Chapter 36

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I’m going to study.
“That is correct. Your knowledge is truly excellent, Victoria-sama.”
“… Thank you very much.”

At last, the study with the royal prince has begun.
Even though there are maids waiting on us in the room, it’s practically one-on-one with the King’s younger brother.
It is impossible not to be nervous.

“There’s nothing I can teach you about arithmetic, is there?”

To find out what I was capable of today, I was given questions from various areas of history, geography, arithmetic… and other various fields, so I answered them.
I was already a grown-up adult in my previous life, after all~
Addition and subtraction, as well as multiplication and division, are my forte.
On the other hand, I’m starting from scratch with history and geography.
I thought about cutting corners by acting childish, but I decided that was impossible for me to do, so I answered the questions as they were.
In the first place, there was no point hiding since I have already exposed myself with spirit-related medicine and cosmetics.

“I think we should focus on history and geography and the characteristics of the country in the future lessons.”
“Yes, please.”
“Okay, since you asked me.”

The smile of the royal prince was too dazzling.
His glittering blonde hair was the same way too, but his existence itself was dazzling for some reason.
Haah… what’s the deal with that, I wonder?
Since we already got involved, would it not be better to get to know each other, to let the royal prince know that I’m not someone who would harass other people behind the scenes?
Since it comes to this, let’s have him teach me and study normally.
Aim towards honor student status!

“Do you have any other requests?”
“Yes, any subjects you would like to learn. Well, you already have someone more knowledgeable about plants and pharmaceutics than me, so I don’t think you should be asking me of that, but is there perhaps anything else?”

The plant and pharmaceutics expert is Hughley.
So the royal prince knows of him too, I see~

“Let’s see, I would like to learn more about creatures.”

I don’t know anything about animals living in this world.
I have never stepped outside the Capital, but I’d like to go out soon.
Or rather, I’m already secretly planning on going to the forest in the near future.
So I want to learn about small animals that look harmless but are actually dangerous creatures… I would like to study to avoid such dangerous situations.
Well, I think Hughley and the other spirits would know, but it would be of no help to rely on the knowledge from the spirits’ point of view, as it may be dangerous for humans to rely on.
I mean, if Hughley says: “That’s a very weak creature.” it would be a problem if it took three strong men to defeat that creature…
No, that’s definitely possible.
Yep, I should study this for my own sake!

“I see, living creatures, huh. Understood. I will have the learning materials prepared by the next lesson.”
“Wow, thank you so much.”
“Nono, it’s for my eager student, after all.”

I was so happy that I couldn’t help but smile and the royal prince returned a smile of his own.
Yep, it’s super dazzling.
Seriously, really extremely dazzling!
This… can I really do this?
Do I endure or get used to it… is it possible to get used to?

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