now going to a secret onsen inside the mountain!”

NAVIKO transforms into the golem type and forces her way into the mountain covered in snow.

“Secret onsen!? That seems even more fantastic!”

Although it sounds fantastic when called a secret onsen, it actually is not much different in terms of effects from the town’s onsens. It has the same source, after all.
In that case, why am I intentionally going to such place, that is of course to save the money we would use to stay at the inn――not.

It’s because of mixed bathing!

Because it’s a natural onsen, there’s only one place to take a bath.
In other words, men and women will have to inevitably soak in the same water!
Isn’t that so, Naviko-san?

(…… That’s correct. Master, as my Master, please be aware of my suffering of having to answer when asked by you.)

Like that, we have arrived at a 20m tall waterfall.
It’s intensely splashing around, but looking closely, the whole area is covered in pure white steam.

“Perhaps, this waterfall itself is hot water?”

While it’s a big waterfall, it’s also an onsen that has been warmed up by geothermal heat.
This waterfall lake is without a doubt an open air bath.
This is the secret onsen.

“Great! It looks like I can swim to my heart’s content!”
“Onsen is nude. Wonderful.”

Ellen started taking off her clothes with sparkles in her eyes like a child. As if tempted by her, Filia and Shiro start undressing as well.

“Hey, Ellen-san! Please, don’t undress in such place!”
“Nua…… s, sorry, I got too excited……”

Shit, even though it was on the verge of falling!

“Karuna-san, you have just smacked your lips, didn’t you!?”
“Mu. But wait. This place only has one onsen?”

It appears that Ellen noticed.
“Oopsy~ This is unexpected~ but it can’t be helped~ mixed bathing is nothing uncommon~”
“Karuna-san, please stand on a watch one hundred meters away.”


While the women entered the onsen, I have stayed alone in NAVIKO one hundred meters away standing on alert.
…… This is all within calculations.

“Kukkuku…… who do you think I am? I’m the greatest pervert with one hundred cheat skills, Karuna-sama, you know!”
(Master, please don’t say it yourself.)

With [Clairvoyance] skill, I’m free to watch them in the nude as much as I want!
But, I won’t be using that.

(…… So even Master has minimum ethics as a person.)

The reason is simple.

“Because I’m fixated on the mixed bathing!”
(…… I was an idiot for wanting to re-examine Master even for a bit.)

The picture from [Clairvoyance] is inferior to the naked eye after all.
Naked beautiful girls at a screen and naked beautiful girls in front of me.
Do you have to ask which is better?

“I want to see nude directly with these eyes——!!!”

That being the case, I changed my appearances with disguise magic.

The form is that of a female human.
Glossy black hair and noble small face. Properly swelled out chest.
I’m a bishoujo no matter from what angle you look.

“What is wrong, Naviko-san? Ufun.”

I changed my voice as well. I make a slightly seductive pose.


Naviko-san single stroke.

But, like this, I can use the same water without getting exposed!
I take my clothes off at once.

“However, my body is completely that of a woman…… wonderful……”

I unconsciously fondle my D cup chest. Oooh, this is……
And, even that thing isn’t between my crotch. Right now, I’m a flawless girl.

“Now then, let’s go! To the paradise!”

I run towards the onsen with my chest bouncing. So cold!

“Oh my, it appears preceding visitors are here. May I accompany you?”

Arriving at the waterfall lake, I play the act of an ordinary person visiting the onsen and greet the girls.

“Of course.”

Ellen who is comfortably soaked in the onsen up to her shoulders answers without noticing that it’s me.
I can’t see her well now because of the steam, but I will properly ogle her after I approach.
Then, the moment I tried to soak in the water.


Tira fired lightning attack towards me for some reason.

“Gyaa!? W, why have you attacked me all of sudden!?”
“There’s no way a woman would come to this secret onsen alone!”

C, craaaaap!
There was a blind spooot!
Well, that’s right. This is a mountain where monsters roam. Normally, a lone woman wouldn’t come to enter an onsen in such place.

“Also, that indecent face is definitely Karuna-san’s! I can tell even if you change into a woman!”
“I know Papa’s ecchi face~”

Seriously! Was I making such an erotic face!

(Yes. You have the face from the broadcast of a prohibited level.)
“T, to think you would even use disguise magic……? I was nearly deceived! One can’t be too careful around you!”
“But, right now, both my insides and appearances are that of a woman! If my insides are that of a woman, it’s not an exaggeration to say that I’m a woman! Thus, as fellow women, there’s no problem to enter together!”
“There are plenty of problems! Please, leave immediately!”

It was impossible.

Mixed bathing operation #1, failure.

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