Chapter 37

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Black Bright Dragon Escape!
“N, I remembered.”
“U, have you remembered at last!?”

The Black Bright Dragon girl who was irritated until now undergoes a complete change in her expression.

“There was a dragon who often challenged me to a match.”
“Right! That was me!”
“Very bothersome fellow.”
“Eh…… you thought of me as troublesome……?”

The Black Bright Dragon girl’s complexion changes to pale with a gaan sound effect.
This fellow, doesn’t she actually like Shiro?

“It has been my complete victory until now. She would always lose and run away while crying.”
“I, I wasn’t crying! I, it’s true that it has been my complete defeat…… but, I will recover from now on!”

It appears it was Shiro’s one-sided victory.
I can somehow see the relationship of the two. The Black Bright Dragon viewed Shiro as her rival and challenged her many times, but Shiro didn’t even put this girl on her mind…… she doesn’t remember her, after all.

“Rather you, you have stood up my challenge! How long do you think I was waiting for you at the meeting place!?”
“How long?”
“It was two years, two years, you know! I have waited for you a~~~ll this time, and yet you didn’t appear. Two winters have come, you know!”

You waited for two years……
This Black Bright Dragon definitely likes Shiro too much.

“N. I was bad. I apologize.”
“Eh? I, is that so? W, well, if you really want to try to apologize for this desperately, it can’t be helped, so I will give you a permission……”
“I don’t remember the appointment.”
“You don’t remember!? Even though I send a reminder letter of a challenge because I knew you would forget!”

Reminding letter of challenge, I’m hearing this for the first time.
Although I heard of a reminder email, do dragons have a similar culture, I wonder……

“Moreover, one week before, three days before, first day before, three times in total!”

This dragon is too diligent.
Rather, I would be scared if someone sent me something like that so frequently.

“Not reading letters for several months is my principle.”

This dragon’s head is too much.
If you had such frequency in Japan, people would be worried like “Isn’t she dead?” or something.

“Anyhow! Today, we will settle that time’s duel! Now then, let’s quickly go out!”
“No. It’s cold.”
“I’m cold as well!”
“N. Then, you should relax here together with us.”
“Eh? That’s right…… this place is very warm, passing time carefreely is the best——oi, nooooot! Didn’t I come with you as my objective! I came here to fight!”

The Black Bright Dragon girl shakes her head to shake off the hesitation, she prepared herself and jumped out from NAVIKO.

“Cold! …… Now, let’s fight! tte, why are you melting on top of the comfortable looking chair like a caaat! Come out youuuuuu!”
“This is called sofa. A supreme berth.”
“Don’t fall asleeeep!”

What is this, this comedy sketch.

“N. In the first place, I have no intent on becoming the Dragon King.”
“I don’t have such qualifications. I’m now being kept.”
“K, kept……?”

Shiro points at me.

“I’m his pet.”

The Black Bright Dragon girl opens her eyes wide.

“T, this human’s pet……?”
“Hello, I’m the owner.”
“L, lies!? You are a divine dragon, aren’t you! There’s no way a divine dragon could become a human’s pet! Aren’t you the one keeping these guys!?”

Did she think that until now?

“Unfortunately, it’s the opposite. I made Shiro my pet.”
“Moreover, you have been named!? D, does he perhaps…… do this and do that……”
“Shiro is always faithful to my commands, you know?”

I’m not telling a lie.

The Black Bright Dragon girl glares at me with sharp eyes with her entire body trembling.

“H, how dare you! How dare you soil that fellow! This brute! Pervert! Moreover, aren’t you served by other women!”
“That’s right, all of them are my women. Fufufu, this is the dream of all men, a harem! ——Ouch.”

Boko, two impacts from behind.

“When did I become Karuna-san’s woman?”
“Stop making me selfishly your woman!”

Huh~ this is weird~? Why was I hit by Tira and Ellen, I wonder~? Even though I love them this much.

“I won’t forgive you! I will definitely not forgive you!”

The girl transformed from human to dragon again.

(I will make you my opponent first! When I excel you, I will have you return that fellow to me!)


And, thirty seconds later.

(Hiiii. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it’s my loss! Therefore, forgive me alreadyyyyy!)

The Black Bright Dragon challenged me with such vigor but was now crying in miserable voice after I beat the hell out of her.
Although I knew when I appraised her, she’s way weaker than Shiro. It’s no mystery she was completely defeated each time.

“All right, I will make you my pet as well.”

I declare while climbing on the Black Bright Dragon sprawled on the ground.

(P, please anything but that! I’m an existence that will stand at the top of all dragons in the future! Something like being domesticated by a human, that’s not possibleeee!)
“Ya~y, a new pet~! Papa shugo~i!”
“That’s right~ Papa is incredible~”
(Listen to people!? Also, you child! Don’t peshipeshi clap on my scales! Moreover, it quite hurts!?)

Ignoring the defiant Black Bright Dragon, Filia asks with an innocent expression.

“Papa! What is her name?”
“Let’s see……”
(Furthermore, don’t go selfishly naming me without a permission!)
“It’s decided. Your name is Kuro.”
(I told you not to name me without permissioooon!!)

The Black Bright Dragon starts acting violently.

“Behave yourself a little.”

I hit her hard scales. The Black Bright Dragon screams『Gyaa!?』and calms down.
Although I would definitely not hit her in human form, my heart definitely doesn’t hurt when she’s in a dragon form.

(Uu…… this can’t be happening…… why are a human’s fists hurting so much…… even though it’s said that the scales of us Black Bright Dragons are of the Adamantite grade……)

It’s a crying and groaning legendary dragon.

“Karuna-san. She’s pitiable, leave it at that please.”
“That’s right. Even though she’s a Black Bright Dragon, isn’t she still just a child?”
(Kuuuu, being pitied by humans…… what a humiliation……!)

Faced with Tira’s and Ellen’s pity, the Black Bright Dragon replies rather regrettably.
Immediately after, she changed into a human girl form.
Thanks to that, I’m sitting on top of a girl. If seen from the side, I would get reported.

“Kuhahaha! This is a state of a man pinning down a woman! As expected, you will be forced to withdraw!”

The Black Bright Dragon How about that! says triumphantly.

“Oh, it’s properly tight even though it’s so soft.”
“Wai, where are you touching!?”

Although I can’t hit you in human form, I can touch you. Hehehe.

“I wasn’t asking about the place! I’m begging you so please quickly step back! At this rate, you will be treated like a pervert! Look, your companions are looking at you with cold eyes!”
“Hahaha, it’s unfortunate! I’m already recognized as a pervert! Did you think I would mind such thing now!”

“Gyaaaaa! Someone, save meeeeee!”

For a short while, the Black Bright Dragon was shouting and struggling, but she suddenly became obedient.
And then, drops started falling from her eyes.
This fellow, did she just start crying……?

“Sniff, sniff……”

Seeing a girl crying indeed makes me feel guilty.
…… I might have teased her a bit too much.
I release the sobbing Black Bright Dragon.

“Sniff…… as if! Kuhahaha, you fell for it! Women are creatures who can freely shed tears! I will definitely beat you hollow next time, so wash your neck for me! Stu~pid, stu~pid!”

Leaving such remark behind, she returns back to the Black Bright Dragon form and jumps up.
Were they just crocodile tears?


Therefore, I go ahead using transfer magic and knock her down.

(This should normally be the scene where I would escape, right…… seriously, what is this guy…… I’ve had enough……)

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