Chapter 24

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Camping Car GO
“What are you doing!? Filia-chan, are you okay!?”

Tira gets unreasonably flustered seeing Filia buried in the stone pavement, but


Together with an enigmatic shout, Filia jumps out from the hole.
As expected of a Magic Puppet. She’s unscathed. No, her life decreased a bit.

“Filia won’t get hurt from something like that.”

“Even so, please hold back a little! So childish……”

Tira glares at me. Even though that was only my first transformation.
Filia, on the other hand, jumps into my chest beaming with joy.

“Papa, shugo~i! So stro~ng!”
“Ha, ha, ha~ That’s right, Papa is strong~ But, Filia is also on the right track, you know?”



I nod at Filia while holding her high.
Filia who enjoys that,

“Do it with all your strength~!”


I lower Filia in my hands to the ground, orya, and fling her up.












“I threw her with too much streeeeeeeeength!?”

“What are you doing right after getting scoldeeed!”


◇ ◇ ◇


After that, we finally departed from the Alsara Kingdom.
I was told that it would take over three weeks to arrive at the demihuman country of Ekbana.
If I use flight magic, we could probably arrive in two, three days.

“I, I don’t like flying in the sky!”

But, Ellen strongly refused that method.

“I’m also opposed since it seems like I would be sexually harassed.”

In addition, Tira objected too.
They became cautious since I would have to carry them while flying.

“You don’t trust me that much?”
“Rather, it’s mysterious how you would think we could trust you.”

You are tough as usual, Tira-san.

I have a way of transport different than flight magic.
Rather, this is the simplest method, and I’m sure we would arrive in several hours.
Because I have [Magical Power Recovery・Extremity] and I can break through the limit of maximal magical power value, I could use transfer magic 100 times in succession, and I wouldn’t run out.

However, since we are finally going to travel, it seemed somewhat dull.
That being the case, I made it with the [Production・Extremity] skill.

I retrieve that thing I spent all night making from [Infinite Storage].

“W, what the hell is this!?”
“Is it a golem?”
“So big~”

It’s a golem more than five meters in height.
However, it’s not like one of those blank golems which often appear in RPGs.
Rather, it looks like a humanoid robot of a certain squadron that would fight against monsters.

The materials are steel and alloys of mithril. Mithril is expensive, but I have purchased it from the S grade dungeon reward we received.
It was possible to bend the metal using earth magic. Because I have〈Magical Power Manipulation・Extremity〉, I was able to work more delicately.
Incidentally, this golem is also able to speak.

(Ah~ ah~, mic test, mic test.)
“The golem has talked!?”

Ellen is unable to stand up because of the sudden voice.

(How do you do, Tira-sama, Ellen-sama, Filia-sama.)
“Even our names…….?”

(Master is always causing you trouble. I’d like to deeply apologize on his behalf.)
“How courteous this golem is!”

Tira is deeply moved.
In fact, this golem and Naviko-san are different things.
The golem is equipped with artificial intelligence. It was a piece of cake for me who completed Filia.
I just gave Naviko-san the authority over part of the AI.

“What is the name of this child?”
(As expected, anyone would become speechless at Master’s poor naming sense.)

Is it really that bad?

“However, if you think about it, isn’t this golem quite feminine?”

Even though Naviko-san is a woman (probably), this golem seems somehow masculine.

“Alright, shall we try placing two parabolic antennas here?”
(Definitely not, please.)

Why? It would look like boobs. Inverted, though.

“Then, a ferocious huge gun on the crotch instead?”
(Please, absolutely don’t do that as well.)

Naviko-san seems to really dislike it.

In fact, this golem can transform like a certain transforming robot.
Without delay, I have Naviko-san to transform into the second form.

“A, amazing! Its shape has changed!?”
“What is this thing……?”

It’s a camping car.
As a matter of course, it can be boarded. The golem form can be boarded as well.

“W, what is this……? There is a living room and a kitchen inside?”

There also is a proper bath and toilet too.
Moreover, it has two floors.
The second floor has beds as it’s a bedroom.


Filia runs around the first and second floor with sparking and shining eyes.

