Chapter 10

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I Was Taken
“Ri, Ria!? Did you really make this?”
“Yeah! I had Hugh teach me and made it~”

Because you told me that using fire is still too dangerous for me, so I had Hughley help me out there, but I did the manufacturing myself, you know?

“You did well. Was it difficult?”
“It was simple~”

I just minced several medicinal plants together and boiled them after all~
The recipe itself wasn’t that difficult, you know?

“Do you still have some?”
“I do~”

Umm…… I made them in a small amount at first, just three bottles.
I drank one of those, so only two remained.
When I attempted to make it again using the method taught to me, I was able to make six, a total of eight.
Because Father and Aster each drank one……

“I still have six~”

When I report the number of remaining bottles, Father for some reason stood up and held me up in his arms.
And Father then left the office just like that.
Father of mine, where are you going?


◇ ◇ ◇


The place he brought me to was the doctor’s place in the castle.
It’s apparently a place where they make medicine used in the castle, cultivate medicinal plants, and research.
Right, right, it’s also the place where part of the medicinal plants I’m raising are sold to.

“This is!”

What the chief of this place has in front of his eyes is the special drink I’ve made.
When that Chief looked at the drink, he was jiggling and trembling for some reason.

“Surely not!”

Eh, he can tell what it is just by looking?
As expected of a professional, amazing!

“The Chief of this place has a special ability, you see. It’s an appraisal ability that allows him to see what kind of plants were used just by looking.”


The unbelievable special ability!
Appraisal ability, huh… seems convenient~

“What a thing! Isn’t this Fatitoll medicine!!!”

Ah, is that the official name of the recovery from fatigue drink?
So it had a name like that.
Fatitoll medicine…… fatigue toll…… it’s just like that, huh……

“Prime Minister-sama, where did you get this!?”
“It appears that my daughter made it.”
“What did you say~!!!”

Chief-san raised a roar.

“Calm down. You will frighten my daughter.”

It’s as Father said.
Chief-san, clam down a bit!
You are way too excited, aren’t you?
I’m not frightened, but…… no, you are scary after all.
Don’t look at me with such glittering eyes!!
No, I’m seriously scared.
This, I’m going to get eaten.
First of all, let’s cling to Father tightly.
Tremble, tremble.

After a short while, Chief-san’s sanity finally returned.

“You seem to have calmed down.”
“Heh, sorry about that. I lost my composure for a little there.”

You were simply frightening……

“I will ask right away, but where did you learn how to make this magic potion?”
“N? From Hughley.”
“Hughley… dono, is it? That person is……”
“Hughley-dono is my daughter’s contracted spirit.”
“Ha! Which reminds me, I think I heard that Prime Minister-sama’s daughter has contracted a High-grade spirit before.”

It looks that me making a contract with a spirit has spread quite a lot~
There’s a possibility that every noble and authorized person in the castle knows, isn’t there?
Well, I’m not hiding it or anything, so it’s fine~

“Ojousama, won’t you tell me the method of making this medicine?”

The method of making?
You don’t know how to make this?
I mean, this is the place where the most skillful doctors of the country gather, right?
Ah~ You had such reaction just a little while ago and you don’t know it……
But, is it something I selfishly can teach you?

(What is it, Ria?)
“Say, that fatigue removing medicine you have taught me today, do you mind if I tell it to other people? They want to know.”
(I don’t mind if you teach them the method, but won’t that be difficult for these people to make it?)

What’d you say?

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