Chapter 36

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Black Bright Dragon Raid!
We who escaped from Ekbana are traveling in NAVIKO again.
Although there should be roads from a rough earth that are not paved at all, there’s no shaking. Using space-time magic, it’s possible to create a living space in the interior.

I’m relaxing on the sofa in the living room.
This super high-efficiency golem camping car is bringing us automatically to the place of destination. There’s really no need to do anything, so I’m staring at Tira who’s reading a book.

“W, what are you staring at since a while ago?”
“Gya! …… I, I’m just joking! I was just watching for some reason or another!”

Reading elves are somewhat awfully cool, aren’t they!

“…… Stop it please, it’s bothering me.”

Because I was prohibited from staring, I turned my gaze on Ellen’s boobs who is doing muscle training in the living room.

“Don’t look at me as well!”
“Just where should I be looking?”
(I think the problem is that lewd gaze.)

Nevertheless, Ekbana turned into a terrible experience……
I would seriously excuse myself from touching anyone other than a beauty beastman. However, it can be said that the massage strategy went too well in a sense.

“By the way, where do you plan on going next?”

While I recalled the unpleasant memory, Tira who put down her book asked.

“Garona volcano.”
“Volcano, is it?”

Tira tilts her head.
Garona volcano is an active volcano in the north of Ekbana.

『Becase it’s approximately 100 years since the last eruption, there are now several villages at the foot of the volcano』

Of course, I’m not going there to see the volcano.
When talking about the vicinity of volcanos, it’s precisely that. …… Fufufu.

“But the season is cold now, it should be covered in snow.”
“What is snow~? Is it delish?”

Filia curiously asks.
I’m afraid to say that snow is not food.

“N. Snow can be eaten. It’s crunchy.”

It appears that Shiro eats snow.

“Shiro, please don’t teach Filia-chan weird things. Normally, you wouldn’t eat snow.”
“What? Tira doesn’t eat it? It’s quite good, you know? Every year, I would make shaved ice from the piled up snow.”
“Ellen-san, are you really a royalty!?”

This world has no air pollution, so eating it doesn’t seem to be a problem.

“Filia-chan, snow piles up and dyes the ground white.”
“Want to see, want to see!”

(Please look outside. The snow is falling.)

When I look outside as told by Naviko-san, white particles are certainly flutteringly falling down. They have not piled up yet, though.

“That’s right, that’s snow.”

Incidentally, the temperature outside is close to zero, but NAVIKO’s interior is being kept at exactly fine temperature. We are being warmed by the magical power that has been turned into heat.

“Shugo~i! Papa! Want to touch!”

Because of Filia’s innocent wish, we stop NAVIKO and go outside.

“I, it’s cold.”

Ellen’s body shivers from cold. Her breasts are shivering too.

“Even though you have boobs so big, are you poor with cold?”
“C, cold things are cold!”
“And yet Tira seems fine.”
“Therefore, why are you looking at my breasts here? I’m just normally used to the cold.”
“It’s cold~! Shugo~i!”

Filia runs around the ground coated in thin snow, jumps and catches the snow and makes a merry.

“N, cold. No taste.”

Shiro sticks out her tongue and catches the falling snow.
After that, when we returned to NAVIKO and advanced, the snow gradually increased. The thin coat of snow grows, and the world turns white.

“It somehow looks like Shiro, doesn’t it?”

Shiro being a White Bright Dragon, her hair is white, and her skin is nearly transparent white. If she stood in the snowscape outside, she would surely blend in completely.

At that time, I saw a black object in the snow-white space.
What is that?
Something is flying towards us in the sky filled with snow.
Is it a bird?
Moreover, I feel that it’s huge.

(Master, an inimical character is approaching from the sky. A considerably powerful one at that.)

Naviko-san’s voice resounds around the car.
This black object steadily grows in size and finally arrived next to NAVIKO. Its great body stopped right on the verge of collision thanks to the wind pressure. No vibration at all could be felt inside.

“Ain’t that a dragon?”

A large dragon covered in black scales is floating in front of NAVIKO.

Black Bright Dragon A
Race: Black Bright Dragon
Level: 61
Skills: [Roar] [Dragon Spirit] [Limit Break]

(It’s a divine dragon which equals the White Bright Dragon.)

A divine dragon again?
However, divine dragons which should appear only rarely are appearing impossibly frequently.
Does Shiro perhaps know this fellow?

“Shiro, an acquaintance?”
“N, wrong. Don’t know any Black Bright Dragons.”

It seems she doesn’t know it.
But, I could hear an angry dragon’s language from outside NAVIKO.

(I know that you are inside! Come out!)
“…… After all, isn’t it your acquaintance?”

Shiro tilts her head and approaches the window.
She looks outside at the Black Bright Dragon,

“Don’t know.”

She seems not to remember as expected.

(Hey, what do you mean you don’t know me!? It’s me, me! Haven’t I often challenge you in the Dragon Village!)

It’s calling itself “I” (ore) because it’s a young dragon, but it definitely feels like the opponent knows Shiro. …… Most likely, Shiro just forgot.

(Why you don’t remember!?)
“Not remembering uninteresting is my principle.”
(Crueel!? Rather, I went expressly to meet you! Return to the village at once!)
“It’s cold so no.”
(I’m cold as well!)

It appears that dragons are cold as well.

(Come out!)
(In that case, I will go inside!)

Because Shiro still wouldn’t come out, the Black Bright Dragon changed into a human form. It appears he can do it too.

“Huh, how do you enter inside!? Open up you bastard!”

He hits the body while shouting in human speech.

(Master, what do you want to do?)
“Open the door for him.”

When Naviko-san opened the door, a dark skinned girl jumped inside.

“Uuuu, so cooold!”

As her violent mouth suggested, it’s a strong-willed girl with sharp-looking eyes. …… She has a runny nose now, though.
By appearances, she looks to be the same age as Shiro, but she’s a bit taller. Her hair is dark, it’s bristled on one side while flowing down on the other.

“She’s not nude……?”

I groan in astonishment.
Having betrayed my expectations, the girl is wearing clothes on her body. By the way, it looks sailor suitish (black). She looks somehow like a juvenile delinquent――like a sukeban.

“No way, are you perhaps able to produce clothes at the time of humanization……?”
“N, naturally! Wouldn’t it be embarrassing to be naked in human form!”

It appears dragons are feeling the same emotions as humans.

“Shiro was stark naked, you know?”
“That fellow is abnormal!”
“Wrong. Nude is Dragon Village’s tradition.”
“That’s already several hundred years in the past!”

It appears Shiro’s sense of value is strange.
Nevertheless, just what is the relationship between the two?

(As their appearances suggest, it’s said that White Bright Dragons and Black Bright Dragons are like cats and dogs.)

Are they on bad terms? Certainly, from what I have seen, Shiro aside, this Black Bright Dragon girl is not hiding her hostility since a while ago.

“I definitely won’t be defeated by you! Because I will someday become an existence that stands on the summit of all dragons!”

After the Black Bright Dragon girl placed her hands on her waist and loudly declared,

“And yet, why don’t you remembeeeer——!?”

She shouted with teary eyes this time.

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