Chapter 33

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Calm Down, my Right Arm! → It Really Calmed Down
“Who are you?”

The General of the Empire army, Sergate asks me with a sharp glint in his eyes.

“I’m Karuna. For some reason, I’m assisting the Ekbana’s army.”
“…… Is this your doing?”
“To think there would be a monster even a place like this……”

Even in a place like this?

“But, I can’t afford to lose! Let’s go, Byld!”

Byld appears to be the name of the dragon he’s riding. Although it was a dragon of the same middle rank as others, its physique was good, and its status was also high when appraised. The level exceeds fifty.
However, even after receiving Sergate’s command, Byld wasn’t moving.

“What’s wrong?”
“G, general! Our dragons too……”

Not just Byld, other dragons were moving backward of their own accord.


They are dragons as well, so it appears that they are frightened by the divine dragon Shiro.

“What is that dragon!?”
“Is it perhaps because of that dragon……?”

As expected of dragon knights, they immediately recognized Shiro as a dragon of different status.

“…… In that case!”

Sergate saw that he could not use Byld, so he kicked its back and charged alone.
One of the dragon knights shout.

“General is a master of the spear! Even if not riding a dragon, there’s no way he would fall behind against a single enemy soldier!”
“And furthermore, he intends to fight general barehanded!”
“Hahaha! What a foolish man, opposing one of the four generals!”

Thank you for the easy to understand defeat flag.


I dodge the spear that is coming from above, seize the spear handle and slap Sergate to the ground with all my might.


Sergate promptly stood up and wielded his spear, but I casually dodged his every attack.

“H, how about this then!”

Sergate infuses the spear with a fighting spirit and starts rotating it at an ultra high speed at the same time.

“Oooooh! It’s the Flashing destruction!!”
“Here it comes! General’s killer technique!”
“The strongest thrusting attack that can pierce 50cm of iron plate!”
“If hit by that directly, you will turn into minced meat!”

I focus my fighting spirit in my right fist.

“Here goes.”

I punched the tip of the approaching spear.
A tremendous crushing sound roars and fighting spirit crashes against a fighting spirit.
However, that lasted only for a moment. My fist immediately pulverized the spear.

“””He broke through General’s killer technique barehandeeeed!?”””

The dragon knights raise their voices in shock.
My fighting spirit destroyed the opponent’s spear and sent Sergate flying.
He crashed into his beloved dragon Byld, but they rolled together for several meters around the ground.

“Ouch. A bit of the skin on my fist has peeled off.”
“””Only the skin peeled!?”””

The dragon knights tsukkomi simultaneously.

“Bastard…… bullshit has limits……”

Sergate whose whole body became ragged somehow managed to stand up.
And, with sad eyes prepared for the worst,

“If it’s like this, I have no choice but to unseal this right arm……”

Saying such, he took off the gauntlet from his right hand.
His arm is hidden under a bandage with a countless number of magic words. I guess that’s the seal.

“Are you sane!”
“If you use that power, this time, General will……!”

The dragon knights shout unanimously.
But, Sergate unfastens the bandages. Then, what appeared was not a human-looking hand, it looks really ominous.

“Once, I led a large-scale force and subjugated a demon. But, in doing so, my right arm got soaked in the demon’s blood, and I got cursed.”

Sergate says with a desperate face while sweating hard.
Thank you very much for the explanation.

(There’s no mistake in what he’s saying. That right arm is certainly cursed by a demon. It’s concealing a dreadful power.)

・Demon’s right arm: Right arm demonized by the curse of an advanced level demon. Eventually, it will consume the host’s consciousness and revive the demon. Offensive Ability +724

When I appraise it, it seems to be quite a troublesome thing.
Sergate suddenly begins to suffer.

“Ah, aaaaa!”

He swings the Demon’s right arm.
Just facing the ground, it tore the ground. Nevertheless, a big fingernail mark is gouged in the ground. It’s a terrifying power.
The faces of his subordinates change as they shout.

“Please, stop it! At this rate, you will really……!”
“Gua…… n, no need to worry……”

Sergate desperately endures with an expression of agony. That arm must be trying to take over his consciousness.
However, going against his will, the demon arm paints countless scratches into the ground.

“…… C, calm down, my right arm……! Listen to me! Aaaa.”

I never thought I would hear someone say those lines in real life!
Alright, let’s calm it down since I’m here.


I have [Black Magic・Extremity] skill.
It’s easy to dispel that curse.

“Aaaaaa…………………… N?”

A dubious expression floats on Sergate’s face.

“After all, using that power is reckless!”
“…………… ???”
“General, please! Gener………… General?”
“Weird…… the power in the right arm has suddenly……”

The dragon knights eagerly calling Sergate noticed the unusualness.
I said.

“Curse, I lifted it.”
“G, general! Your arm!”

Sergate’s right arm has returned into the arm of a normal human.

“There’s no need to worry about the demon anymore. Be grateful.”

After blankly staring at his right arm for a while, Sergate suddenly yelled out.

“W, wh, what have you dooooone!?”

My, my cursed right armmmm! He shouts while storming towards me.

“Like this, I won’t be able to say ‘Calm down, my right arm!’ anymoooore! What do you think you have done!? Return it, my right arm!”
“No, I calmed it down, right? Didn’t you say it yourself? You looked in pain.”
“That was an act! Truthfully, I could still afford to go! You should have guessed that much!”

Even if you tell me to guess, right~

(Master, you did it after guessing, didn’t you?)


“””General…… by act, you mean?”””

Noticing the whiteness in the eyes of his subordinates, Sergate’s face went Crap!

“N, no, that…… today, I feel like I have certainly overdone it a little……”
“It’s a lie. Thanks to the bandages wrapped around your arm, the demon arm was asleep for the most part.”

When I declare such, the dragon knights’ eyes pierce Sergate.

“At that age……”
“Making us worry……”
“W, wait, please! It’s not that! Riding that person’s feelings, I wanted to demonstrate my true strength, what to say……!”

Well, anyhow, like this the chuunibyou commander became powerless.
Shall I return him to the castle as a captive?


◇ ◇ ◇


The soldiers of the defeated Imperial Army who regained consciousness started fleeing one after another.

“You did well! To think you would really defeat 100,000 soldiers alone nou! Believing in you was the right choice!”

When I return to the royal palace with Sergate as a captive, Liliana ran around pleased in high spirits like a little child.

“You tried escaping many times during that, though?”
“W, we were just trying to go on the toilet ja! It’s absolutely not like we were trying to escape! I, it’s true ja zo!”

Being exposed by Celine’s mutter, Liliana tries to deceive in panic.
Filia jumped at her from behind, and started mofumofuing her animal ears.

“Hey, stop it! Hiyaun!”
“Ya~y, a new pet~!”
“Wrong! We are not your pet~!”

It appears Filia took a liking to her ears.
Save us please~ she called for help with teary eyes, but I ignored her.

“It’s troublesome, so deal with the postwar period yourself.”

With this, the case is settled. The accepted request is completed.
Now, let’s slowly enjoy the country.

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