Chapter 23

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Father-Daughter Battle Without Honor
“I have been in your care..”
“Commander Ellen……!”

The members of the Knights became aware that Ellen is resigning as their commander, so all of them gathered before Ellen with tears in their eyes.

“…… Ah, with this, we are finally saved from the usually incomprehensible orders……”
“From that unreasonable, harsh training too……”
“Kuu…… we party today!”

Ellen who is witnessing the reactions of her subordinates, says with tears in her eyes,

“…… I see. Are you so sad that I will no longer be here……”

No, no, I don’t think that’s the case?
No matter how you look, they seem delighted?

“If you bastards are like that, as expected, even I will get shaken up!”

Hearing Ellen’s words, the knights greatly panic.

“P, please don’t mind us!”
“That’s right! Commander, please go on the road you have chosen for yourself!”
“Please, quickly leave the capital! I beg you!”

They indeed looked ghastly. Do they dislike her that much……

“Kuu, I have received your bastard feelings! I will definitely become much stronger and return without a fail!”

Ellen wiped her tears and powerfully declared.

“Eh…… return……?”
“Even more violent than now……”
“This is the worst…… S, should I leave the Knights before that happens……”

The Knights were stunned.
Rather, your real feelings are too visible. Ellen’s head is in the field of flowers right now, it doesn’t seem like she noticed.

“Traveling with Ellen-san makes me become even more uneasy……”
“You don’t need to worry. I’m here as well, after all.”
“I will tell you just in case, but Karuna-san is the one I’m most uneasy about.”

After the Knights had sent us off and we were preparing to leave the castle, the old butler ran after us.

“Princeeeess! This geezer too, take this geezer aloooooong!”

To be frank, since he would be a hindrance to our journey, we have tied him up to a nearby tree.

“Oooo! A restriction play, is ittttttt!?”

He seems to be misunderstanding something, but we leave without paying attention to him.

“――!? W, where are you going!? Please, waaaaait! Take this geezer with youuuu! Himesamaaaa! Please, punish me as alwaaaagyaaa!?”

Tira silences him with lightning magic. (It was 57 damage.)

“I’m sorry. He was too noisy.”

I have a feeling that Tira is gradually becoming more violent……


◇ ◇ ◇


“So, where are we going?”
“Country of Beastmen――Ekbana!”

I answer Ellen’s question.

An allied country of the Alsara Kingdom’s, a country of Beastmen.

There are beastmen living in the Alsara Kingdom too, but they are few in numbers. However, their numbers of Ekbana is high, with a diverse variety of Beastmen.
Of course, when talking about Beastmen, it can be only “that.”

“I want to mofumofu animal ears!”

Cat ears, dog ears, fox ears.
Bunny ears, monkey ears……
I want to see many animal ears by all means. Also, the tails!

(That’s some inconsequential objective, isn’t it?)

I want to lick them all over on occasion. Just like the elf ears.

“…… Just now, my spine trembled, but……”

When I recall the texture of that time, Tira’s body quivers.

“That is fine, but…… is that all right?”

Ellen asks while looking at Filia.
There is a possibility of encountering monsters on the way.
She’s probably asking if it’s alright to take a child along.

“Although she looks like that, Filia is quite strong, you know? She’s Magic Puppet, after all.”

Filia puts her hands on her waist and puffs her chest out.

“…… I can hardly see that……”
“Then, why don’t you try?”

I proposed Ellen to have an arm-wrestling with Filia.

“I don’t think Filia would lose.”

Ellen makes a face that says ‘stop joking’ at my prediction.

“No way. There’s no way that I will lose to a child. The number of doorknobs I have destroyed so far is definitely not below hundred, you know?”

You remember breaking something like that?

“Filia won’t losemon!”

Filia rolls up her sleeves with a burning passion.

“Is it really okay? I can’t hold back while gambling.”
“It’s al~right!”
“Hmph. You have quite the determination.”

The two enter a serious mode and link their hands.

“Ready…… fight!”

The two put power behind their hands at my signal.


A terrible crack appears on the stone pavement immediately.
Both of them have outrageous strength.
But, the match was decided in a moment.



Ellen screams and falls on the ground.
Ellen’s hand which was holding Filia’s sunk into the stone pavement.

“Winner, Filia!”
“A, are you all right?”

Tira pulls up Ellen in panic.

“Just what the hell was that power about!?”

As expected muscleheaded knight.
She’s lively even though half of her body sunk into the ground.

“Filia is amazing, right~”
“Shugo~i, shugo~i!”

I lift Filia up and spin with her around.

(Her strength value is maxed, it’s only a given result.)

Filia, 0 years old
Race: Magic Puppet
Life: 5000/5000
Magical Power: 5000/5000
Strength: 999
Endurance: 999
Dexterity: 700
Agility: 999
Magic Resistance: 800
Luck: 300

She, who is a Magic Puppet can’t grow further, but her abilities far exceed Ellen’s.

“Ku…… Is she possibly stronger than you?”

The poor looser Ellen said such thing.

“Can I beat Papa too~?”
“Ha, ha, ha. Don’t get cocky just because you beat Ellen, my daughter.”

That being the case, second round.
It’s father-daughter arm wrestling match this time.

“Filia. Don’t cry when you lose, okay?”
“Is al~right! I mean, I won’t losemo~n!”

A spark appears between the father and the daughter before the match starts.

“…… Why are you getting so serious against a child……”

Tira asks in astonishment, but because I have to uphold my dignity as a father, I don’t plan on losing.

“T, then, let’s go. Ready…… fight!”

At Ellen’s nervous signal, Filia and I put strength into our arms.

Filia’s strength is certainly maxed out.
But, mine is as well.
No, thanks to〈Limit Break〉skill, I can break through the limit and go beyond 999.
There’s no way I could lo――


――Crap, crap, crap!?

I suddenly fell into a pinch right at the start of the match.
I was pushed by Filia’s power far beyond expectation and was driven five centimeters to the ground.
Why!? I should have more strength than her, right!?

(It’s a problem of the moment of the force. Arm wrestling is advantageous for shorter arms. Because you are holding the opponent’s wrist, it’s common to give a handicap.)

Teach me such an important thing earlier, Naviko-san!

“Papa, wea~k!”

Filia-tan already gave her victory speech.
But, I daringly laugh.

“Fufufu, it’s unfortunate, Filia. In fact, Papa has another three transformations remaining!”

Transformation number one!
I collect fighting spirit from my entire body into my arm.
Increasing the strength of the arm like this is possible.
Because I possess [Fighting God], it increases five times more than normal fighting spirit.
Precisely, World ○ Fist]! [Dragon Ball reference: World King Fist is a fighting technique invented by King Kai; however, Goku is the only person ever able to use it successfully.]


The next moment, Filia’s body sinks into the stone pavement.

“Papa, winner——!”

Fu, I got slightly serious against my daughter.

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