Chapter 43

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VS Archangel
Lucifer spreads her wings and gently floats up in the air.
But she doesn’t seem to be flying with wings. I wonder if she’s suspended in the air with some different power?

I try appraising her.
However, bachin sound resounds in my head, and the appraisal fails.

“Huh? I can’t appraise her?”
(No. Common [Appraisal] certainly won’t work on being such as angels, but it’s possible with Master’s [Appraisal・Extremity]. However, it’s necessary to concentrate.)

I tried appraising her for the second time.

Lucifer, 824 years old
Race: Angel
Skills: [Heaven’s Power ・Extremity] Life: 9999/9999
Magical Power: 9999/9999
Strength: 999
Endurance: 999
Dexterity: 999
Agility: 999
Magic Resistance: 999
Luck: 999

Ain’t she maxed out?
When I look more in detail, her maxed out values broke through the limit.
The real status is this one.

Lucifer, 824 years old
Race: Angel
Skills: [Heaven’s Power ・Extremity] Life: 20000/20000
Magical Power: 15000/15000
Strength: 2000
Endurance: 2000
Dexterity: 2000
Agility: 2000
Magic Resistance: 2000
Luck: 2000

(It appears she’s not an ordinary angel.)
“How is the level blank just like Filia’s?”
(Angels can’t grow further because they have perfect bodies right from the beginning.)

[Heaven’s Power・Extremity] skill seems to be inherent skills of angels. She’s probably floating thanks to that power.

“Fufufu, if you want to cry, beg for forgiveness, and obediently hand over the girls, now is the time, you know? During my time in heaven, I was the highest-ranking Seraph. A human won’t be able to last even a second against me wa.”

Lucifer declares ultimatum while brightly shining.
Something like her was the highest-ranking angel…… are the heavens all right?

(I agree, Master.)

I daringly laugh,

“Unfortunately, I have no intention of losing.”
“In that case, I will erase that confidence and painlessly terminate your life wa.”

Lucifer raises her right hand towards me.
In a moment, her palm shone, and a laser-like attack was fired towards me.


It was a quick attack that I wouldn’t be able to react to even with my agility, but because I read the move with [Future Prediction・Extremity] skill, I was able to respond. I mow it down with my fist clad in fighting spirit.

“Wha? You have reacted to my attack!? No, more than that, brushing it off with a fist, that’s not possible wa!.”

Lucifer opens her eyes in shock.
Rather, my fist hurts. Even though I protected it with a fighting spirit, the skin got burnt. Well, it immediately healed thanks to〈Self-healing・Extremity〉.

“It’s my turn now.”

I kick the ground and easily close the distance between the angel and me at the speed of sound.

“Ha? Too fast——”

I hammer a kick to the abdomen of the angel who was saying something dumbfoundedly.
Lucifer got blown away and crashed into a wall.

(2371 damage.)

She took more damage than I thought. The opponent’s stats are at 2000, I thought that it would be a three-digit number at most……

(This is because Master’s level raised from the past battles.)

Karuna, 22 years old
Race: Human
Level: 59
Skills: Hundred
Life: 43982/43982
Magical Power: 48756/48576
Strength: 3752
Endurance: 3521
Dexterity: 3362
Agility: 3670
Magic Resistance: 3544
Luck: 4023

…… Hasn’t it increased a little too much?

(It’s the [Experience Increase・Extremity] and [Growth Rate Increase・Extremity] effect. The level rises ten times faster, and the growth with level up is also increases by ten times.)

In other words, I seem to be growing at a hundred times the speed of an ordinary person.

The angel who doesn’t know of my abnormal cheat jumps up from the wall she had sunk into.

“Y, you are quite good for a human…… however, unfortunately, you have made me angry now wa! Come out, ‘Heavenly Spear Iblis’ !”

A spear emitting a divine aura appears in Lucifer’s hand.

・Heavenly Spear Iblis: Lucifer’s personal spear. Offensive Ability +1000, Heaven’s Power doubled.

As expected of an angel’s spear. Its offensive ability is not half-assed.
She leaps while spinning it.
On the other hand, I’m barehanded. I have few weapons which dropped from the monsters in the〈Infinite Storage〉, but as expected, I don’t have anything that can receive a blow from that spear.


Using my hand like a sword, I clash with the spear’s tip.
The fighting spirit and heaven’s power collide, and jostle.

“Why are you normally receiving!?”
“What kind of man wouldn’t accept a girl’s favor.”
“I don’t understand the meaning wa!”

The fists and spear cross many times. Each time, a terrific shockwave springs forth and nearly blows away Tira and others who are watching.

“Ku…… this me is being pushed……? What a terrific power of fighting spirit……. however, the human fighting spirit has a limit wa. Before my vast heaven’s power, how long can you hold……”
“I think I could go for another year, though?”
“There’s a limit to nonsense wa!”

Shouting so, the angel flies high and puts out both of her hands.

“In that case, I will certainly annihilate you with this wa!”

A light with far more power than the one before starts forming

(Master, that attack is dangerous. There’s a possibility that the fighting spirit will be unable to stop it. You wouldn’t die, but I recommend evading with transfer magic or perhaps using the [Absolute Defense・Extremity] skill.)

[Absolute Defense・Extremity] is a skill that negates all attacks for a fixed period of time. It has a restriction interval after use, it’s the highest level cheat skill among the hundred skills.
However, I have decided to use a different skill this time.

“Saint Light Extinction Sphere, Ether Strike!”
“Skill [Inversion・Extremity].”

The lump of light concealing violent energy fired towards me suddenly changes direction and flies back at the angel.

[Inversion・Extremity] is a special skill that reverses the property of all things.
It changes heat to cold, hard things to soft things.
It’s also possible to reverse the property of aim, and that’s how the direction of the sphere was changed.

“Hey, return——”

Lucifer who opened her eyes wide gets hit directly.


Swallowing up the screaming angel, the sphere crashes into the castle’s ceiling. It pierces through the ceiling that is supposed to be made from marble and flies outside.

“Ah~ darn. She didn’t die, did she?”
(No. Angels are resistant to light, to begin with.)

I checked her life level, but she still has more than half.
The worn-out Lucifer returns through the hole in the ceiling.

“I, Impossible! Impossible wa! Why can a human repel my killer technique!?”
“It surely got scared of my ikemen aura and ran away.”
“Where are you ikemen!”

Lucifer drops her shoulders dejectedly after shouting such.

“Haa…… it’s my loss desu wa…… I have never thought that I would be defeated by a human wa.”

It appears she admitted her defeat.

“The right to do as you please with those girls is yours.”
“Alright, then at once.”
“Therefore, I told you not to selfishly make us into your prize!”

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