Chapter 32

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Urine Flows on the Battlefield Instead of Blood
It’s in sight.
Ekbana’s 10,000 on one side, the enemy’s 100,000 on the other.
The distance between the two is less than 1km.

Using [Clairvoyance], I can clearly see the state of the soldiers.
In front of the obvious difference in forces, the Ekbana soldiers march with grave expressions.
On the other hand, I feel the enemy soldier’s composure.

I fly over the Ekbana forces on Shiro’s back.
Some people notice me——or more precisely, they noticed Shiro and opened their eyes wide in surprise.
We eventually pass above the Ekbana forces and approach the enemy units.

“Then, I will play for a bit.”

I jump down from Shiro. The altitude is about 300 meters. It’s the height of Tokyo Tower, but I easily land in front of the enemy soldiers. There’s a slight crater in the ground and a cloud of dust has whirled up.

“W, what is this fellow!?”
“He came down from the sky!? Magician!?”
“Doesn’t matter, kill———ga!?”

I immediately close the distance and send a soldier flying.
Furthermore, I roundhouse kick another three nearby soldiers.
The enemy forces suddenly become confused.

“This guy’s strong!?”
“Let’s go all at once!”
“Don’t falter! The enemy is just a single person!”

While the ground trembles, enemy soldiers leap at me one after another.
But, to be honest, every single one of them is just a small fry.
Their attacks are of no concern to me, so I ignore defenses and whack them with my fists.
The army which approached like a surging wave changed into a mountain of injured people in no time.

Rather, going easy so I won’t kill them is difficult.
No, this is a battlefield, isn’t it alright to kill them since the opponents are also resolved to kill……

“Ge’s jusd one, whad are you going? I will go id.”
“Oh~ You are huge~”

An especially big guy emerges from the enemy troops.
He looks like a human, but he’s nearly 3 meters tall?
He may have giant blood mixed within his body.
His armor is different from the other soldiers, whether it’s just because of his size, or because he’s a mercenary, that I don’t know.

Dell, 33 years old
Race: Human
Level: 32
Skills: [Herculean Strength]

“Ogre Slayer has appeared!”
“That man who exterminated a group of ogres barehanded!?”
“Way to go, end him!”

The enemies raise shouts of joy.
After strengthening my ears with the [Five Senses Reinforcement・Extremity], it appears that he’s quite famous among the soldiers.


That fellow swaggers in front of me and swings down his huge ax at me.
Hrm, too slow.
No matter how strong you are, I can easily avoid this.
Well, since a special guy has appeared, I will stop it with one hand.

A heavy impact on my arm.
But, that’s all.

(It’s 32 damage.)
“Well, that’s about it.”

Certainly, he has a substantial physical strength, but his fighting spirit doesn’t amount to much.
Guild Master ossan’s blow would be probably much stronger. Ellen is way beyond that.

“!? Imbossigle…… You gaughd my glow widh one gand……?”

I throw a fist to the stomach of the giant who opened his eyes wide in surprise as a return gift.
The huge figure gets blown off and catches some people in the back in the collision.

“M, monster……”
“Shit, magic unit! Magic unit forward!”

The troops swap and a troop of magicians step forward.
They immediately start chanting.


A number of magic circles appear, and magic spells start firing all at once.
A cluster of flames, ice, the wind, lighting, iron――they fly at me one after another.
Most of them are of intermediate grade. Sometimes, an advanced spell is mixed in.

“Ultra grade magic [Demon King of Earth].”

I activate an Ultra Grade Magic.
Immediately after that, a giant golem appears in front of me with a terrifying roar.
A big body of about ten meters that makes the man from a little while ago looks like a child receives all the magic of the enemy troops.

“Wha…… that, right now…… ultra grade magic……?”
“The chant was completed instantly……?”

The magic troops groan in a shock.
As expected, the golem got quite worn-out after receiving so many magic attacks.
It returns to the soil.

…… Now then, what should I do?
I defeated hundreds, but there are still many opponents left.
On the other hand, the Ekbana forces will soon approach.
If this continues, both armies will clash and there will be a massive amount of casualties.

“Let’s use that?”

I take a big breath.
And then——


——I roar.

The loud roar immediately runs through the 100,000 strong enemy force.
Their eyes which burned with fighting spirit lose light all at once, and roll backward one after another.
And then, like dominoes, they fall down to the ground one after another.


I coerce the enemy with a roar, taking away their fighting spirit.
Something like the Haoshoku Haki.

…… But, I overdid it a little.
It seems I have taken away their consciousness together with their fighting spirit.
In addition, there are a lot of guys with liquid around their crotches. The mass incontinence of men. Ueeh……

A white dragon unsteadily falls down from the sky.
It’s Shiro.

“What was that? That startled me.”

As expected of Divine Dragon. She seems a little dizzy, but she’s properly conscious.

“Did you leak?”
“It’s all right…… Just a bit”

It seems like she leaked a bit.

When I look back, the Ekbana forces finally arrived.
The people in the back are staggering a little, but the people in the front are all unconscious.
As expected, there are also plenty of guys behind me who had a leak……

(Does Master has such tendencies as well?)

I don’t!

“…… Let’s hold back a little next time……”

Well, I have suppressed the casualties, let’s consider it acceptable.
The battle shouldn’t be able to continue in this state.

Now then.
Where is the commander hiding?

I use [Detection・Extremity], and look for an Empire soldier that looks of high status.
Oh, there’s a group of strong guys at the rear.


I jump to the place using transfer magic.

“Dragoons, I would say?”

There’s a group of soldiers riding wingless dragons.
Although it’s a small unit of about ten, not mentioning the dragons, the soldiers have a considerable fighting ability, they seem to have a battle potential of several hundred infantry.

Because of my coercion, most of them are limp on top of the dragons, though.
The dragons are also staggering.

(Average dragons won’t be able to bear Master’s coercion.)

Among them, only one person has maintained a respectable state.

Sergate, 32 years old
Race: Human
Level: 57
Skills: [Spear Technique] [Dragon Riding] [Fighting Spirit]

This fellow.
It’s a robust man riding an especially big dragon. He indeed looks like a man with long military service and there’s a large scar across his cheek.
His level and status surpass any human I have met until now by far.

“You’re the commander?”
“That’s right. I’m one of the Rein Empire’s ‘Four Generals’, Dragon General Sergate.”

He’s one of the four, he said.

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