Chapter 44

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Prison Break Assistance
“I have to stay all alone in this castle again, mastXbating every day, huh……”

The angel Lucifer who was defeated by me hangs her head down dejectedly.

“Seriously what is with this angel……”

Tira mutters while looking at Lucifer as filth.

“Ahh…… only the statues I made will have to comfort me now desu wa……”
“So it was you who made them after all!”

As expected, the statues outside and in the castle were all made by this angel.

“Although you have been locked up in this castle all this time, you did well making such diverse statues.”
“Naturally desu wa. Angels have the ability to peep at the world. I have studied various women bodies with that desu wa.”
“Please don’t abuse angel’s power for something like that!”
“That’s not abuse. That’s art desu wa!”

And this angel uses that art for mastXbation.
Then, I realized something.

“Surely not, that elf……”
“The one decorating the entrance hall, right? That one is my favorite desu wa. Of course, I made it while peeping at a real elf. …… Huh? Which reminds me, this one really resembles that statue, doesn’t she…… perhaps!?”

Tira was apparently the model.
That’s why it was so similar.

“Yeah! No wonder I felt so intimate the moment I met you!”
“I’m a complete stranger, okay! Rather, why were you selfishly peeping!”
“This is fate desu wa! We are already bound by fate!”
“Please, listen to people when they are talking!”

Tira groans after inserting a loud tsukkomi.

“…… Destroying that statue was the right choice……”

The angel opens her eyes wide in shock.

“Wha, wha, wha, what have you done!? Even though it was one of my greatest masterpieces! Ahh, but, if I can enjoy the real thing……”
“You can’t, alright!”
“That’s right. You have lost to me. Only I can enjoy Tira.”
“You can’t as well!”
“Ku…… how enviable!”

Lucifer starts clinging to Tira’s feet.

“At least! At least a kiss!”
“Then, a tongue! Please let me insert a tongue!”
“That’s even bigger no!”
“On the lower mouth!”
“Please get away from me right now, this perverted angel!!!”

Tira ruthlessly kicks Lucifer flying.

“Uu………… sob, sob……”
“Mama~ Angel-san is crying~?”
“Filia-chan is gentle, aren’t you? However, you can’t get deceived, that is acting, after all. Now then, Karuna-san, let’s quickly get away from here.”

Tira quickly leaves the sobbing angel behind and urges me.

“Rather, what did you mean by not being able to leave this island?”

When I ask what I was curious about, Lucifer let out a deep sigh.

“Even if I get out of the island, I will be drawn back by a powerful heaven’s power desu wa. Unfortunately, I can’t go against that power.”
“He~ Would you like to try?”

I use transfer magic and fly together with Lucifer.
The field of vision instantly switches, and we were below the island.

“You can normally get out, though…… huh?”
“And then this happens desu waaaaaaaa!”

Lucifer soars to the sky with a terrible force against her will. It appears she was brought back by the island.

“Is it kind of a curse?”
(No. It’s heaven’s power, so it’s something different from the Black Magic.)

I thought I might be able to dispel it with my [Black Magic・Extremity], but that won’t be possible if it’s not a curse.

“That being the case, do I have to use this guy again?”

I caught up with the angel with transfer magic and used [Inversion・Extremity].

“!? I’m going away from the island this time wa!?”

The force of the island was reversed, and she started moving away from the island.
But, as the angel falls to the ground, she sinks into the ground.

“I’m comiiiing! In the ground, I’m going to come into the grouuuund!”

The angel screams. It appears she will come out on the other side of the world like this. That’s the talk only if this world is spherical, though.

(This world is in a shape of a disk.)

Oi, this world, it’s not a sphere?
Well, aside from that.
[Inversion・Extremity] was no good. It was within expectations, though.

“What do you think I should do?”
(The heaven’s power is between that angel and the island. How about cutting it apart?)
“In that case, I should use this skill.”

Skill [Absolute Cutting・Extremity] It doesn’t just cut everything visible, but it’s a cheat skill that can cut even phenomenon or invisible powers.


I swing a sword towards the pillar of light connecting the angel and the island and cut it.

“Comiiiiing………… Huh?”

Lucifer’s surprised voice resounded from inside the ground.
It appears she got safely released.


“I have decided!”

Lucifer who returned back to the castle in the sky shouted.

“I will become pet of Karuna-sama who has saved me wa!”
“Why are you really making an angel into your pet!?”

Tira edges up to me.

“No, it’s this fellow who suggested it”
“How, eve, r!! Karuna-sama already has a pet called Shiro-sama, he must be busy taking care of her!”

Disregarding my reproachful eyes, Lucifer selfishly keeps on talking.

“I think that Tira-sama should be the one looking after me! Slurp.”

The angel looks at Tira while licking her lips.

“Don’t want to!”
“Don’t be so cold! I will listen to everything Tira-sama says wa! No matter how obscene or brute it is! Haa, haa!”
“Karuna-san! Please, quickly throw away this angel somewhere!”
“Aaah, I’m handled almost just like a dog or a cat! I’m getting exciteeeed!”
“I definitely don’t want to keep such pet!”

That being the case, we have a new pet (pervert)!
Tralalalala, tralalalalala, tralalalalalalala~la~♪

“Oi, why are you deciding that on your own!”
“Filia-chan too, don’t be delighted about this!”


Guided by Lucifer, we arrive in this castle’s treasury.

“Since imprisoned in this place, I have been steadily making and preserving my work of art here desu wa. If possible, I would like to bring a few with me.”

Opening the heavy door, there was a spacious room unthinkable to be a treasury.
But, it was filled to the capacity with statues.

Of course, all were the ecchi type.
Rather, these are more extreme than the ones outside. Moreover, it’s not only statues, but there are also indecent paintings as well.

“Wonderful. Let’s bring them all.”

I declare. I can store without limit because I have the〈Infinite Storage〉skill.


Tira suddenly fires a lighting attack.
Many bolts of lightning appear and shatter the nearby statues to pieces.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaa!? What are you doingggg!?”

Lucifer screams seeing her work of art being destroyed.


However, Tira ignores her and destroys them one after another.

“Ha!? Is this perhaps jealousy!? Tira-sama’s feelings of wanting me for herself are appearing! It can’t be helped then! I will swallow my tears and swear to give my mind and body only to Tira-samgyaa!?”

The lightning reached even the angel.

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