Chapter 39

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They crushed it.
(Fufu, it’s nothing. Don’t mind it, Ria-chan.)
“You are not ostracizing me, are you?”
(Of course not.)

Miria, who noticed my gaze, gently patted my head, but when the four of them talked in private, I was still curious.

(We were just discussing about what you might do with this fellow~)
“What, so you were talking about that kind of thing.”

Brad is an assassin, after all.
Everyone’s actions will change depending on my policy, so they were apparently talking about that.

“Right, let’s see~——Hey, I will ask you directly. Did you come here to kill me?”

Brad was silent after hearing my question.
Well, maybe I was too frank and he found it difficult to answer.

“I’m guessing that you did not come of your own violation? Did you have no choice but to come here under someone else’s orders?”

Brad didn’t respond to the first part of my question, but he gulped slightly at the second part.
I see, he didn’t want to do it, but he had no choice.

“Is there anything forcing you to abide by the orders? You could have stopped if you didn’t want to do it otherwise, right?”

He may have been raised with fear imprinted onto him, or he may have been subjected to suggestion or brainwashing-like things.
Also, unfortunately, there are tools in this world that can force you to be subservient to others.
I asked him about these possibilities, but he remained silent.

“You are not doing this willingly, are you?”
“… I will be… treated… as failure.”
“Failure? Ah, you will be punished? Rather, you won’t get punished if you don’t return, no?”

I don’t know what kind of organization Brad is in, but if he doesn’t return, he won’t be punished, right?
When I said what I was thinking, Brad was stunned.

“… Eh?”
“Yeah, you can just stay here.”


I don’t want to get involved with Brad because he’s one of the capture targets, but in Brad’s case, perhaps it’s because of his occupation, but he’s difficult to read.
So I feel that it’s better to keep him close at hand and observe him.

(… Ria, you want to keep this guy close at hand?)
(Ria, don’t.)
(My, oh my, Ria-chan you little~)
“Should I train him as an attendant?”

Hughley was dumbfounded?
Luke was against it.
Miria was amused.
Gilbert seemed to be in high spirits?
The spirits each gave their opinions on my suggestion, or rather, my random comment.

“Ah, but isn’t it going to get exposed immediately that Brad is staying at our place?”

When Brad disappears, the first place they will check is where he went to do his job.
So, in other words, our house, right?


… Do we crush the secret organization?
Ah, but that would be physically impossible for me, and when it comes to scheming… it’s not my strongest of points~
It would be possible if the spirits helped me with it, but… I cannot make requests that are too private like this of them, right?

(Ria, everything you are thinking about is coming out of your mouth. But, I think that’s a good idea. Let’s crush it. Getting crushed is the best ending for an organization targeting you.)
(I will cooperate. Leave it to us.)
(There’s no saying it won’t happen again now that it happened for the first time~ Let’s thoroughly deal with them so there’s no second time~)
“Let’s have the Knights Order cooperate with us. We have to deal not only with the organization but their client as well.”
“… Huh?”

It seems that everything I was thinking about… was coming out of my mouth.
Moreover, everyone seemed to be in agreement with me.

That being the case, the spirits and Brad left for the secret organization and completely annihilated it that day.
Well, I was staying at home, so I only heard about it.
Finding the hidden documents was a piece of cake for the spirits.
The documents were delivered to the Knights Order, and all the people who worked for the organization, as well as the people who commissioned the organization, were found out.
It seems that there were a lot of people in the organization who were being used forcibly like Brad, but each of them was investigated in detail.
This was Brad’s first time working for the organization, so he was treated with leniency, and Gil was able to secure his custody.

“Then, Brad is one of ours starting today.”
“P, please treat me kindly.”

Brad was 14 years old, seven years older than me.
He was hired by the Duke Emerald’s Household to be my personal attendant.
So far, it has been less than a full day since Brad broke into my room.… my spirits are too competent.

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