Chapter 30

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Kemonomimi Queen Wants to Escape
We have arrived in Ekbana.


Ellen looks outside of the window in puzzlement.

“Normally, it would be bustling with many people……”

The city of Ekbana is surrounded by strong walls, but the road to the entrance gate is deserted.
Rather, I don’t see a single person.
Well, the gate is closed, so that’s only natural.

We get off the camping car and approach the closed gate.
Then, from atop of the walls, soldiers of this country appear and shout,

“The enemy messengers!?”
“First, they one-sidedly attack us, and then they send messengers!?”
“Arrest them!”
“No, wait! That red hair is……”


◇ ◇ ◇


Guided by the country’s soldiers, we arrive at the Ekbana’s royal palace.

“Please, enter. The Queen is inside. There is an emergency, so there’s no need to mind courtesy.”

And so, we enter the audience room.
I’m told females have ruled this country for generations.
When we enter the room while I think that it would be nice if there was a kemonomimi beauty――

“Uwa~~~n! No ja, no ja, no ja~~~! Why do we have to witness this with our own eyes no ja~~~!”

——When we enter, the first thing I see is a ten-year-old kemonomimi girl shouting on top of the throne in the back of the room. Like a fox beastman, she has triangular animal ears growing on her golden hair. I wonder if they usually stand up, but they are now pitiably down.

“Your Majesty. Please, calm down. You must raise the morale of our soldiers.”

The one reproving her is an intellectual beauty in the first half of her twenties.
Of course, she’s a beastman as well, is this one a tiger?

“We don’t care about that! This country is already dead anyway ja! It’s the end no ja~~~!”

The little kemonomimi girl flaps her limbs while shouting.
Because she’s on an elevated pedestal and her legs are spread open, her panties are completely exposed.

(Apparently, the army of the Rein Empire seems to be currently advancing towards this country.)

According to Naviko-san, the Rein Empire is a major power from the east.
It’s a country of humans with economic and military power beyond the Alsara Kingdom. A small country like Ekbana can’t oppose them.

“It’s not like the result has been already decided. Our military forces have just sortied out to intercept the enemy’s invasion forces.”
“…… What is the strength of our military force ja?”

Once the little beastman girl calms down, she asks while pouting.

“…… What is the strength of our military force ja?”
“10,000 men.”
“…… What is the strength of the Rein Empire forces ja?”
“Impossible ja~~~~! There’s no way we can win ja! Even we understand that!”

She yells out loud again.

“However, we are courageous beastmen. Let’s show them that we can overturn the ten-time difference in forces.”
“There is no way something so idealistic could happen! Besides, we already know no ja! That the Oni and Tora could not even raise their hands against the Rein Empire!”
“Moreover ja! We heard that the men of Rein Empire have inhumane lust ja! Once we are caught by them, the 100,000 starved men will surely gather around us and fight among themselves in order to decide who will take our matchless’s beauty’s first ja rou! Then, they will torment us no ja~~~! Uwaaaan!”

The little beastman girl falls off the throne and starts crying on the red carpet.

“…… I think only men with special fetish will gather around Her Majesty, though.”
“Did you say something?”
“No, nothing.”

The little beastman girl suddenly stops crying, she quickly stands up,

“Anyway, there is no way we would be able to preserve our sanity! …… Therefore, we entrust this to you.”
“Where do you plan on going, Your Majesty.”

The beastman beauty strongly caught the little beastman girl who abruptly stood up and tried to escape.

“Let us go~~~! We are going to escape no ja~~~!”

The little beastman girl struggles, but because her strength is too low, or the strength of the beastman beauty is too high, she can’t break free.

“You can’t do that. Escaping while our soldiers are putting their lives on the line for Your Majesty’s sake is inexcusable.”
“We do not care about that~~~! They are going to die anyway!”
“That’s not the problem here.”

The beastman beauty shakes her neck left and right.

“Alright, we will hand the throne to you immediately then! With this, we are just a normal fox person! There is no problem if we escape!”
“Certainly, I might be more suitable to be the queen than Your Majesty, but you can’t do that..”
“You, aren’t you in fact quite mean!?”

The little beastman girl opens her eyes wide in bewilderment at the beastman beauty’s words.

“Please, be at ease, Your Majesty. I have a plan for the worst-case scenario.”
“Hou! You have a way for us to survive? If you have such a thing, say it first!”

The little beastman girl stops struggling and perks her ears to listen to the beastman beauty.

“In the worst case, I will behead Your Majesty. Like that, you won’t have to worry about becoming their plaything.”
“No ja~~~! We do not want to die no ja~~~!”

The little beastman girl beings to act violently again.

“I will immediately follow after you.”
“That is not the problem here! After all, we are going to escape~~~!”

Uumu, what’s this exchange between master and servant?
The situation is certainly tense, but it feels like a comedy sketch.
Ellen and Tira are staring absentmindedly.

“Your Majesty! Your Majesty the Queen!”
“…… N? What?”

The little beastman girl finally looks our way.
The soldier has been calling her for a while, but she has noticed only now.

“There are guests!”
“Guests ja to? As if we could deal with guests at such time! Quickly retu——”

The little beastman girl swallows her words.

“Y, y, you are…… Aren’t you Alsara Kingdom’s Destruction Princess!?”

The little beastman girl runs towards Ellen while shouting such.

“Umu. I’m Alsara Kingdom’s third princess, Ellen Alsara.”
“Ooo, oooooo! You have come to our rescue no ja na!? We have requested reinforcements from the Alsara Kingdom, but because there was not enough time, we have given up no ja! So, how much military forces have you been able to bring no ja?!?”

The little beastman girl is delighted, but Ellen shakes her head left and right and truthfully answers.

“I’m sorry, but I’m alone. In the first place, I have already retired from the commander position. Coming to this country was just by coincidence.”
“Wh…… at, ja to?”

The little beastman girl backs off in shock.

“B, but, we have heard that you alone possess the strength equal to 10,000 men! Please, Destruction——No, Ellen-dono! Somehow, somehow risk your life to gain time and allow us to escape!”

That’s quite a selfish proposal.
The little beastman girl not aware of the surrounding gazes,

“It is fine as long as we survive no ja~~~!”

She shouts seriously.
No, no, you are way too honest.
By the way, she looks as little girl as Filia, but appraisal actually shows that she’s 16 years old.
Still, she quite young for a queen.

Liliana, 16 years old
Race: Fox person
Level: 14

This country’s beautiful beastman prime minister is apparently about the same age as me.

Celine, 23 years old
Race: Tiger person
Level: 28
Skills: [Sword Technique] [Politics]

Ellen looks at me with “What do we do?” expression.
100,000 troops, huh.
If left as is, this country will definitely fall.
Shall I lend them a little assistance?

“Beastman Queen. I will help you out.”
“? Really? However, we feel like you alone won’t make any difference, but……”

The Beastman Queen――Liliana, looks at me dubiously.
There, Ellen next to me says,

“Your Majesty Liliana, this man’s strength is certain. He’s far stronger than me. He’s the master of my sword, after all.”

I have more or less occasionally taught Ellen sword on the travel.

“What! Are you saying that you are stronger than the feared Destruction Princess ja to?”

Liliana raises her voice in surprise.

“Yeah. Speaking frankly, I can overturn the progress of the war alone.”
“R, really? Please ja! Lend us your power!”
“However, I have one condition.”
“We will do anything! We will do anything, so please save us!”
“You said that you will do anything, right?”

I say to the appealing Liliana with a grin.

“Let me mofumofu that kemonomimi of yours.”

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