Chapter 37

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I got lost.
This is sudden, but I, the highly praised Victoria (7 years old), got lost.
The place I got lost in is a vast forest just outside the Royal Capital.

“… Where is this~?”

At any rate, I learned about the animals that live around the Royal Capital, so I immediately asked Luke to fly me to the forest, but… I got lost.
Although Luke brought me here, the moment we arrived, he left somewhere after saying (I’m going to get us delicious fruit!)
I wish I had stayed still, but I felt very lonely all alone in the forest.
Therefore, thinking that it would be fine to move just a little bit, I started observing the plants growing around.
Yeah, I was looking at the plants, and totally forgot to remember the path I took.

“Uu~ I was too distracted by the plants I had never seen before~”

Luke, please come back soon~
(Ah~ I knew it would turn out like this.)
(Where did Luke go after leaving you all alone?)
“He said he was going to get some fruits. Uu~ I’m so glad you followed us, Hugh~”

When I was about to cry, Hughley appeared.
Hughley turned into his big form and held me up in his arms.
Since spirits don’t grow, Hughley remained the handsome senior high school adonis, but I was seven and growing up appropriately according to my age.
Despite this, I was still able to sit in one of Hughley’s arms without a problem.
I usually get embarrassed and tell him to lower me, but today, I cling to his neck.
It wasn’t that long, but I apparently got too lonely.

(I will scold that fellow later.)
“I was also at fault, so do it in moderation~”

I tried to defend Luke a little while sobbing uncontrollably.
He might have left me alone, but he meant no harm and it was my fault that I got lost.

(No, I can’t do that. Leaving you all alone is unforgivable!)

Hughley was quietly angry.
It seems that defending Luke was useless.


At that moment, I heard the growling of a beast from the bushes.

“Eh, what was that?”
(Forest Wolf.)
“Oh, you are right.”


A grey wolf came out of the bushes.
Forest Wolf is a wolf that appears only within the forests with considerable strength, but you should have no problems defeating it one-on-one.

(We are in the forest, so contact with a fellow like him is given. So, leaving you all alone in a place like this is unforgivable, right?)

Hughley manipulated an ivy and looked at me while constricting the Forest Wolf.

“It would catch up even if I ran away, right?”
“I’m so glad you came for me, Hugh~”

I am not that fast on my feet, and beating it would be absurd.
I’m so glad I didn’t come across it while lost alone!

(Ria, Forest Wolf’s fur and fangs can be sold, do you want to take it back with you?)
“Eh? R, right. It would be a waste to leave it behind, so I guess we can take it back.”

Although I have a lot of wealth already, throwing this away would be a waste.
I have a poor person’s mentality.
Besides, I sometimes buy expensive magic tools, so it’s better to have money.
So, I thanked Hughley for his advice and decided to put the Forest Wolf in my pochette.
If I put it in my pochette for now, I can do whatever I want with it later.
My time-stopping, capacity-unconcerned pochette, thank you very much.

(So, what do you want to do now, Ria?)
(It’s still too early to return, so I was wondering if you want to keep exploring the forest?)
“Can I?”
(Of course, anything you wish.)

After this, I explored the forest while learning about various plants from Hughley.

(Oh, Ria. There’s magic soul grass growing here.)
“Eh? In the forest so close to a city?”
(Ah, these are your favorite herbs, Ria. Good, I will pick lots of them for you.)
“Whoa~ there’s so many~”
(There are Ichi fruits here. Ria, you love those, don’t you?)

Thanks to Hughley’s continuous discovery and collection of various plants, the first forest search ended successfully and with satisfactory results.
Well, aside from Luke getting lectured by Hughley after the exploration.

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