Chapter 29

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Karuna Family’s Pet Dragon
I have attached a collar on Alc’s neck.

“Thank you……”

Alc, overcome with emotions thanks me.

“Alc…… you, just what has happened to you……?”
“This thing is not Alc!”

The two girls from Alc’s party are feeling down.
Well, yeah……
Their hundred-year love cooled down.

I connected a chain to the collar around Alc’s neck and tied him up to a nearby boulder.
Yup, this will do.

“Then, let’s leave.”
“Wha…… wait a moment! Don’t leave me behind.”

Noticing that he’s being left behind, Alc raises his voice.
He tried to tear the chain apart, but it’s made out of an alloy mixed with Mithril. It will be impossible to tear it apart even with A-rank adventurer’s power. It would be possible with Alc’s sword, but unfortunately for him, I have sent it flying far away with transfer magic.
Because I have chosen the biggest boulder around, he probably won’t be able to destroy it barehanded.

“I, I see, you are testing my loyalty as a pet, aren’t you?”

Alc shouts in sudden realization.
Like hell I am~
I ignore him and descend the mountain.

“I will continue waiting for you here! I will wait and wait, forever! Wanwan!”

For a short while after, the shouting voices of Alc and the girls from his party were audible.


◇ ◇ ◇


As expected, crossing a mountain in a camping car would be impossible.
Therefore, I had it transform back to golem and advance on the mountain path. Even this type can be boarded.
Or rather, the interior hardly changed from the camping car. The only change is that the side windows are gone. In the golem state, it’s possible to look through the windows in the abdomen and back.

Moreover, applying space-time magic, the golem almost doesn’t shake even when walking on a steep cliff. Although the speed of advancing is slow, the comfortable travel continued.

“I’m hungry.”

Shiro who became our pet demands for food at once.
Which reminds me, it’s almost time for lunch.

“Alright, wait for a moment.”

I start cooking in the kitchen with the ingredients I bought in the town at the foot of the mountain.

“Karuna will make it?”

Shiro asks with her never-changing absentminded look.
She was naked before, but she’s wearing clothes now. This was also bought in the town. She herself doesn’t like wearing them, but Tira had her forcibly wear it.

“Yeah. Although I may look like this, I have confidence in my cooking.”
“That so.”

Seeing Shiro already drooling in the corner of my sight, I cook at a great speed. Because〈Body Reinforcement・Extremity〉breaks me through limit, I cut the vegetables at manga-like speed.

“Filia, could you carry the finished ones?”
“I smell good scent!”

I arrange the finished dishes on the table in the living room.
I thought that everyone might be quite hungry so I made quite a lot.
Umu, looks delicious if I have to say so myself.
Shiro sniff, sniff moves her nose and starts drooling like a waterfall.

“Only dishes I have not seen before. Looks delicious.”

This dish is from Earth after all.
There’s nothing similar to that in this world, so not only Shiro, but everyone else is looking at it with curiosity.

Shiro grasps a hamburger with tomato sauce and puts it in her mouth.
The meat juices spill over when she bites.


She suddenly opens her sleepy eyes wide.

“…… Delicious.”

She mutters and starts greedily munching gatsu, gatsu, gatsu,gatsu.
As expected of a dragon. That’s some way of eating.
Tempted by Shiro, the others also start eating.

“I, it’s delicious!”
“What is this? I haven’t eaten something so delicious even in the castle!?”
“Hiyahya, moncredish~ble! Mogumogu.”

It’s a storm of praises.
Fufufu. That’s only expected.

(It’s thanks to the [Cooking・Extremity] skill.)

Right, I have the power to take down the heavens in the world of cooking!

“Sniff…… I’m glad I became your pet…… I swear loyalty throughout my life.”

Shiro who ate nearly ten servings by herself murmurs while eating.
This dragon’s stomach is easy.


◇ ◇ ◇


We advance towards Ekbana in NAVIKO.
Because it’s driving automatically, it will drive us even during the night.

“…… Morning, huh?”

I wake up on the sofa in the living room.
It seems we have crossed the mountain during the night, so there’s only a little more to go to Ekbana.

