Chapter 22

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Essential Boobs Person Becomes Companion
After confirming that Owen’s research was genuine, we have received 1,000 large gold coins directly from the king.
The quest being of S difficulty, the King wanted to see those who captured the dungeon personally.
Because I wanted to talk about the Elf Village with him, it was convenient for me.

The King received us with a gentle smile, no matter how you look he looks like a stereotypical gentle ossan.
He appears to be in his forties.

“If you’d like, won’t you join our country’s Knights Order?”
“I appreciate the thought, but I’m not good with organizations.”

It seems it was in order to invite me personally.
I plainly reject the king’s invitation.

“I see. With so much money, there really isn’t a need for court service anymore nou.”

The king didn’t get upset, he just nods while stroking his beard.
Then, his eyes turn to Tira,

“How about you, elf Ojouchan ja?”
“No. I would also have to……”
“Fuumu. How unfortunate ja. Well then, how about that lovely Ojouchan ja?”
“Unless Papa and Mama are with me, no!”
“I see, I see.”

The King even asked Filia, he has some humor.
He laughs delightfully at Filia’s reply, he is probably fond of children. No, I don’t think he’s a lolicon?

Then, I tell him about the Elf Village.

“Hou. That is great. I have always thought that it would be great to build a friendly relationship with the Elf Village no ja. Well then, I will send an envoy there at once.”

His reaction was considerably favorable.
However, the Alsara Kingdom won’t get much profit by forming an alliance with the Elf Village. At most, they would be able to obtain the Great Forest’s exclusive ingredients and materials. On the other hand, the Alsara Kingdom will have an obligation to protect their new ally.

With the Alsara Kingdom’s military power, it wouldn’t be difficult to get the Elf Village under their control.
And yet, equality, no far from that, it’s not an exaggeration to say that the Elf village is receiving a huge, one-sided benefit.

When I point that out,

“If you want to become friendly with someone, there’s really no need to use the force, right?”

On the contrary, he replies in a wondering manner.

“Naturally, it’s not as if I didn’t consider this. The military power of my country increases by having friendly relationships with various races. By entering into a friendly relationship with the Elf Village, we will appeal to the other races that still look unfavorably at us no ja.”

Because the princess, Ellen is like that, “Is this kingdom okay?” I was seriously worried, but it appears that I can entrust him the Elf Village.


When we finished and were about to leave.
Ellen suddenly bursts into the throne room.

“Chichiue! I have a request!”

Ellen walks rudely towards the king without permission.

“I want you to remove me from the commander of the Knights’ position!”
“What is this about ja?”
“I have been defeated by that man just a little while ago. And I have fully realized my own weakness!”
“…… Umu. So?”
“Therefore, I have decided to study under that man!”

Ellen declares selfishly.
No, no, I have heard nothing about that?

“That man is going to leave on a journey! I plan to accompany him! Therefore, I can’t continue being the commander of the knights!”

“I see.”
“Chichiue! I beg you! As you can see!”

Ellen bows her head deeply.
Then, she turns to me,

“Please! Make me your disciple! I don’t know anything, but sword!”

She requests me with a ghastly expression.

“I don’t think so. You have other things you can be proud of, you know?”
“…… I have something like that……?”
“Just what it is……?”

I tell Ellen who looks at me with her eyes wide open in a loud voice.

“Your boobs!”

Also, the butt.
According to the [Appraisal・Extremity], her measures are “B91 W57 H90”. She puts models to shame.
Ellen, as if receiving a heavenly revelation,

“I, I see…… I have boobs…..!?”
“No, no, don’t be impressed!? That’s ridiculous! The meaning is obscure!”

Ellen comes to her senses after Tira’s tsukkomi.

“A, aren’t boobs useless! They interfere with my movements! I would rather small ones like hers!”

Ellen points at Tira’s breasts.

“…… That remark just now, wasn’t it delicately and considerably rude……?”

Certainly, I do have tiny breasts, but,Tira pouts. “B65 W54 H66” She’s an A cup.
Filia who heard that “Mama, it’s ok~ay. Filia is tiny too” tries to cheer up Tira admirably, but it’s as if she didn’t accept that or as if it had an opposite effect, un. Tira cheeks are cramped.

“Karuna-dono. I would also like to request this of you.”

The king interrupts.

“Is that okay? Won’t it become a problem if the commander of Knights disappears?”
“Rather, it would be better than if this musclehead commander would conti――cough, cough.”

You masked it with coughs, but you definitely were about to saying your true feelings?

“Certainly, Ellen is this country’s knight. Losing her will be a big loss ja. But, this much won’t shake with my Knight order.”
“I may have an ‘accident’ with your daughter after a while?”
“Rather, I would love if you already accept her as your bride――cough, cough.”

You tried to mask it again, but you definitely were speaking what’s on your mind, right!?

“Ellen made a decision with such determination ja. As a King, as a father, I should properly answer her ja rou?”

The King insists with a serious expression.

(It appears he wants her to leave as soon as possible, doesn’t he?)

Ellen is such a pitiful fellow……

Well, I don’t have a problem taking her along.
She’s a precious boobs member.
But, since there’s a chance (?), I decided to tease him for a bit.

“…… After all, I think that Ellen should remain in the country.”

The king opens his eyes wide at my words.
And rattles on,

“J, just what you don’t like? I may be a doting parent, but Ellen is a really good daughter ja zo? Putting aside her personality, her looks are first-rate ja! You should feel fortunate that such a cute girl wants to become your disciple ja zo!”
“Certainly, losing the purun, purun bouncing of her huge rack when she swings her sword would be regrettable.”
“Right, right ja rou? If you make her your disciple, you will be able to see at any time you want ja zo?”

The king leans forward on the throne while insisting.
But, I shake my head left and right.

“But, I still think Ellen is necessary for this country.”
“Why do you think so ja!? On the contrary, she’s not nee――cough, cough! You are able to take this wonderful daughter as your disciple ja zo!? You can fondle her breasts as much as you want ja zo!?”
“That is something the person in question should agree to, right!?” (←Tira’s tsukkomi)
“Having to part with such an adorable daughter, it will be hard for you too, right?”
“C, certainly it will be hard! It pains me so much it’s making me dizzy ja! But you see, I don’t want to render Ellen’s determination pointless no ja! As a King! As a father!”

The king shouts with a desperate look.
I nod,

“I understand your feelings.”
“I see! You understand me!”

The king’s eyes sparkle.

“But, I won’t take her, after all.”
“Just why jaaaa!?”

An expression of being pushed down from heaven to hell floats on the king’s face.

“Please, take heeeer!! For the sake of my, cute, adorable daughteeer! Please! I plead you ja karaaaa!! As you can see jaaa!”

Finally, he gets down from the throne and kneels in front of me while screaming.

“Chichiue… You think of me so much…… kuu……”

Ellen overcame with emotion, wipes off her tears.
Tira sighs and glares at me.

“…… I think that you should stop already playing around, though?”

Thus, the essential boobs person, Ellen has become our companion.

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