Chapter 21

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Musclehead Princess and Hentai Butler
“…… And that is the reason.”

Tira assertively explains our situation to Ellen who asked about it.

“That being the case, we are not a married couple.”
“We are about to cultivate our love from now on.”

I add the most important part.

“We are not going to.”

Eeh? We are not?
Ellen’s whole body shakes while I receive a shock.


Tira calls her out with concern.
Then, Ellen suddenly opens her eyes wide,

“You have captured that dungeon!? Ku, even though I was about to do it myself! Rather, why didn’t you take me along!”

Unfair, that’s unfair! Ellen shouts.
Then she suddenly stands up,

“Since it came to this, I will defeat you guys and make it look like I was the one who captured it!”
“Why is it like this!?”
“She’s a musclehead, after all.”
“A musclehead, is it……”
“I, I’m not a musclehead! I just think that settling everything with power is way easier!”

That is the perfection of a musclehead.

“Please, stop it, Princess.”

The one who scolded her is Ellen’s old butler.

He stood quietly in the corner of the room after serving us tea, but as expected he can’t stay still after seeing bad behavior of his master.

“Geezer, you stay quiet!”

“I can’t do that.”

Jiisan flatly refuses her and makes his way towards us.

“If you want to have a match with the guests, you have to first defeat this geezer..”
“Discussion normally comes around here, right!?”

Tira inserts a tsukkomi.

“You can’t communicate with Princess through a discussion.”

Jiisan shakes his head sadly.
It seems he’s suffering quite hard.
Nevertheless, he looks considerably frail, will he be okay? Moreover, he’s empty-handed.

Lionel, 78 years old
Race: Human
Level: 10
Skill: [Butler] Life: 123/124
Magical Power: 22/22
Strength: 41
Endurance: 57
Dexterity: 70
Agility: 37
Magic Resistance: 34
Luck: 64

…… W, weak!
However, Lionel sounds cool as a name, doesn’t it?

“Then, I won’t hold back, geezer!”

Ellen knocks away the old man with the back of her hand.
Jiisan’s feeble body blows off and crashes into the nearby furniture.
He was weak as expected……
Rather, Ellen doesn’t show even a bit of mercy towards an old man……

(103 damage. Remaining life is “20/124”. He’s barely alive.)

Didn’t she nearly kill the old man!

“A, are you all right?”

Tira rushes to Jiisan in panic.
Filia also asks me worriedly “Did Ojiisan die?”. He’s still somehow not dead.
Jiisan unsteadily raises up.

“T, there’s no need to worry about me, Ojousan……”
“B, but……”
“…… I have been serving Princess since the day she was born. I have been swung around by the violent Princess countless times……”
“That is…… cruel……”

Tira painfully lowers her eyelashes.

“…… Thanks to that, I have completely learned to love this feeling!”

Jiisan was M!

“Now, Princess! Please don’t think it will end with just this! The battle has just started!”

Oi, stop it, Jiisan! You will seriously die!

“Gulp, gulp, gulp!”

When I thought so, Jiisan took out a potion from his pocket and vigorously gulped it down. Jiisan’s health has completely recovered!


Jiisan who confronted Ellen has been knocked off his feet again.

(112 damage. Remaining life is “12/124”.)

That’s even closer than before!
But Jiisan drinks a potion again,

“N, not even closeeee――Guhoa.”

After that, Jiisan kept on drinking potions and throwing himself towards Ellen who beat him up half-dead every time.
Has there ever been a way worse of wasting potions like this before……

“…… Haahaa, m, more…… reward this detestable geezer more…………”

It looks like he’s finally completely exhausted, but his expression looks like he’s in a trance.

“Are all old men of this world perverts……”
“It’s my first time regretting being sorry for someone……”

Tira and I pull back.
On the other hand, Ellen leaves Jiisan as if nothing has happened,

“It seems the battle finished. Well then, you are next! Here I go!”

She unsheathed sword swung at once.

“You certainly might be a powerful magician! But it’s my victory in close combat!”
“You, weren’t you all about fair and square the other day with the orcs!?”

Inserting such tsukkomi, I avoid Ellen’s attack.

“! Bastard, it looks like you can use bit of martial arts!”
“Sword too, pretty much.”

I draw my sword.

“Hmph, do you think you can receive the sword of the Alsara Kingdom’s famed destruction princess!”
“You say it proudly, but that’s obviously an insult?”

I lightly evade Ellen’s next slashing attack.

“Ku…… Bastard, you have some skills. But, how about this! Haaaaaaa!”

A terrific amount of fighting spirit envelops Ellen’s sword.
It’s Aura Blade.
Moreover, it’s even stronger than ossan’s.

“Oy, you are too serious!?”

Ellen’s sword draws near.
Immediately after, pakiiiin, a metallic sound resounds.

“Wha ……”

Ellen opens her eyes in astonishment.
Well, it’s only natural to be surprised.
Because her sword brimming over with fighting spirit has been broken in half.

“Something like an Aura Blade, I can use it as well, you know?”

I received her sword with my Aura Blade.
Ellen is certainly an expert, but she’s not a match for me who possesses〈Fighting God〉.
As a result, only Ellen’s sword got destroyed.

“T, that can’t be ……”

Ellen mutters stupidly.
I approach her who became defenseless.
I knead her boob with my left hand and put the point of the sword near her neck.

“It’s my victory.”
“This me…… lost in a sword fight……?”

Ellen groans with a husky voice.

“Yes, it’s your loss.”

I say while kneading Ellen’s boob.
It’s so huge it spills out from my hand……

“Even though…… I though that…… I won’t lose in sword to anyone……”
“Well, but I think you have a considerable skill..”

The feeling of squeezing her boob is also considerable.
The softness and elasticity are dangerous.

“Rather, there’s no reason to rub her chest, right!? Why are you rubbing her in the confusion!”
“Because it’s breasts, of course.”

――Bako. Tira strikes my head with her staff.

“U, uwaaaaaaaan! I have looooost!”

Ellen suddenly cries out.
She runs towards the back of the room.

“Princess! G, guwaa!”

The old man in the way of Ellen’s dash gets blown off.
Rather, he jumped into her way himself.

(123 damage. Remaining life is “1/124”.)

Weren’t you seriously close to dying!

“Haahaa…… Himesa…… more…… please, hurt this old geezer moreeeeee!”
“Ueeeeeen! I looooost! I have lost in the only thing I could be proud oooooof! Even though I have no other redeeming feautreeeeees! Even though I can’t do anything else besides the swooooord! Even though I was called a sword fool so I foolishly continued practicing the swooooood!”

The butler who rolls around the floor in excitement.
The princess who rushes out of the door like a big weeping child.

“…… I’m starting to worry whether it’s really alright to ally ourselves with this kingdom, I’m getting extremely concerned……”

Tira sighs deeply in the midst of chaos.

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