Chapter 42

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Well, That Would Get You Banished From the Heavens
That angel is beautiful.

The light blue hair glitters like the sea in the tropics, and the wings growing on her back are dazzling like the first snow of the year.
And her facial features are not inferior to the goddesses whom I met before reincarnating.

“She is, an angel……?”
“Yes. I’m an angel desu wa.”

The angel looked towards us with a smile that would attract you regardless of your gender.

“It’s understandable that you are bewildered. People from the surface like you are able to meet an angel only rarely.”
“T, that’s not the problem——”

Tira shouts.

“Why are you naked——!?”

The angel was stark naked.
Moreover, she was sitting on the ground with her legs in the M shape.

The angel said smilingly while in such posture.

“This is the greeting style of angels desu wa.”

Full nude M shape greeting——the angel declares as such posture was natural for all angels.

“That’s a lie, isn’t it!?”
“Not at all wa.”
(No, it’s a lie. Angels don’t have such custom.)

Even though the angel denies, Naviko-san clearly stated.

“Look! Naviko-san is saying that it’s a lie!”

When Tira presses the question, the angel smiles as if to deceive,

“Exposing all of yourself will clear the wall of your heart. This method I have devised will certainly become soon mainstream in the heavens desu wa.”
“You have devised that!?”
“Therefore! Quickly undress, all of you! Now, quickly! Quickly let me see you! Ufufufufu!”

The angel’s smile is dangerous.

“Filia-chan, you mustn’t watch!”
“Why~? I can’t look at the angel~?”
“That is not an angel!”

Tira and Ellen step back with cramped cheeks while protecting Filia.

“N. Understood.”
“Oi, don’t undress please!”

On the other hand, our family pet Shiro started obediently taking off her clothes.

“Alright, me too.”
“You don’t undress as weeeell!”

Ellen exploded when she sensed that I was about to undress.

“Ufufufu…… I won’t be scary once you all take off your clothes wa!”
“No way! Rather, what are you!? Are you really an angel!?”

When Tira presses for an answer, the angel greatly opened her arms.

“That was rude. I’m an angel no matter how you look desu wa. Please, look.”
“You bastard, conceal yourself a little!”
“No! Please, look at me more!!”

The angel approaches us while roughly breathing haa, haa through her nose.

“Please don’t approach!”

Tira fires thunder towards the angel.

“Ahh…… I can’t…… my whole body, it’s being torn apart, how bustling waa!”

An angel with a face of ecstasy.

“More! Please, give me more! Please, punish the lecherous me! Goshujin-samaaa!”
“This thing is not an angel! Angels I know should be upright, clean-handed, and holy beings!”

Tira’s roared a scream of sorrow.


Because of Tira’s frantic persuasion, the angel finally put on clothes.
Indeed, she’s wearing angel-like toga clothes the ancient Romans wore.

“How do you do, I’m Lucifer. As you can see, I’m an angel desu wa.”

The angel——Lucifer introduces herself elegantly.
Like this, she certainly looks like a proper angel, but Tira and Ellen are looking at her as if she was garbage.

“So, why is an angel living in a place like this?”
“In fact, I was banished from the heavens.”
“Banished? What did you do?”

To my question, Lucifer answered without hesitation as if she had nothing to hide.

“I just stole panties of some angels.”
“Just what is an angel doing!?”
“No, stealing something like panties is normal.”
“It’s not!? Please don’t talk in your common sense!”

No, I’m just joking alright?
I have not stolen panties before. I have licked panties, though.

“By the way, how many?”
“About 5,000 desu wa.”

That would indeed surprise even me.
That amount is far from my expectations.
That, just how much time did that take?

“I collected them little by little for approximately 200 years.”

As expected of an angel. Her term of service is too different.

“You did well not being discovered for so long……”
“Fufufu, I have confidence that I wouldn’t lose to anyone in panties stealing.”
“Please don’t say it with pride!”
“…… Incidentally, what did you do with the panties you stole?”

Not knowing fear, Ellen asked timidly.

“Of course, I sniffed, wore, put over my head, licked, and inserted them desu wa.”
“I, I should not have asked……”
“I also made a panties pool and swam in it.”

P, panties pool she said!?
I would be satisfied with just panties bath!
This angel, just how high-level is she……!

(…… A pervert surpassing even Master.)
“Ku…… I’m still inexperienced…… I must work harder……”
“Why are you trying to compete!”
“To be banished for something like that, don’t you think it’s too terrible?”
“You are far more terrible, okay!”

Well, that would get you banished from the heavens alright……

“Furthermore, I was given a punishment that I can’t leave this island.”

In other words, this island itself is a huge prison.
Rather than an angel, she’s completely a fallen angel.

“Therefore! I’m seeing genuine girls in a while! Su~ha~su~ha~su~ha~su~haa! Ahh! As expected, the real thing smells nice! More, more, let me sniff you closer!”

The fallen angel approaches Tira and others with a drooling face.

“Please don’t come any closer!”
“Don’t come!”
“How cruel wa! Isn’t something so trivial like letting me sniff you fine!”

And she was completely refused.

‘Just like someone else.)
(Master, do you think you can deceive me by imitating your daughter?)

There, Lucifer stopped as if she figured something out.

“…… I see. I understand now. The reason why you refuse me so much.”

Gogogogo, a negative aura gushes out from Lucifer’s entire body. Even though she’s an angel.
She points at me,

“It’s because you are already this man’s desu wa ne!”
“You are totally wrong! Moreover, the reason for our refusal is you!”
“Exactly! Those girls are already members of my harem!”
“I’m telling you that’s not it!”

I ignore Tira’s tsukkomi, Lucifer glares at me.

“Unforgivable, unforgivable, unforgivable wa! To have these four beautiful girls serving you!”

Four, it appears that daughter Filia and pet Shiro are included.

“Mama~ what is harem~?”
“It’s alright not knowing yet!”
“Even though I had delusions of making out with girls for the hundred years, I was imprisoned here!”

Lucifer spits out words full of grudge and a dark smile suddenly floats on her face.

“Fufufu…… however, summer insects fly into the flames…… I will kill you and make the girls mine…… fufufu……”

Basaa, her snow white wings spread.
It appears that this fallen angel wants to go at it with me.

“Sure. The winner will be given the right to do as he pleases with the girls.”
“Just what I wanted desu wa.”
“Please don’t make us into a prize on your own!”

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