Chapter 28

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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To Think I Would Raise a Flag
When I turn around, there is a stark naked girl with an attached collar.

That is my first impression.

Her hair is snow white.
Her skin is dreadfully white.
She has facial features of a doll, but her expression is as if she just got out of bed.
The atmosphere around her is slightly in vain.

Her appearances are that of a junior high school student.
Surprisingly, her chest is reasonably big. Lovely cherry blossom colored nipples are in the middle of her pure white boobs.
On the other hand, her bottom is completely smooth.

To think that a nude girl with a collar would be so erotic…… (great joy).

“Oy, how long are you going to stare?”
“I will definitely not avert my gaze when a stark naked girl is in front of me. That is my policy.”
“Please immediately throw that policy away!”

Tira covers the girl with her mantle while asking the girl.

“J, just who are you? Why are you not wearing any clothes?”

Then, the girl expressionlessly answers,

“I’m a dragon. Not wearing clothes is my principle.”
“This fellow is the Bright White Dragon from earlier.”

When I say that, the girl nods in agreement.

White Bright Dragon
Race: White Bright Dragon
Level: 71
Skills: [Roar] [Dragon Spirit] [Limit Break] Life: 7891/7891
Magical Power: 4232/4488
Strength: 712
Endurance: 953
Dexterity: 601
Agility: 879
Magic Resistance: 912
Luck: 778

Using appraisal, I can clearly see that she’s the White Bright Dragon. But then, only I am able to tell, though.
Tira stares in wonder,

“B, but…… no matter how I look, I can see only a human……”
“I’m special. Something like transforming into a human, no trouble.”

The girl answered somewhat proudly.

(High ranking dragons are able to take on human appearances. However, it’s rare for a dragon of her age to be able to handle it to this extent. As expected of a divine dragon.)

Nevertheless, so it turns out like this when a dragon transforms into a human.
She’s using human speech, she must be quite smart.
However, her indifferent speech lacks intonation.

“If you went to the village with those appearances, would you not end up making such a ruckus?”
“I went there, but I was kicked out of the store for some reason.”

The girl answers Tira’s question in faint dissatisfaction.

“Incidentally, what were you wearing?”

In other words, she entered the store naked.

“It would be rather natural to be kicked out!”
“Also, I have no money.”
“So have thought about starting to work……”

The girl puffs out her chest.

“Please, don’t do such challenges like a certain someone!”
“Eh? Certain someone, do you perhaps mean me?”
“…… Who else is there……?”

While Tira looked at me with piercing eyes and sighed, Filia, asks with sparkling eyes.

“Say, Papa. Perhaps, new Mama? Has new Mama appeared~?”

The girl denies by slightly shaking her head.

“Wrong. I’m pet. Best regards.”
“Not Mama, but a pet! Ya~y, pet! Pet!”

Although I thought that Filia would feel sad that’s it’s not a new Mama, she’s full of joy.
I wonder what differences Mama and pet have in this child’s mind……?

Filia tiptoes, extends her hand and there, there pats White Bright Dragon’s head.
The Bright White Dragon probably feels good as she leaked “N” and willingly lowered her head.

“There~ there, there, there, there, there, there, there, there.”

Filia starts mofumofing Bright White Dragon’s head.

“Seriously, to think that you would really make a White Bright Dragon into pet……”
“Although it would be considered a crime if she stays in a human form……”

Ellen is astonished, Tira looks at me with squinting eyes.

“By the way, what is your name?”
“I’m a young dragon. As yet I have no name.”

When Ellen asks, the White Bright Dragon answers like Natsume Soseki.

(Dragons normally are bestowed names after reaching adulthood. However, in the case of individual dragons separated from herd like her, they might remain unnamed for their entire lifetime. Although there are some differences, they are named roughly around 100 years of age.)

This White Bright Dragon seems to be only 15. She has 85 more years until adulthood.

“That is inconvenient, should I name you?”
“Do as you like.”

The White Bright Dragon nods uninterestingly.

“Then, since you are white let’s go with Shiro”
“Isn’t that too simple!? She’s not a dog!”
“That is good.”

Although Tira has raised an objection, the person in question OK’d plainly.

“Is that alright!? At least, let’s choose a more girlish name!”

Ellen raises her hand.

“I have a good idea!”
“That’s right, let’s have a girl name the girl and leave this to Ellen——”
“How about Gachimuchi![Beefy]”
“——I was an idiot for having expectations!”
(It’s a terrible naming sense rivaling Master’s, isn’t it?)

I, fumu, nod,

“Gachimuchi, huh…… that also sounds good……”
“It doesn’t!? Please, leave it by all means!”
“Ooh, you also see the magnificence of Gachimuchi! As expected!”
“Ellen, it seems that you also posses an excellent sense.”
“Why are you two “understanding” each other!?”
“”Art is an explosion!””
“She doesn’t need that kind of name! Rather, didn’t Filia-chan already name her properly!”

I thought it sounded cool, though~ Gachimuchi.

“Shiro! Shiro! There~ there, there.”

Meanwhile, Filia was calling Shiro, Shiro repeatedly.
Well, isn’t Shiro alright? It turned out like that, and in the end, we have decided to call the White Bright Dragon Shiro.

“Then, let’s go back?”

Then, it was when we started descending the mountain.

“W, wait a moment!”

The one who called out to us was Alc’s party.

“You have saved me…… to think you would be that strong…… I’m really embarrassed that I thought I was stronger than you…… honestly, it seems like I have become conceited after becoming A-rank……”

To admit it himself, he’s quite an admirable fellow.
The two strong-willed girls are thoroughly depressed now.

“…… So, that girl is……?”

Alc asks while looking at Shiro.

“This is the White Bright Dragon. She’s wearing a collar because she’s our pet now.”
“…… I, I see.”

That indeed surprised Alc a little.
On the other hand, the two girls behind exclaimed frankly.

“L, let’s move on, Alc.”
“That’s right. Alc will eventually reach the point where he can take on a divine dragon too!”

Both of them encourage Alc.
Alc was not moving from the place for some reason.

“Alc? What’s the matter?”

While the two girls looked in wonder at Alc.

“I, if…… that…… if you would be fine with it……”
“…… What’s wrong?”
“Umm…… that……”

He’s a refreshing ikemen, but he’s almost as if he was hikikomori who hadn’t had a conversation with another person for several months now.
His cheeks get dyed red, and he frequently keeps glancing at me while fidgeting.
I have quite a bad feeling about this……

Before long, Alc made up his mind.



“W, won’t you make me your pet as well?”
“I decline.”

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