Chapter 16

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Elves, Humans, and Spirits
Most of the elves have bad feelings towards humans.

The elves are a race that does not like to fight, because of that they hold humans, who wage wars since the old days in contempt.
Still, the village was friendly towards humans who brought profit to the village.

However, that changed completely approximately 100 years ago.
The cause was that humans started lumbering the trees of the Great Forest the elves live in without permission.

The Great Forest itself the elves live in is the target of their faith.
Naturally, they were enraged.
After that incident, the elves completely cut interaction with humans.

Nonetheless, it happened already one hundred years ago.

“There are people in the village who wish to interchange with humans. Otousama is one of those people.”
“So that’s why he received me in his house with hospitality?”

The elf village is small.
Even after counting all families together, there are only around 1,000 people.
Elves have superior magic talent, physical ability and have long lives. Although they are the superior race, their reproduction rate is low.
If they get invaded by a mighty hostile force, they will most likely die out.

“That’s why Otousama thinks that interchange with humans is indispensable, but……”

Just a little while ago, one of the human kingdoms――the Alsara Kingdom has sent messengers to the elf village several times to conclude a diplomatic relationship.
Signing an equal alliance is also accepting the Elf Village as a “country,” and the details of the alliance were based on emotions, the elves wouldn’t have any complaints.
The Alsara Kingdom has a deep interchange with dwarves and demi-humans, they are reliable.

“After all, there are many voices opposing the interchange with humans so the situation can’t progress.”
“…… I see.”
“Eh, I’m sorry, I have suddenly started talking about this. I’ve thought that since it’s Karuna-san who can do anything could do something about this…… I thought it might be best to let you know.”
“No, it’s alright. I wanted to know about it.”

We have arrived at the highest place in the village where sacred rites take place while having such a conversation.

All elves gather here when rites are held, so it’s ridiculously wide.
It’s hardly believable that this place is on the top of a tree branch.

It’s set on a tree that is taller than the surrounding trees, so you can see the Great Forest from above. It’s wonderful scenery.

The air is fresh, the girls are pretty, the food is delicious, to be frank, this place is a paradise. It’s my bride’s home after all!

However, friction with humans, huh.
Although I’m reincarnated, I’m one of the humans, isn’t there something I could do?

I confirm the skills at my hand again.
I may be able to find a solution to this problem.

(Master, how about putting this skill into practice?)

Oh, this might work.

“Say, Tira. there’s a rite tomorrow, right?”
“Ah, yes. We hold a rite once a month in order to give our thanks to the Great Forest.”
“May I also participate in that?”
“I have an idea.”


◇ ◇ ◇


The sacred rites of the elves were held while the sky was stained with dusk.

All elves of the village gathered in the very large sacred rites ground.
It’s a little less than 1,000 people.
But, not a single person is talking, both young and old are quietly praying.

Honestly speaking, I’m really bad with such atmospheres, but I endure for now.
A good smell drifts from Tira next to me, so let’s wait for the time to pass while sniffing it.

(To take such abnormal action in so delicate situation, as expected of Master.)

Don’t mention it. (Of course, I’m not praising you.)

By the way, Filia is house-watching. A place like this seems impossible for that child.

The boring atmosphere lasted for a while, but the surroundings got lively after the prayer ended.
After the sacred rite finished, a banquet-like event is held.
Because it seems okay to talk now, I bring Filia here with transfer magic.

Although it’s a banquet, the elves are considerably quiet.
To the degree that neighbors are having a quiet chat while paying gratitude to the Great Forest’s food.
They seem to be drinking a bit, but there’s no annoying drunk ossan who’s acting violently.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I have something to report.”

Tira’s Papa, the patriarch, steps forward while grabbing the attention of other elves.
It was a report about his wife having completely recovered.
Although they seemed to be already aware, they still broadly smiled.

But, after his following words, the smiles disappear.

“The one who saved my wife is none other than――a certain human youth.”

Receiving that introduction, I step forward.
I cancel my disguise at the same time.

“Wha…… a human, in this village……?”
“Moreover, he stepped onto the sacred grounds……”

Many elves hold their breath.
There were even people of the anti-human group who immediately begun to move in order to seize me.

It was at that time.
A beautiful melody played on a flute was audible.

The one who plays it is Tira.
The flute is the most familiar instrument to the elves, being the favorite for most of the villagers.

And among elves, Tira’s ability to play the flute is said to be on a genius level.
She immediately grabbed the hearts of the elves.
As expected of my bride.

(Saying bride whenever the chance arises while saying the bride from the bottom of your heart, it’s quite painful to be honest, Master.)

Yes, Naviko-san be quiet.

After that, a commotion occurred.
Matching the flute, I suddenly started singing.
Of course, it’s not a J-POP.
I sang my own lyrics which portrayed gratitude to the Great Forest.

Hearing my song, the patriarchs of other families who were about to spring into action stopped in place.
On the contrary, they listen to the song with serious expressions.
The noise settled instantly.
There is not a single person who is trying to stop me


(The [Arts] skill is compatible with a wide range of Arts. In the case of Master’s〈Arts・Extremity〉, each of them is at the top-level.)

Right now, I’m the singer of the highest peak.
Far from that, I’m also the best songwriter and actor.
Since these elves spent many years in this village, the lyrics I’m singing with the highest singing ability is strongly touching their hearts.

There’s no way their hearts wouldn’t be touched.
…… Incidentally, in reality, I’m tone-deaf.

Eventually, when the song finished, the elves were overflowing with tears.
Patriarchs, young elves, everyone.
Even I who turned into an elf cried without knowing.
Only Filia in her elf disguise was tilting her head in puzzlement.

“…… That was a wonderful song……”
“How do you know so much about our culture……”

Right now, there wasn’t a single elf who looked at me with scorn.

“I’m called Karuna. As you can see, I’m a human. I’m aware that humans like me have angered you in the past. I know that because of that, you hold grudge against humans even now.”

I speak to them while performing as a sincere human youth.

“However, even among humans, there are people like me who understand and revere your culture and values. There are many people who wish to cooperate with you hand in hand.”

After my song, the elves obediently listen to my speech.

“I have participated in today’s rite because I wanted to convey that to you…… I apologize for entering this village and these sacred grounds without permission.”
“…… To think there would be a young man like that among humans……”
“He offered his gratitude towards the Great Forest just like us, race is not irrelevant.”

The elves unanimously compliment me.
Even the other patriarchs who looked at me with hate at first, look at me with completely tranquil expressions.
Then, it was at that time.

In the area already wrapped in darkness, countless green lights suddenly emerged.

“Wha…… this, spirits……?”
“The spirits of the Great Forest have appeared?”
“Furthermore, so many……? Unbelievable……”

The elves raise their voices in surprise.

Spiritual beings that dwell in all things nature.
They were targets of faith in the old days, but because their sightings decreased over time, they become mostly existences from legends.

But, that didn’t change the fact that the spirits dwelled in the Great Forest all this time.
The spirits dwelling in the trees of the forest like these are called the Spirits of the Trees.

Because of this fantastic sight, both the elves and I become entranced.
It seems almost as if the spirits were blessing the friendship between humans and elves.

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