Chapter 41

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Trap x Trap
We invaded the inside of the castle.
Not mentioning guards, even the promised monsters weren’t there. There’s a little life reaction, but it’s probably a rat or some kind of an insect.

Statues are here and there even in the castle.
Not just angels, but there are statues modeled after humans and beastmen, dwarves, and even elves.

“The statue of this elf, it resembles Tira.”
“N, similar.”
“Mama is here~!”

Moreover, she’s on all fours sticking her bottom out, it’s a slightly indecent position often used in gravure.
While I fixedly appreciate the art,


A vicious lighting was fired towards me and the statue.
I immediately protect the statue and electric current runs through my body.

“Hey, what are you doing!?”
“What am I doing? I’m obviously destroying the statue!”
“It’s ridiculous to be thinking about destroying such work of art!”
“What is work of art! Please move from there! I will break that fellow!”

I refuse while hugging the elf statue.

“Stop it! All but this child! All but Tira!”
“Aren’t you saying that it looks like me!? Also, stop hugging it! Oi, stop stroking it’s bottoooom!”

Tira’s honorifics suddenly disappeared.

“Ahh…… my statue of Tira……”
“I’m saying it’s not me.”

In the end, the statue was completely smashed under Tira’s hand.
Even though I wanted to put it into the [Infinite Storage] so I could admire it at any time……

“Huh, I see! I just have to make it myself!”

I have [Production・Extremity] skill.

“In that case, I won’t talk to you again.”
“That can’t be.”

Well, all I have to do is not to get discovered, though!


We advance further in the castle.
The structure of the interior is complex as a labyrinth. But, thanks to the [Detection・Extremity], I perfectly understand the castle’s structure. We can’t get lost.

There’s only one room with a big life sign.
The angel is probably over there.

Although there are no monsters, traps seem to be here and there. But, this as well can be avoided because of my〈Detection・Extremity〉, so we didn’t activate a single trap.

“Be careful, that’s a trap. Be careful as not to push the projection in the wall over here.”
“…… What to do? I already touched it.”

I was late at warning them.
A smoke gushes out from the gaps in the wall and attacks Ellen.


Ellen that was directly hit crouches down.

“A poison!? If we don’t detoxify it right away……”
“No, you are wrong.”

I shake my head at the panicking Tira.

“It appears to be an aphrodisiac smoke.”

Immediately after, Ellen started struggling.

“N…… ah…… w, what…… m, my body is…… s, so hot……”

Ellen leaks an amorous voice with her cheeks blushed.

“W, what do you mean by aphrodisiac!?”
“A medicine that raises lust. It appears that this one makes body especially sensitive.”

My fingers silently creep on the nape of Ellen’s neck.


Bikun, Ellen’s body jolts and she lets out a bewitching squeal.

“When touched.”
“Like this.”
“She can unreasonably feel it.”

Just lightly touching Ellen’s body made her unable to stand anymore. Her limbs are twitching.

“S, sto…… q, quickly, cure me……”
“Guhehehe, you actually feel good, right? Why don’t you try saying it obediently?”
“Stop saying such foolish things and quicky cure her!”


“I, I had a terrible experience……”

In the end, I have dispelled the aphrodisiac’s effect with recovery magic. Ellen lets out a sigh of relief.

“Rather, why was such trap in here…… isn’t the killing power close to zero……”
“It’s better than poison, right?”
“Poison would be better than that!”

In the first place, Ellen has only suffered the consequences of activating the trap.

“That’s why I told you to be careful.”
“I, I wanted you to tell me that sooner!”

However, Ellen continued on activating traps one after another.

She ignored my warning and opened a treasure chest from which a cloud of slimy liquid jumped out and covered her whole body.
She got caught in a rope that entangled around her feet, and she got suspended in midair like a turtle shell bondage.
She set foot on a different colored floor and a terrific gust of wind gushed out from below (Ellen had no problem because she’s wearing armor, but the robe of Tira who got dragged into it rolled up and her panties were clearly visible).

All of them were non-lethal, but vulgar traps. Thank you very much.
There, I noticed a new trap.

“There’s a projection there, don’t touch it.”
“I, I know!”
“Absolutely don’t touch it? Absolutely, okay?”
“U…… if you say that, I will want to touch it……”
“Ellen-san stop it please!”
“Aaaah, my hand on its ooooown……”

…… I feel like she’s seriously injured.

With her entire body trembling, she did her best to resist, but

“Ya~y! What is it this time~?”

Filia pushed it from the other side.
The floor under their feet disappeared.
It’s a pitfall trap.


Filia perceives it beforehand and jumps away from the trouble.
Ellen fell down head first.

“O~i, you okay, Ellen?”
“S, save me pleaseee!”

I slowly descend down the hole using wind magic.
The depth of the hole is approximately 5m.
The bottom of the hole is squared, and Ellen was sitting in the middle with teary eyes.

“D, disgusting! Don’t come over here!”

Small slimes were wriggling around the room.
Unfortunately, the slimes in this world are not the lovely type often found in RPGs, they are quite grotesque. They look like sea cucumbers.

“Moreover, this slime’s body is vibrating!?”

Baby Slime A
Race: Slime
Level: 3
Skills: [Vibration]

(It’s a special specimen with the ability of vibration. It’s occasionally used as a sex toy because of its nature, but an occurrence of an outbreak of such amount is unusual.)

Ooh, what a wonderful slime!

While shaking, the baby slimes coil around Ellen’s body.

“Aun! H, hey! Don’t just look and help! Hiya!? W, where are you entering!?”
“Are you all right, Ellen! Just where did they enter!? Please tell me!”
“L, like hell I will!”
“Don’tworry! I will immediately get it out for you!”
“Don’t come over hereeee! I will get it myself!”


“I, I had a terrible experience……”

Ellen sighs after saying the same line from several minutes ago.

“Karuna-san is Karuna-san, but Ellen-san really needs to pay more attention.”
“N. Reap what you sow.”
“U…… I, I know…… but, Filia was the one who pushed it a little while ago.”
“This slaim shugo~i! Buruburu~!”

While criticized by Ellen, Filia plays with one of the baby slimes she caught. Hey, return it back from where you took it.

After that, Ellen activated traps many times, but we somehow managed to arrive at the place of destination safely.

“There’s an angel on the other side of this door.”
“…… The existences considered to be the messengers of gods……”
“I, is it really at a place like this?”

Everyone gulps at my words. …… Filia is still playing with the baby slime, and Shiro is uninterestedly standing still.

Making up my mind, I open the door.

“Welcome desuwa.”

A clear voice greets us.

“She’s an angel……?”

An unbelievably beautiful face and magical faint blue long hair.
The snow-white wings growing from her back are shining divinely.
The overwhelming presence is enough to make you slip into the illusion of the mythical world.

There was certainly an angel at the center of the room.

It’s just——


——she was completely nude with her legs opened in an M shape.

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Ecchi Products from Japan from J-List - Your Favorite Online Shop and Friend in Japan

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