Chapter 34

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Pursuing the Bunny
Various types of beastmen live in Ekbana.

Beastmen are demi-humans, a fusion of a human and beast, but the proportions vary depending on the tribe.

For example, beastmen with the appearances of a human, but with kemonomimi and tail. Queen Liliana and the prime minister Celine both belong to this type.
Liliana is a Fox beastman, and Celine is a Tiger beastman.

Some beastmen, like Centaurs, have a half body of a human and half body of a beast.
In addition, there are beastmen with the same appearances of humans that are able to transform into beasts, like Werewolves.

On the other hand, those with a high percentage of the beast are often treated as monsters. For example, Orcs and Minotaurs.
Also, those with a high human ratio, but low intelligence are also treated as monsters. Such as Lamia or Harpies.

(Speaking of beastmen with great numbers, as expected, it would be Cat people and Dog people.)
“Incidentally, the beastmen worth mofumofuing is?”
(…… Bunny people I guess?)

Are you there, bunny ears beastmen!

(They are few in numbers, but they should be in this country.)
“Alright, let’s get the bunny ears right now.”

The plan was decided.
Walking down the road among the beastmen, I concentrate in order to find the characteristic bunny ears.

“Geee…… is there a lovely, lovely bunny-eared child, I wonder……?”
“Please stop it because you look just like a suspicious person!”
“Is it alright for me to pretend to be strangers……”

This is a totally difficult society. Just with a little bit bloodshot eyes and rough nasal breathing, the girls start viewing me as a suspicious person.

“Filia wants to touch bunny ears too, right?”
“I want mofumofu~!”

There, at that moment, I discovered a certain something.

・Cafe Rabbit Home

(It appears to be a cafe run by a Bunny people.)
“A place to legally touch bunny ears appeared~!”

What a perfect timing.
This is surely, without a doubt a gift from God so I could mofumofu bunny ears all I want!

(It’s simply because of [Good Luck・Extremity] skill. Also, this cafe is not a place to legally touch bunny ears.)

I triumphantly barge into the cafe.

“Plenty of mofumofu bunny ears!”

I promptly order the mofumofu.
But, behind the counter was,

“Fu, mofumofu, huh…… it has been a long time since I received that request. Fine. However, my bunny ears are not cheap. One person rubbing is one silver coin.”

Even though the Bunny person was a Bunny person, it was a dandy uncle.

“On the second thought, no thanks! Give me a normal coffee!”

I panic and cancel the order.
Ku…… I of all people made a mistake! Because of my bunny girl image, I thought all Bunny people are girls and forgot that there would be men as well.

However, an uncle in his forties wearing bartender clothes with bunny ears growing on his head, it’s already a lump of incongruity……

“What is it?”
“Are there no other shop assistants?”
“Unfortunately, it’s just me now.”

Why are you alone! Weren’t bunnies creatures that die from loneliness!
Inevitably, I sat down at the counter seat and sipped the coffee while shedding tears. It’s bitter but delicious.

“Why are you crying……”

Tira sits next to me with an amazed expression.

“Blended coffee, one serving. Black.”
“What? You can drink black!?”
“N. Naturally.”
“O, of course, I can drink it as well! Well, shopkeeper, one black for me as well!”

Shiro orders a black coffee and Ellen follows while bluffing.

“Filia you see, wants to mofumofu that!”
“Ojouchan, taking notice of my bunny ears, you are quite good.”

The shopkeeper lowers his head and presents his bunny ears to Filia.
Filia extends her hand and starts touching the shopkeepers bunny ears.

“Fuooooh. Shugo~i! Shugoi mofumofu!”

Filia says with sparkling eyes.

“I, is it that mofumofuable……?”

There’s so much fur on the shopkeeper’s bunny ears that it hides Filia’s little hand. Moreover, the material seems so soft. It should feel really good.
Gulp, I unconsciously swallow saliva.

I’m conflicted.
I want to mofumofu it.
But, the opponent is a middle-aged man.
Rubbing middle-aged man’s ears, it’s not an exaggeration to say it would be a humiliation.
My mofu partner has to be a lovely girl!

(Master, it’s impossible for me to understand your reasoning.)

But, seeing Filia so happily mofumofuing, the unbearable desire to mofumofu boils up.

“Guu…… I don’t want to mofu…… even though I don’t want to mofu!!!”

Against my will, my hand extends towards ossan’s bunny ears.
I try to endure, but I can’t resist.

It was at that time.

“I’m home~”

The door opens, and a girl enters the shop.
She seems to be in her late teens.
She is a bishoujo with a slight tan, giving a cheerful impression.
Splendid bunny ears on her head.

“Ah, customers. Welcome~”

She probably went out of the shop to buy ingredients as can be told by the bag in her hands.

“Here, Otousan. The things you requested.”
“T, thanks……”

She seems to be his daughter.
I meet the shopkeeper’s eyes.

“W, what is it……?”

I smile.

“You had a daughter?”
“Y, yeah……”

Sweat appears on the easygoing shopkeeper’s forehead.
The next moment, the shopkeeper shouted.

“Lena, run away!”
“Y, yeah!”

The bunny ears bishoujo starts running without understanding the reason.

“Fuhahaha! You think you can escaaaape!”

I pursue while laughing out loud.


◇ ◇ ◇


My name is Lena.
I’m a Bunny person operating a small cafe together with Otousan in this Ekbana.
The whole town was nervous because of the foreign country’s attack yesterday, but it appears our soldiers have won. Thanks to that, we could resume the business today just like usual.
Is what I thought, but……

“J, just what is going on!?”

When I returned to the cafe from shopping, Otousan told me to run away.
Not knowing what’s what, I ran out of the cafe just as Otousan told me to.
Immediately after, a human male started chasing after me.

“Bunny ears mofumofu bunny ears mofumofu bunny ears mofumofu bunny ears mofumofu!!”

That is dangerous!
I felt it intuitively. I mean, his eyes are completely gone……
The reason Otousan told me to run is surely because of that fellow.

However, I’m a Bunny person. We are a tribe with the fastest legs among beastmen. Moreover, I’m the champion of Ekbana’s yearly short-distance run competition, I have won the first place for two consecutive years.
I will pull away in a mome——

“Oi, so fast!?”

I looked back and got astonished.
That human man, he’s following my pace. No, far from that, he’s gradually shortening the distance!?


Moreover, he’s humming in a super leisure!?


I jumble and jump into a back alley. I have confidence in my movements. In here, where it’s almost like a maze, I’m confident that I will lose him and run away.

And then, I jump out of the alley. Because I ran in a suitable alley, I got out unexpectedly close to the cafe. This might also confuse my opponent.
Like this, he will eternally wander around the maze-like alle――

“It’s useless, little bunny-chaaaan.”
“Huh, why are you here!?”

Of all things, as if predicting my movements, he was laying in wait.
Resigning, I stopped my legs and gulped with my head hanging down.

“…… It’s fine…… you will immediately feel nice…… gehehe.”

The man approaches while grinning and roughly breathing through his nose.
Ah, this is it for my chastity……

“What are you doing———!!”

And then, together with a woman’s shout, the man’s head was struck by a violent lightning.

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