Chapter 45

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Adding a new angel companion (?) to our party, we leave the sky island.

NAVIKO advances smoothly even on non-maintained roads. Monsters encountered on the way are automatically repulsed by NAVIKO.

Because the number of people increased, I increased the number of rooms. Because I’m warping the space with space-time magic, the interior is larger than seen from outside.
Originally, there was only kitchen, living room, toilet, and bathroom on the first floor and bedroom on the second floor, but I added another bedroom on the first and second floors. The bedroom on the first floor is mine and the bedroom on the second floor is for Lucifer.

I have been sleeping on the sofa in the living room until now, but after all, sleeping in a proper bed is much more comfortable.
By the way, I don’t think I need to explain the reason why Lucifer is the only woman who is sleeping in a separate room.

We are now gathered in the living room.
Tira is reading, Ellen is practicing sword and Shiro is sleeping on the sofa like a kitten. Filia is shouting “Ya~y! So~ fun~!” while leaning out of the window. It’s dangerous so stop doing that.

“What are you writing, Lucifer?”

I call out to the angel who’s writing something on the table in the living room.

“It’s a novel desu wa.”
“Hee. Not only carving and painting, but you also have even such special skill?”

This angel is quite versatile.
Tira who’s reading raises her head and joins the conversation.

“Isn’t that so? I’m reading a traveler’s journal right now, but I also occasionally read novels, so I’m quite interested in what kind of story it is.”

Tira-tan is a bookworm.

“Let me read a bit.”

Lucifer casually hands me the manuscript.
Normally, people would feel embarrassed when others read their work, but this fellow doesn’t have such senses.
Tira also peeks from my side.

(Ahh, stop it, Goshujin-sama…… that place is…… hiyau!)
(Fufu, this is the sensitive place?)
(No…… I hate it wa……)
(You are quite wet, though. It seems that your body is more honest than your words.)
(P, please don’t bully me……)
(Seriously, you have such lustful expression yet you are not obedient at all. Tell me honestly. That you want more.)
(Au…… m, more…… I want more waaaa! I, Goshujin-sama…… I want to be violated by Tira-sama even moreeee!)

“What the hell is this indecent noveeeel!? Moreover, don’t include me without permission!”

It’s completely an ero novel……
Moreover, using real characters is the most painful.

“The title is ‘Fallen Angel ~Until she becomes Goshujin-sama’s faithful s*x slave~’. It’s work based on the real experiences of me gradually getting corrupted by Tira-sama…… haa, haa.”
“Isn’t that a thoroughly a wild delusion! You have been completely corrupted even before meeting me, weren’t you!?”
“Ufufu…… I want to print in large quantities and sell it to people all over the world desu waa.”
“Aaaaaah!? My supreme masterpiece haaaas!?”

The perverted angel hangs her head down before the burnt black novel that was hit by Tira’s thunder.

“Fufufu, however, I remember the contents perfectly.”
“Should I burn all of your brain cells?”
“Gyaau!? Ahh, Tira-sama’s punishment time desu wa! Harder, do it harder pleaseee!”
“…… Karuna-san, won’t you throw this thing out somewhere?”
“O, ou……”

This thing……
Losing to Tira’s pressure, I restrain the perverted angel’s body with rope and throw her out from the window.

“Aaaah, this is neglect play, isn’t iiiiiit!”

The angel rolling on the ground disappears in the blink of an eye.

“It finally became quiet with this, don’t you think?”

※Pets must not be abandoned.


“Hiyau!? Wha, what the hell is that!?”

A while after abandoning the angel.
Ellen who went on toilet raised a scream.

“What is it, Ellen! Are you okay!”

I immediately come running and throw the door open.
Ellen with her panties down was sitting there on the toilet.

“Don’t open the doooor!”

I was knocked down and hit my head against the floor. Batain! The door closed.

“W, water suddenly spurted out of the toilet! My bottom, my bottom is assaulted!”

Just what is going on? Tira made a puzzled expression, but I immediately got it.

“It’s the washlet.”
“Uoshu…… what is that?”
“It’s a toilet with a function that cleans your butt with warm water. She probably pushed the button.”

It’s a function that doesn’t exist in this world. That would make the toilet in NAVIKO the only washlet in the world.

“H, how do I stop it!?”
“You can stop it with the leftmost button.”
“Rightmost, is it! Alright! ——Hiyaun!?”

Ellen let out a fascinating squeal again.

“It became stronger instead!?”

Oops, she seems to have pressed the wrong button.

“Ku…… wau…… t, this is…… s, stop……”

Ellen lets out an amorous voice under the violent water current.
A, at this rate, Ellen will develop!

“Are you okay Ellen! I will save you right away!”
“I told you not to open the doooor!”

I was kicked this time. Ban! The door was shut.
Tira looks at me with a tired face.

“What are you doing……”
“We have to rescue Ellen immediately! At this rate, a hole will open up in her bottom!”
“W, what!?”

Ellen raised an urgent cry.

“If that happens, I won’t be able to marry anymore, won’t I! Q, quickly! Save meeee!”
“Please calm down, Ellen-san! There’s a hole to begin with!”

Ellen that came to her senses with Tira’s words. …… She’s a foolish child.

“Certainly, there’s a hole, to begin with! But, that hole will surely expand under the water pressure!”
“W, what a fearful function!? Help me quickly!”
“Alright, I will save you righ——”
“Wait please.”

Tira seizes me by the nape of my neck.

“…… Ellen-san, how about getting off the toilet first?”
“I, I see!”
“No, wait. It’s useless separating from the toilet. Once that waters set sights on a butt, it will chase it no matter where.”
“That can’t be!?”
“That’s a lie no matter how you look at it! Ellen-san, please don’t believe everything immediately!”

After that, Ellen who somehow managed to find the right button exited the toilet in an exhausted state.

“Uu…… my bottom has been violated……”
“Are you okay, Ellen? Did your an*s expand?”
“I, I don’t know……”
“Alright, I will take a look.”
“You stay back, please! I, I will take a look……”
“Tira-dono, please.”

An elf checking out the princess knight’s butt…… gulp.

“Me too! I want to check out Tira-sama’s an*s too desu wa!”
“Hey, when did you come back!?”

Lucifer who should have been abandoned appeared out of nowhere.
And the perverted angel rushes to the toilet.

“This is a washlet desu wa ne! Switch, on desu wa! ……!? Aaah, noooooo! Tira-sama, it’s too intenseeeee!”
“I told you not to selfishly use me in your wild delusions!”

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