Chapter 35

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Welcome to Karuna Style Massage Shop
“Ah, I wanted to mofu……”

I left the cafe with deep sighs.
In the end, I wasn’t able to mofu the girl’s bunny ears.

“It can’t be helped. Instead, Tira’s ears-”
“Please, stop it. Rather, don’t mofumofu my ears.”
“Then, I will fondle Ellen’s boobs..”
“Why do you mean by ‘then’!? My chest is not something so cheap!”

The two plainly refuse me.
When I drop my shoulders in disappointment,

“Ahh~ Is there no way to mofu kemonomimi all I want……”

It was at that time.
A signboard of a certain store caught my eye.

[Bear Style Massage]

It appears that bear beastmen, Bear people are operating a massage store.


“I can hear screaming from inside, but……”
(There are many people among Bear people who possess herculean strength and they utilize that in the Bear Style Massage.)

The customers seem to be under so much pressure they end up crying and shouting. However, it appears there are many beastmen addicted to such pain, so it’s quite popular.

“Ha, if I have to say, painful massage is a heresy. A gentle massage with moderate strength is precisely……”

At that moment, a heavenly revelation dropped on my head.

“…… This is it!”



[The world’s best masseur will send you to a paradise with just a rub……]

“…… What is this, this questionable catchphrase?”

Reading the letters written on the signboard, Tira looks at me with suspicious eyes.

“It’s Karuna Style Massage.”
“When did you become such a massage master that you formed a school……”
“Fufufu…… I can pretend to massage and mofu kemonomimi! It’s the best idea if I have to say so myself!”
“Bastard, your motive is too impure……”
“To even expressly set up a store just for that……”

Ellen and Tira look at me with squinting eyes, but I ignore them.

I have opened a massage shop in this country!

“In the first place, will customers come? To this back alley.”

As Tira said, my shop is unfortunately in a back alley a little away form the main street. It’s a place with no pedestrian traffic.

“No need to worry. I had the girls walking down the street to spread the word for money!”
“You have thoroughly advertised!?”
“『I have become this pretty thanks to Karuna Style Massage』.”
“Isn’t that a complete lie!”
“Above all,『Queen Liliana’s purveyor』is the most effective one.”
“Why are you selfishly using her name! She will get angry, you know!?”

In fact, she has received my massage, so it’s not a complete lie.

At that time, the shop’s door opened.

“Umn…… I have heard that I could receive Karuna Style? Massage here, but……”


It’s the first customer.
Moreover, it’s a proper dog-eared bishoujo.
She looks about 17-18 years old.
She asks timidly while somehow uneasily looking around the inside.

“Did Her Majesty the Queen really come here……?”
“Of course!”

It’s a lie!


Tira and Ellen are glaring at me, but I don’t mind, I don’t mind.

“Then, I will have you lie on your stomach on this bed. Ah, take off your top.”
“Y, yes.”

Undressing is normal because this is a massage, right!

When the girl fearfully became half-naked, she lied on the bed while I pretended not to see.

“Well then, let’s begin the massage.”

Of course, it’s not the ecchi one.
I do a normal massage. No, even if it’s normal, breaking through the limit like before, it will turn into the world’s best massage. Precisely, the God’s hands.

“Ah…… nn……”

A charming sigh leaves from the girl’s lips.

“Wauu…… i, incredible…… just as the rumors said……”
“Everyone and anyone who receives my massage will become pretty and healthy without exception.”

In fact, not only do I massage, but I also use recovery magic at the same time. Like this, the poor physical health or illnesses will be properly cured.

“I will massage your ears, alright?”
“Eh? Ah, yes.”

Fufufu, just as I thought!
To beastmen, ears are a very delicate place. They won’t let strangers touch them so easily, but like this, I can smoothly proceed! I can mofu!

“Shall I do the tail too?”
“Eh? Hiya!?”

Thus, I was able to legally mofumofu the girl.

When the massage ended, the girl was breathing roughly while drenched in sweat.
However, she was very satisfied,

“I, it felt very good…… I, I will definitely come again!”

The girl said such and left the shop.

“…… Somehow, I’m not fully satisfied, but……”
“Fufufu, even though my motives were erotic, I take the massage seriously, okay!”

And then――

After that, the rumors being rumors spread, and beastmen came to the shop one after another.

“Please, massage me as well!”
“I want to become beautiful too!”
“Is it really truth you can cure dry skin!?”

Today, just like on the opening day, the girls who heard the rumors entered the shop fighting to be the first served.
There’s a long queue in front of the shop.

“I can mofumofu, and girls will become beautiful and healthy! How could such a wonderful thing exist! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

I laugh loudly at the success.

“Papa, shugo~i!”
“N, Karuna’s mofumofu feels good.”
“…… I really didn’t think it would become this popular.” (Tira)

Sometimes, Queen Liliana would visit incognito.
It appears the rumors have reached the royal palace. The lies became the truth.

“I, it’s not like your mofumofu felt good or anything ja kara no!”

Furthermore, even prime minister Celine visited the shop.

“I, I heard you opened a shop, so I came to thank you for the other day……”

Fufufu, it appears that they both became captives of my God’s hands after that time.
The repeater rate is high, we will surely prosper even more in the future.

——At this time, I have not noticed yet.
That there’s a huge defect in my greatly successful mofumofu strategy.



“I want a massage too.”

The huge body in my little store is an elephant.
To be precise, an Elephant person.
Moreover, a middle-aged lady.

“Recently, my shoulders have been excessively stiff. Your massage can easily heal it, right?”

Her entire body is covered in thick skin.

It can’t be mofumofu’ed at aaaall!

Furthermore, even a Tiger ossan came to the shop.

“Massage me as well, please. My muscles are weary from all the engineering work.”

I have not invited any meeeeen!

Finally, a Hedgehog person appeared.

“Please, massage my body too by all means!”

My hands would hurt from all the prickliiiiing!

At the beginning, the words of mouth were targeted at girls, but it ended up spreading even to aunties and uncles and even beastmen that I can’t even touch.

“Wait a moment! All beside beautiful girls are prohibited from entering! Beastmen with no fur are prohibited as well!”

I have eagerly appealed, but the beastmen were not understanding at all.

“Gender discrimination!”
“Don’t discriminate beastmen species!”
“My rheumatism is so bad nou……”
“I heard you can cure my baldness! I beg you! If my bangs retreat even a little more……”
“My over there…… doufufu……”

Oi, even a pervert is mixed in!?
In the end, while getting overrun by the encircling mob.

“I quiiiiiit!”

I fled from the beastmen country.

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