Chapter 15

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The Little Elf Girl is Cute
“My, so it was like that.”

Because of Tira’s desperate explanation, Tira’s Mama nodded in consent.
After that, Tira’s Mama looked at Filia,

“Aren’t you glad, Filia-san. Weren’t you afraid?”
“Yea, it was all right! Papa gave the scary guy a beating!”

Scary guy……
Owen…… somehow, sorry……

“Well then, Okaasama. I think that I should start examining the research we obtained at once.”
“Ah, about that. It’s unfortunate, but those documents won’t have anything useful about the treatment of Okaasan’s disease.”
“This can’t be cured with recovery magic in the first place.”
“T, that can’t be……”
“Ma, don’t worry. I already know the source of Mother-in-law-san’s disease.”

After saying such to Tira whose face turned blue with confidence, I approached Tira’s Mama in the bed.

“This is a curse.”

Black magic.
It’s an old primitive technique, it belongs to another system which is different from the mainstream magic of this world.

Seira, 64 years old
Race: Elf
Level: 31
State: Curse of Weakness

“Curse, is it……?”
“Yeah. But, it isn’t something too troublesome…… Umm, Mother-in-law-san, just before your condition worsened, have you touch some old looking tool or weapon?”
“I wonder…… it’s already more than a half year ago…… ah, but, I was organizing our storehouse around that time, so it may have been during that……”
“Then, that may be the cause. A spirit may sometimes dwell in old tools.”

It’s known as Tsukumogami in Japan.

“But, if you unknowingly throw it away, it will cast a curse on you in anger.”

Humans have an occupation, witch doctor, who more or less specializes in dispelling such curses.

“The curses will occur in places where the power of the spirit is strong. It’s very rare, but unavoidable.”
“You are very knowledgeable, aren’t you?”
“No, no, it’s not that much.”
“…… Why did your face turn red?”

Tira’s Mama is naturally a married woman. No matter how adorable she is, I shouldn’t fall in love.

(You have fallen in love, didn’t you…… from little girls to 64 years old attractive mature women, the extent of Master’s preferences is not something to admire.)

I have not fallen in love with a little girl, though? Moreover, even if she’s 64, she visually looks in her twenties, you know?

Dispelling a curse of this degree is simple.

(Master. Don’t abuse the [Black Magic・Extremity] please. Because there is a curse that makes the other party fall in love with you.)

Kukuku, using that, I could create a harem as large as I want……
Hey, do I look like a guy who would do something like that!


There’s no trust from Naviko-san.

“Alright, you are alright now.”

I have dispelled the curse from Tira’s Mama.

“…… The releasing of magical power…… stopped.”

The magical power which had been escaping out stops as if the faucet was closed.

“Have you…… cured it?”

When I nodded, Tira suddenly started running while being overcome with emotions.

Is this perhaps……!
D, don’t panic.
This is where I should accept her feelings openly like a man!

I spread my arms wide and prepare myself to welcome her.
Saa, come and jump into my chest!


The next moment, Tira runs past me and jumps into Tira’s Mama embrace.

Of course, right~

“I’m glad…… Okaasama……”
“My, oh my, there’s nothing to cry about.”

Tira’s Mama gently pats the head of her sobbing daughter.

“Will you go outside with Papa for a little?”

I grasp Filia’s hand and leave the room.
It’s the parent and child with no outsiders present thing.
I’m a man who can read the mood nanodearu.

Well, with [Clairvoyance], I can watch even from outside!
The scene of the beautiful elven mother and daughter embracing each other.
Let’s securely save it in brain memory.


◇ ◇ ◇


I, who saved Tira’s Mama has received warm hospitality at Tira’s house that day.

I also met Tira’s Papa.
On top of having a beautiful wife and daughter, he’s a hateful super-ikemen himself, but he’s a person who will become my Father-in-law. I didn’t fire exploding magic without warning.

(As it should be.)

And then, I said “Give me your daughter, please” and bowed my head.
Thus, such exchange came to be.

“I can’t possibly say ‘Yes, here you go’ to a man I know nothing about!”
“You are correct, Otousama. That’s the normal reaction, isn’t it?”
“In the first place, I won’t hand my daughter to anyone!”
“O, Otousama……?”
“As if I’d let her marry! No matter how old she is, Tira will always stay in this house ja~! Even when she turns into Obaachan, she will be together with me ja~!”
“Hey, I would be troubled with that, though!?”

Tira’s Papa is quite a doting parent.
Well, he has such cute daughter, it’s understandable.
It seems that I will have to exploit this slowly and carefully……

This doting parent is, in fact, the patriarch.
That explains why they live on such huge tree.

The Elf Village is divided into seven settlements, each settlement governed by a patriarch.
Tira’s Papa is one of those people.

By the way, the patriarchs’ families are the legendary kings of Elves’――the High Elves’ descendants.

“So that’s why Tira-tan is so sublime?”
“…… What are you talking about?”

To my mutter, Tira looks at me with half-closed eyes.

We stay the night at Tira’s house, and the next day.
We walk around the elf village.
Tira is showing us around the village.

The three of us are crossing bridges made out of the tree branches.
The ground is absurdly far. It’s nearly 200m, so it’s given.
Besides, even though I said bridges, it’s mostly unstable suspension bridges.
It’s quite scary.

Filia who was innocently running around almost fell down, I was frightened to death.
Well, if it comes to that, I will just catch her with flight magic.

On the way, we have passed by several village elves.

“Tira-sama, welcome back.”
“Tira-sama, I’m glad you are safe! I heard your Okaasama is completely cured now!”
“Tira-sama, is it really true that you have cleared the dungeon? Amazing~.”

It appears that Tira is quite admired, only partly due to being the patriarch’s daughter.

“By the way, you are? I don’t think I saw you before……”
“I have been traveling for a long time. I met her in a dungeon by chance, so we came back together.”

I exchanged such conversations with the Elven villagers several times.

The elves don’t have a good impression of humans.
In fact, there are many elves who hate humans.
So normally, I wouldn’t be able to hold such peaceful conversations, but

“You can even use magic like that…… you really look like a genuine elf……”

I have disguised myself.
I look like a genuine elf no matter how you look, it’s a perfect disguise.

([Support Magic・Extremity] skill makes it possible to use high-level magic of the support system such as Body strengthening magic, Sealing magic, Concealment magic, and Disguise magic.)

Thank you for the explanation, Naviko-san.
Incidentally, Filia has also changed into a little elf girl thanks to this skill.

Rather, little elf girl, seriously cute, but……
I definitely can’t show this to Owen Jiisan.

“This thing, the Black magic, I won’t be surprised anymore no matter what you do……”
“Papa, shugo~i!”
“Fufufu, Papa is great, right?”
“…… However, I’m really, really sorry.”

I’m confused by Tira’s sudden apology.

“Eh? About what?”
“…… Even though you are a benefactor who saved both me and my mother, you can’t even walk around without disguise……”

I’m fully enjoying the village.
In the first place, a conflict between races isn’t anything odd.

“But, why do elves hate humans?”
“That is……”

After that, Tira explained.
The reason why elves hate humans.

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