Chapter 35

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I got a tutor.
“Otousama, have you called for me?”
“Yeah. Ria, come here. I thought of introducing him to you.”

I heard that Otousama was calling for me, so when I came over to his office, I saw a familiar face!
I have seen it before!
This person is a royal prince, isn’t he!
Why is a royal prince at our home!
As for when I saw him before, it was in my dreams!
I mean, isn’t the royal prince one of the capture targets———!
Even though I dreamt of living peacefully, to think that I will have to get involved with a capture target!!
As for why the royal prince is at our house… father of mine, please explain this at once!

“This is Roland-dono who will be your tutor.”
“I am Roland. I’m honored to make your acquaintance, Victoria-sama.”

Nonono, a tutor, you say?
I am fine with this since I was told before that I am going to have tutor, okay?
I have turned seven, after all.
It was about time to start studying for real.
But what’s up with the tutor being a royal prince!?
That’s ridiculous!!
Aren’t the tutors of young ladies normally old maidens?
I mean, what young ladies study are things like etiquette and dancing!

“O, Otousama. I heard that I would learn etiquette and dance in addition to the language and history, so I was sure that my tutor would be a woman.”
“It’s fine, Ria. He’s an excellent teacher, he will teach you etiquette as well as dance.”

According to what I heard, this royal prince has been brilliant since childhood.
It’s said that the current King, who was the Crown Prince at that time, was almost ready to hand over the position of the heir to the throne to him because of his brilliance.

At that time, this royal prince who was not interested in the throne at all, reportedly abandoned his rights of succession to the throne the moment the Crown Prince——Cyrus-sama was born.
Why did that very royal prince come over to be my tutor!?
I don’t really want to get involved, but I can’t refuse, can I?


“Ro, Roland-sama, you won’t find teaching someone like me unpleasant? Wouldn’t there be better heirs to teach than me?”
“I heard that you are a very brilliant person yourself, so I have no dissatisfaction, Victoria-sama.”
“… Please don’t place trust in the partial nonsense my father and brothers say about me.”

I am not happy about this!
If you are looking for a brilliant person to teach, look for boys, not a girl like me!
The society is not necessarily male dominant, but at any rate, men are considered the spine of this world.
There’s basically an unspoken rule that the men are the successors.
Women, on the other hand, tend to marry into good homes to become good wives who support their husbands.
Because the world functions like this, go and create many worthy successors for your country!

“It’s not partial nonsense! Ria, you are super cute and very brilliant child!”
“Otousama, that’s exactly what being partial looks like.”

Father of mine, don’t appearances matter in the conversation we are having?
Please withdraw your “daughter = doting” mentality for now.
I am currently desperate to distance myself from the capture target, okay!

“Victoria-sama is a modest person, isn’t she?”
“Indeed. Ria is reserved and humble!”

Wait a moment, you over there!
Why are you happily elevating my status at every occasion!?
Moreover, I understand why my father does it, but why is the royal prince getting on board too?
I can’t concentrate on my own thoughts because I feel overwhelmed!

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