“Can this really move?”
“Of course.”

This golem camping car――”NAVIKO” moves with my magical power. It runs on magic stones that I infused with my magical power beforehand. Therefore, outside supply of fuel is not necessary.

The wheels slowly began to turn, and the car started moving.

(Departing. The place of destination, Ekbana, north-northeast direction, approximately 620km. The estimated time of arrival at the current speed is 130 hours.)

Naviko-san’s voice echoes around the car.
I left the driving to her.

She will avoid obstacles on her own, and she will let me know if something happens.
We just have to stay inside. What a comfortable traveling it is.


◇ ◇ ◇


(Warning. A horse-riding group of 30 approaching.)

While relaxing in NAVIKO living room, Naviko-san sounded a warning.

When I look outside from the window, indeed, a group of what can only look like bandits are chasing after us.

“What is with that ridiculously huge carriage!”
“No, but it doesn’t have horses, you know? How is it moving?”
“It may be a type of golem. We can get rich if we destroy and sell the parts!”

Naturally, they didn’t know about a camping car and mistook it for a golem. Actually, they are correct, though.

“Hiyawa~ Leave it to meeee!”

An overly high-tension bandit starts chanting.
It’s Intermediate fire magic.
A lump of fire is shot and directly hits the vehicle.

“Wha…… unscathed?”

It’s not just metal, it’s specially made alloy containing Mithril.
Mithril is a metal-containing magical power, it won’t get a scratch from such simply attack.

(Activate the interception systems?)

Naviko-san asks.

“Leave this to me!”

Ellen opens a window and leans out before I could answer.
She then jumps out of the camping car.

Note: She can do it because she’s a musclehead. Good children mustn’t copy her.

“Filia is going too~!”

A good child copied her immediately……

“What, people jumped off?”
“A woman and a child?”
“Hiyahahaha, isn’t she quite a pretty one! Let’s catch her and enjoy ourselves!”

The bandits spit out the promised sleazebag lines.

“Hmph. Bastards like you are not enough for warm-up.”

Ellen charges into the bandit group with no fear.

“I, is this woman an idiot, she will get run over by the horses!?”

The bandit who noticed that first shouts and stops his horse.
Ellen strikes the horse’s body and sends it flying.

“Doesn’t look like I will need to draw my sword.”

She then proceeds to knock down the bandits one by one.

“What, what is that monster!?”
“W, wait…… that red hair…… the Destruction Princess!?”
“Why is the Alsara Kingdom’s strongest musclehead woman here!?”

The bandits shudder after finding out Ellen’s identity.

“Ku…… can’t be helped! That little girl! Take the little girl as a hostage!”

The man who is supposedly the bandit leader shouts.

“But, absolutely don’t hurt her! If the little girl gets hurt you won’t get off with just an injury!”
“Naturally ssu!”
“Even though we are bandits, we will get ruined if we hurt little girls!”
“Even if we have to starve, we will protect the little girls! That is our policy!”

It’s a group of bandits who like little girls.

“Now, come over here…… don’t be scared, haa, haa.”
“W, want to talk a little bit with uncles?”
“I will give you some candy……”

Several bandits surround Filia.
They completely transformed into perverts.

“Filia, hates you uncles!”

The bandits receive shock after hearing Filia.

“W, why!? What did we do wrong!?”
“You smellmon!”
“””I should have taken a bath——!!”””

The bandits look up towards the sky.
Filia kicks them while holding her nose.
They fly more than ten meters in the air.

“What is that little girl!? She’s outrageously strong!? I want to get kicked too!”
“Shit, retreat! Retreaaaat!”
“Wait! You won’t escape!”

The bandits start running away in panic. Ellen chases after them.
I overlook the scene from the top of the camping car.

“For the time being, use this is as a substitute for bath.”

I cast advanced water magic at the escaping bandits.
A huge wave of water swallows the bandits.
Ellen gets accidentally swallowed too.

“Why also meeeeebufa.”

After that, I collected the soaked Ellen.
Her clothes which became see-through were very erotic.
As expected of boob monster.

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