Chapter 38

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A man in black appeared.
“… Good evening?”

I woke up in the middle of the night to find a man in black at my bedside.

“Erm… what can I do for you?”

To be honest, I didn’t think that someone would be able to pass through the eyes of the spirits I had contracted with and come this far.
So the fast frequency of my blinking is inevitable.

(Ria, we let him through this far on purpose, so it’s definitely not because of his ability, okay?)
(That’s right, Ria-chan. There’s no way we would let you fall in danger.)
(Why did you not let me chase him out?)
“Please do not take action for the time being. You will be restricted right away if you make any strange moves.”

It seems that the spirits deliberately led this man to this place.

“And so? What is this about?”
(This man was acting very strangely, you know~)
(He was wandering around the mansion before entering.)
“Wasn’t he just observing the situation inside?”
(No, it wasn’t like that, he wanted to enter and then stopped himself… and he repeated that over and over.)
“Nn? N~ he was hesitating?”
(Ah, yes, something like that.)

After listening to Hughley, I looked at the man fully clothed in black again.
I stared at him fixedly and observed him.
However, since his mouth was covered with a cloth, I couldn’t really see his entire face.

“Hey, can you take off his mask for a second?”
(I will do it.)
“Thank you, Luke.”

Luke took off his mask, so I observed him again.
The man had black hair and red eyes, and he was younger than I expected.
He looked somewhere between a boy and a young man, about the size of a grown-up Luke.
And above all, he was exceptionally handsome.


… I feel I saw this face somewhere before.
Red eyes are quite unique, so I feel like I wouldn’t forget if I saw them?



Oh, this person is one of the capture targets!
The young assassin!
He still has some juvenile features remaining, so I’m sure it’s him!
I only saw him in my dreams, and never met him directly, so it took a little time before I recognized him.

“Ugh, an assassin!?”

Right, an assassin.
His name was, if I’m not mistaken… Brad?
He was sold to a dark organization by his parents as soon as he was born.
Precisely because of his bloody-red eyes.

“N~? Color of blood?”
“It’s not really blood-red, is it? It’s more like the color of sunset, isn’t it?”
“Ah, they are a bit shiny, so they might actually be ruby-like!”

When I expressed my thoughts after looking into his eyes, Brad’s body jolted.
Huh, was he scared?

(You really are cute, Ria-chan~)
(Nono, aren’t you guys too carefree? I mean, he is an assassin, doesn’t that mean he came here to kill Ria?)
(Kill Ria? What are you saying, Luke? There’s no way I would allow something like that to happen under my watch.)
(No, I don’t mean it like that, Ria should be showing… shock, fear, or something, right? I just find it curious that there’s none of it~)
“There’s no need to be shocked or frightened when there’s no danger, right?”

I was surprised when I noticed Brad by my bedside, alright?
It’s just that everyone is here with me, and I know that they have taken precautions so that Brad wouldn’t be able to move in any strange way.
Oh, is Brad perhaps scared because he’s being watched by the spirits?

“Hey, everyone, Brad doesn’t seem to have any intentions of doing something to me, and he seems frightened so why don’t you lower your guards a bit?”

Hughley, Miria, Luke, and Gilbert fell silent.
I wonder why?

(That man was reacting to Ria’s words, right?)
(That’s right~ it’s definitely not because of us~)
(Fufufu, isn’t this one of the things that’s cute about Ria-chan, though?)

What is it?
The four of them have started talking in private, and they left me out~

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