Chapter 14

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Places I Want to Live Ranking’s No. 1・Bride’s Room in the Elf Village
Tira takes out a magic scroll.
It’s a magic tool that can activate specific magic sealed inside by charging it with magical power.

“This is the scroll of magic transfer.”

Because she’s not able to use transfer magic, she brought the scroll with her in case something happened in the dungeon.
But scrolls are disposable, and those with transfer magic are quite expensive.
Well, transfer magic users seem to be rare.
Therefore, she doesn’t usually use it for conventional movement, but

“Since we have successfully captured the dungeon, this much luxury should be allowed.”

By the way, I am able to use transfer magic, but I can only go to places that I have visited before.
Although it’s possible to transfer to places I haven’t been before thanks to the detailed information obtained with〈Detection・Extremity〉, it has only a radius of three kilometers.

Tira timidly presents her hand.

“…… I, if we don’t hold hands, we won’t be able to transfer together.”

Tira mutters with slightly reddened cheeks.
When I grasp her both hands with mine, her cheeks redden further.

“What are you doing (anger)? I’m not taking just you, you know?”

She hits my head with the staff.
Then, the parents and the child happily join hands and Tira uses the scroll.
The surrounding scenery changes in a blink of an eye.
It was some room in who knows where.

Is it a log-house building? The walls are made out of wood and branches.
The furniture is a little simple, but the warmth of the room somewhat makes me feel at peace.

“This is?”
“This is my room…… that, because there are people who quite don’t welcome humans in our village, I thought it would be better to transfer us to my home first.”

Hearing Tira’s explanation, I dive into the nearby bed.

“Hiyahaa~! It’s Tira-tan’s bed——!”

Furthermore, I bury my head in the pillow.

“Uooooooh, I can smell Tira’s sceeeent!”
“Mama’s bed~”

Copying me, Filia dives next to me.

“Alright, Filia. Let’s enjoy Mama’s scent together!”
“Suu~ Ha~ Suu~ Ha~”
“Su~ Ha, Su~ Ha.”

Filia and I savor Tira’s scent with our entire bodies and souls.
Is this a paradise?
So it was here!


At this time, I think I heard the sound of a vein popping.
When I turn around, Tira was grasping her fists tightly, her entire body trembling.

“…… What are you doing……?”

――After this, she was unreasonably pissed.
Moreover, just at me.

(Master, that’s only natural.)

I want to become a little girl as well.

(It’s possible with [Disguise・Extremity]. If it’s only the appearances.)


◇ ◇ ◇


“C, cool……”

When I got out of the room, my breath was taken away because of the sight before me.
A forest of unbelievably enormous trees was spreading in front of me.

If I remember correctly, the highest tree on Earth should be a little over 100m.
But, every tree in this forest is over 200m.
As expected of a different world. The scale is different.

In addition, the houses are really built on the branches of the trees.
The trunks are linked with bridges that allow moving between the trees.

“This is the Elf Village. And also, the Great Forest.”

Tira tells us with a little bit of pride.


Excited by nature spreading before her, Filia bounces up and down while shouting in joy. She looks like a bunny, how adorable.

We move to another room through a corridor.
Nevertheless, this tree is considerably huge.
Tira’s parents might be rich people.

I could check using a skill, but that is concerning personal information, so I hold back. Aren’t I surprisingly serious?

(Even though you calmly examine women’s three sizes, aren’t you quite late?)

I felt like Naviko-san said something, but I didn’t pay attention.

“It’s Tira, I have returned. Please, excuse me.”
“Come in.”

When we enter inside, a woman slowly rises on top of the bed.
She looks similar to Tira.
Filia mutters “Two Mamas?” with a surprised expression.

“Welcome back, Tira-san. I am glad you are safe.”
“Yes, Okaasama.”

It appears she’s Tira’s mother.
She looks to be in her twenties, but it said 64 when I used appraisal on her.
As expected of super long-lived elves.

However, in contrast to her youthful appearance, she seems a bit haggard.
It’s most likely due to the incurable disease.

…… I see. Certainly.
I can perceive an unusually large amount of magical power continuously escaping from her body.

Magical power is constantly being made in the body, but if she keeps on releasing such amount, it will actually get depleted.
The depletion of magical power leads to the exhaustion of mental power and even deprivation of the life force.
If she weren’t an elf with high magical power, she might have already reached her limit.

“Tira-san, those humans are?”

Tira’s Mama’s gaze moves towards me.
She certainly looks like Tira, but she has more calm air around her. She seems kind.

“This is my benefactor. Thanks to him, I was able to safely capture the dungeon this time.”
“Oh my, is that so?”

Receiving Tira’s introduction, I step forward.

“Karuna is my name.”
“Karuna-san, is it? Thank you for helping my daughter.”
“No. It wasn’t anything great. Rather than that, Okaasan, I have a request.”
“Yes, what is it?”

I ask Tira’s Mama who has a face that looks just like Tira’s.
I look straight into her eyes and say.

“Please, give me your daughter.”
“What are you saying all of sudden!?”
“All right.”
“Why are you accepting!?”

I got the mother’s permissiooooon!
I make a victory pose.

“Hey, Okaasama!? Eh, eh? Did you just exchange your daughter’s hand in marriage!? You didn’t, right!?”
“That’s right…… if anything, I felt that something scary would happen if I didn’t……”
“Then, you shouldn’t accept it even more, shouldn’t you!?”

Tira opens her eyes wide and draws near to her mother.

“But, his eyes were bloodshot and his breathing rough…… isn’t that the proof that he loves you that much?”
“Totally not!? That doesn’t represent love at all! On the contrary, it’s on the level you should apologize to love!”
“I’m sorry, love.”
“You really apologized——!?”

Haa, haa, Tira’s breathing roughens up from all the tsukkomi.

“……? Did I say something strange again?”

Seeing Tira in such a state, Tira’s Mama cutely tilts her head to the side and asks.
Rather, she’s seriously cute. I seriously can’t forgive the disease for harming a person like this.

“…… Anyhow, she’s quite a peculiar person, isn’t she?”

I whisper into Tira’s ear.

“I don’t want to be told that by you, but yes, I agree. Okaasama has always been like this……”

I somehow understand how Tira’s tsukkomis got so sharp.

“So, who is this child?”

Tira’s Mama looks at Filia.
I answer.

“She’s our daughter.”
“Because further discussion will get even more complicated, could you explain more clearly!?”
“Oh my, Tira, when did you give birth? No way, I have already become Obaasan…… I wonder what to do?”
“Don’t get swallowed so easily by this person’s words, Okaasama!”

Like that, I have arrived at Tira’s parents’ house.

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