Chapter 31

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Mofumofu Payment
My fingertips touch the ears of the queen of the beastmen, Liliana.


That alone was enough for Liliana to leak out a small shriek and for her upper body to jolt.
Oh, so this is kemonomimi.
Unbelievable mofumofu. Incredible softness.

“D, do it gently no ja zo…… The ears of us beastmen are delicate no ja……”
“I know, I know..”

I carefully massage the kemonomimi as if touching a fragile article.
Mofumofu. Mofumofu.

“N…… ahiyu…… hiya……”

Whenever I move my fingers, Liliana leaks out a moan.
By the way, I placed her on my knees and I’m touching her ears while hugging her from behind.
Because she occasionally tries to escape, I have to keep her in check.
Hehehe, I won’t let you escape?

I insert a finger inside her ear.
The inside is slightly wet and more sensitive than the outside.

Taking the opportunity, I extend my hand towards her bushy tail.
It has the appearances of a bamboo broom, but extremely soft and smooth. My fingers easily buried in the fur.

“Hiyaun…… haa…… y, you can not…… that place…… ja……”

Having her ears and tail simultaneously caressed, haa, haa Liliana gasps for breath.
On the contrary to her words, she clearly feels comfortable.
Before I noticed, she became drenched in sweat, making her look so charming that it’s hard to believe she has appearances of a little girl.

“I can’t? It feels good here, right?”
“…… T, that is not…… true no ja……”

When I ask, Liliana stubbornly shakes her head.

“Hmm~ I see. Then, I should I stop~?”

When I said that Liliana’s face had Eh? look.

“Is it fine? I will really stop, you know?”

I look at her face in order to confirm.
When I do, Liliana’s face gets bright red, and she squeezes out with an embarrassed voice.

“In that case, say I want more Oniichan.”

To my demand, an expression of anguish floated on Liliana’s face, but she finally lost to her desires.

“U, uu…… m, more…… we want more…… Onii——”
“Please, leave it at that!”

Tira hit my head with her staff.
Moreover, she hit insanely hard.
While I hold my aching head,

“U…… that’s right, isn’t it? Tira doesn’t want me to do it to anyone else, huh? Sorry for not noticing before.”
“You are wrong!”
“Haa…… just what have we……?”

It appears she came back to her senses. Liliana escaped from my lap and tumbled down on the floor.

“…… Uu…… we…… we have been defiled ja……”
“So exaggerated. Even though I just fondled your ears.”
“T, tail too ja!”

Liliana’s fox ears tremble, and tears float into her eyes.
Well, no matter how sensitive animal ears are, it normally wouldn’t turn out like this. I have broken through the limit of dexterity, so I’m good at such delicate work――in other words, I’m skilled in caressing.

(Reaching the extreme of pervertedness.)

From now on, please call me mofumofu master by all means.

“W, with this, will you lend us your strength……?”

Liliana asks with wet eyes.

“Oioi, who said that your ears are enough?”
“W, what!?”

I move my sight from the shocked Liliana and look at the prime minister of this country, the beastman beauty.

“B, by any chance, you want me to present my ears too……?”

The beastman beauty notices my intention and retreats.
Hehehe, I say with a vicious smile.

“After all, as a subject, you will feel sorry that only your lord had to be sacrificed, right?”
“That is right! We can not accept only us being the victim! This is my order as the Queen ja! You shall become a victim of this fellow as well no ja!”

When Liliana sides with me, the kemonomimi beauty frowns.
I approach her with my fingers dancing.

“It’s all right, it’s all right. I will make you feel good right away.”
(Master, that statement with such face makes a perfect villain.)


◇ ◇ ◇


“Haa, haa, haa…… t, to suffer such…… humiliation……”

The beastman beauty with disheveled clothes at my feet——Celine, gasps for breath.

Myyy, as expected, writhing intellectual beauties are so ero~
In spite of her appearances, Celine was far more sensitive than Liliana, twisting her body and panting whenever my fingers moved around her ears.

“To make the Ekbana’s fearless, demonic prime minister become like that…… You are scary as ever……”

Ellen says in amazement.
Tira’s expression goes past expressionless. She’s scary.

“A, anyway, we have upheld our side of the deal.”

Celine says after fixing her disheveled hair and clothes.

“I will have you show us that the big words you said a while ago are not lies.”
“Of course. That being the case~ let’s go, Shiro.”

Even during this exchange, Shiro wasn’t interested at all, and her face remained absentminded. Being suddenly called, she tilts her head curiously.

“Give me a ride.”
“When we return, I will let you eat to your heart’s content.”

After I requested, Shiro immediately nodded and started taking off her clothes.
She throws off her underwear without any hesitation, standing stark naked in no time. What a good way of taking clothes off.

“What!? You, are you just a mere pervert, after all!?”

Liliana looks at me with distrust after seeing Shiro’s nude body.
However, at that moment, Shiro’s entire body starts shining.

“Wha…… dragon ja to……?”

Liliana opens her eyes wide after seeing a white dragon suddenly appear.

“I, is this perhaps, the White Bright Dragon……? W, why is a divine dragon in such place……?”

Oh, you know your stuff well, Celine.
As expected of the prime minister.

“She’s my pet.”
“A pet ja to!?”
“Have you seriously tamed a Divine Dragon!?”

Having two astonished people behind me, I jump on top of Shiro’s head.

“Then, I’m off for a bit. Filia, you properly stay at home.”
“Okay! Papa return quickly, okay!”

Leaving Filia with Tira and others should be okay.

“Alright, I’m leaving it to you then, Shiro.”

Shiro leaps into the air with me on her head.
She jumps out from the window in the audience room and accelerates.

“Karuna can fly. Why use me?”
“I mean, it’s way cooler this way, isn’t it? The enemy will freak out.”
“I don’t understand well.”

Shiro tilts her head to my point.

(Approximately ten kilometers to the place of destination. Around ten more minutes until both armies clash.)

Well, we will be probably in time.
We fly through the sky towards the battlefield.

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