Chapter 17

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I Did it Impulsively. I Don’t Regret
“To think that so many spirits would appear…… you really just keep on surprising me.”

Tira’s Papa came to my side.

“This should turn the viewpoints of humans many of the villagers have around. The patriarchs also couldn’t help, but listen to your words.”

Certainly, the gaze the patriarchs were looking at me with was full of awe.
If it’s like that, just like Tira’s Papa said, the talks of alliance with the Alsara Kingdom will greatly progress.

“How should I think you……”

Tira’s Papa seemed quite formal again.

“You don’t have to worry about it.”
“No, I will definitely express my gratitude.”

Gratitude, huh……
Ha, is this perhaps…… it might work now!?

“Then, Ti――”
“However, I will never hand my daughter oveeer!”

He really is a foolish parent.

(Master, you are both equal fools.)


◇ ◇ ◇


The evening after the sacred rite.
After returning to Tira’s home and preparing to sleep in the room that was lent to me, ton, ton, I hear a knocking on the door.

“That…… it’s me. Are you still up?”

I hear Tira’s voice from the other side of the door.

“Up, up! Already ecstatic and throbbing!”
“…… I will come again later.”
“Wait!? It means I’m wide-awake! I wasn’t talking about that place!”
“You didn’t have to say it!”
(…… Master, you are doing it on purpose, aren’t you?)

After a while of silence, “Haa……” Tira sighs and enters the room.
Then, she begins to talk timidly.

“…… About today, I wanted to properly express my gratitude.”
“Gratitude? If it’s thanks, then I feel I have been told that many times……?”

I tilt my head.

“No, that…… after all, I don’t think that the words of gratitude are enough……”

Tira says while fidgeting.

This embarrassed state.
Also, the words are not enough.
If you combine those two, the answer is……!?

Something erotic!?
It’s something erotic, right!?
Rather, besides something erotic, what could it be!?
Are we possibly going to make Filia a little brother or a little sister now!?
After all, it seems that throbbing was the right answer!?

(Master, please calm down. Your rough nasal breathing is quite gross. Twice as bad as normally at that.)

That means I’m gross even when breathing normally?

With my expectation increasing to the maximum, Tira immediately moved in front of me.
And then, no sooner than later, with a resolved expression, her face slowly approached me.

T, that’s right!
It starts from there!

I stare at Tira’s lovely, fresh lips.
They gradually approach and then―――suddenly disappear.

“…… E, ears, I will let you touch them.”

Tira says with the tips of her ears completely red.

“I, I mean, you wanted to touch them ever since we first met.”
“…… T, that’s right.”

I see.
…… Umm.

Crap. I’m incredibly troubled on how to react……
I expected something more of a higher level (?), my tension immediately toned down.

(Indeed, serves you right, Master.)

Recently, I feel like Naviko-san’s personality has been getting steadily worse.

(In the first place, elves have a far stronger sense of virtue than humans. Premarital sexual acts are the biggest taboo. Even kissing is out.)

In other words, Tira’s body is still clean, doesn’t it!

(Age + no past lovers + virginity. Same as Master, isn’t it?)

Oi, leave me alone.
Rather, why do you know of my previous life?

(I can expect that much after watching Master. Have you perhaps never held hands with a woman before?)

C, cruel!
Even I, when I was in elementary school was going to the school while holding hands with a high school Oneesan every day!


Stop the no comment!

…… Anyhow.
It appears that to the elves, even the slightest contact with the opposite sex is a shameful thing.
In other words, even though it may look like this, this is Tira’s biggest way of showing gratitude, and it also means that she considerably trusts me now.

“I understand. Then, I will touch them without reserve.”
“J, just a little, all right?”

I extend my hands.
Tira tightly closes her eyes, and her body becomes stiff because of tension.

“It’s okay. I won’t hurt you.”
“Y, yes……”

I would like to have such interaction during something more erotic, though……

And then, my fingertips touch her ears――and immediately,



I lick her ear before my fingertips reached her.

Oops. Crap.
My tongue has slipped. Tehepero.

“Wh, wh, wh, what did you just do!?”
“I touched your ear with my finger.”
“That’s definitely not true!? No matter how I think about it, that wasn’t a finger touch! It was something more sticky, wasn’t it!?”
“The sweat, because I’m nervous.”
“No matter how I look, they don’t seem to be so watery!? It was something soft and flabby! My spine is shivering, you know!”

Tira steps back and raises her voice.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. You were tasty.”
“It was a tongue, after all!? Did you just lick me!?”
“I did it impulsively. I don’t regret.”
“Then, should I make you regret now……?”

Tira raises her staff and points it at me ready to chant a spell any time.
Rather, why did she bring the staff with her to my room……? Self-defense……?

“I, I understand. Then, lick mine back, forgive me with that.”
“I don’t want to lick it, though!?”
“Eh, seriously? You don’t want to lick it? Really?”
“Why are you acting like me not wanting to lick you is weird! …… huh, wait for a second, please! Why are you taking your pants off!? Just where are you trying to make me lick you!?”
“I mean, it’s impolite of me to let you lick some imprudent place, right?.”

I say with a serious expression.

“Therefore, my most important place——”
“O’ wind, cut——”
“J, joking! I’m just joking!”

I panic seeing Tira start a chant.
Rather, where did she plan to cut me……

(Rather, for the sake of all women, I want her to castrate you, by all means.)

Naviko-san, would you stop treating me like a dog or a cat?


At that moment, a lovely angel entered the room while rubbing her sleepy eyes.
It’s Filia.
It seems she got woken up by our loud exchange.

“Papa, Mama, what are you doing?”
“Papa and Mama were about to make you a little brother or a little sister.”

“W e    w e r e    n o t    ! !”

“Y, yeah. We weren’t, Filia.”

I received Tira’s glare and instantly withdrew my previous statement.

“…… Is that so?”

Filia hangs down her head in disappointment.

“A life is a very important thing, so it can’t be made thoughtlessly. Filia is a smart child, so you understand, right?”

Filia nods at my plausible words.

“I see. You are admirable, Filia.”

When I pat Filia’s head, she smiles like an angel.
What a pure and innocent smile.

(On the contrary, when it comes to Master……)

Uu…… I feel guilty.
I’m corrupted……!

“Then, let’s return to the room together with Mama, Filia-chan.”

Tira and Filia peacefully left the room.
The two are sleeping in the same room.

“There’s no need for Karuna-san to come.”

When I tried to follow, I was told off.
I also want to sleep together.

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