Incidentally, there’s a bedroom on the second floor, but I slept on the first floor.
Although I wanted to sleep together, I have been locked out.

(Master, that’s only proper.)

Even though I made an extra-large bed……

“Meat…… want to eat……”

I suddenly hear a voice.
A white girl enters the living room.
It’s Shiro.
She still half-asleep as her steps are unsteady.

While thinking, she approached the sofa and climbed up on top of me.
Moreover, when I look carefully, she’s stark naked. She has been wearing pajamas before going to sleep, though……


The half-asleep Shiro probably mistook me for food and started licking me.
It’s extremely ticklish.
But, she immediately frowns,


Well, that is……

“Nevertheless, your skin is so smooth.”

My fingers crawl over her bare back.
Just like that, my fingers reach her butt punipuni and I fondle it. Soft.

“What are you doing?”

Tira’s angry voice resounds around the living room.
It appears she ran after Shiro.

“Physical examination.”
“Aren’t you just touching her!”
“No, I also fondled her?”
“Please, don’t say it with a smug face! Furthermore, it’s still bad!”
“N…… morning?”

Tira’s shouting woke up Shiro.
She gets up on top of me.
Her breasts pururun shake in front of me, but the dragon girl is unconcerned.
Fuwaa, she stretches her arms while yawning.

“Hey, Shiro!”

Tira tries to conceal Shiro’s nude body in a panic with a hug.

“Why are you naked again?”
“Clothes……… they slipped off on their own.”
“They didn’t slip off, but you took them off!?”
“Indeed. That feeling of restriction, I dislike it.”
“Still, I told you to properly wear clothes when you are in a human form, didn’t I?”
“…… N.”

Tira drags Shiro into the dressing room.

“Please, wear your underwear properly too!”

I hear such an exchange over the door.


Tira comes out from the dressing room while sighing.

“Tira, you somehow look like Okaasan, huh.”
“Whose fault do you think it is that I have to take care of a pet now!”
“Can’t be helped. I will do it then.”
“T, that is no good!”

At that moment, Shiro returns from the dressing room.
I thought she already finished changing, but she just put a coat over her nude body.
While holding panties in her hand,

“I don’t know how to wear it. Karuna, dress me.”
“Sure, alright.”

I receive the panties from Shiro.


Tira snatches them with an awfully vigorous force.

“Why are you normally accepting them! Moreover, looking closely, these are mine, you know?”
“I knew. Therefore, I planned to put them on my head, haa, haa.”
“Should I hit you with serious magic for once!?”

After Tira tsukkomi’d and angrily exhaled for a moment,

“Geez, I will put them on for you. Come.”

She took Shiro to the dressing room again.

“Please, put the top on properly as well.”
“I don’t know how.”
“Yes, yes. I will do it.”
“N …… Tight.”
“Endure it please.”
“Why use such thing?”
“It’s something all women wear.”
“Filia is not.”
“Filia-chan is still a child, her chest has not started growing yet.”
“Then, I don’t think Tira needs it too.”
“You are annoying!? They are certainly small, but they are surely bigger than a child’s!”

I’m able to hear everything thanks to [Five Senses Reinforcement・Extremity].

“Faaa…… just why are you so noisy early in the morning?”
“Papa, morning~!”

There, Ellen suppressing a yawn comes out. The lively since morning Filia is with her.
The two go to the dressing room where a washbasin is. I was trying to follow them, but Tira threw her magic wand at me. Magic wands are not throwing weapons.

“Shiro took off her clothes and loitered around in nude.”
“Nude is dragon’s principle.”
“Look, Shiro. I actually like to be completely nude as well, but I’m eagerly enduring. Have some prudence too.”
“Ellen-san too, why are you suddenly disclosing sexual disposition!?”
“Filia likes nude too~!”
“N, we should all take off our clothes.”
“Absolutely not! …… Haa, does this party have no common sense……”

I heard a deep sigh from behind the door.

(I sympathize, Tira-sama.)
“Naviko-san! You are my only ally!”

With a new pet added to our family, we finally arrived in the country of Beastmen, Ekbana.

“Ah~ It appears we came at a bad time.”
“……? What’s the matter?”
“This country is in the middle of a great war.”

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