Chapter 9

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Let’s Present it
――Knock, knock
I knock at the door of the Prime Minister’s office at the castle.


Father’s assistant Aster opened the door and got surprised that I was there.
Aster is a masculine man with black hair.
He should be the same age as Father if I’m not mistaken, but because Father looks so young, Aster seems a bit older.

“Aster. Is Otousama in~?”
“Yes, he’s here. Please enter.”

Aster is properly polite even to the little me.
Even though he’s kind on top of being diligent and his looks are also good, he’s still single.
He seems to have a desire for marriage, but I heard that he was lamenting about his motivation.
He’s a splendid type, but the difference in age is a bit, you know~
How regrettable.


When I enter the office and greet Father, he gets surprised and drops the documents he was holding in his hands.
I have come without notice, but is it that surprising?
I have come from home to the castle in a carriage, and I got guided from the castle’s entrance all the way here, so I couldn’t lose my way. Having come this far should be pretty normal though?

“What’s the matter? Were you lonely?”

Father immediately comes to me and lifts me up in his arms.
He finished with a freebie of cheek rubbing.
Father is the same as usual.

“You see~ I’ve brought juice for Otousama~”

I took a bottle of juice from the white pochette hanging from my shoulder.
In fact, this pochette has its inside expanded with magic!
Moreover, it’s an excellent thing which maintains the quality of the things inside!

A magic bag is a bag enchanted with the magic of Spirit-san that is said to be rare even among other spirits.
Accurately, it’s the Space-time Spirit――Spirit-san who controls space and time.
Hughley and Miria asked their acquaintance Spirit-san to make it.
One of these bags has apparently costs as much as a mansion in the royal capital.
It’s so amazing it made me stare with my mouth open~

“Umm~ Your fatigue will come off if you drink this, you know~”

Now, Father of mine!
Receive my fatigue removing drink made with love~

“Thank you, Ria. Then, I will receive it.”

When Father receives it, he pours it into the cup prepared by Aster and drinks it at once.

“It’s delicious, Ria…… n!!!!?”

Father’s movements stopped unnaturally.
What’s wrong?
Since I have sampled it, I know that it doesn’t taste bad.
Father of mine, what is with that reaction of yours!?

“Victor-sama, what’s the matter?”
“The fatigue……”
“………… The fatigue disappeared.”
“The physical weariness, headache and even my stiff shoulders are gone!”

Ahh, he seems to be surprised by the recovery effect.
I couldn’t feel the actual feeling by myself, but it appears to work properly.
As expected of Hughley’s recommended special drink.
Nevertheless……… physical weariness, headache, and stiff shoulders?
Father of mine, you were quite exhausted……
I didn’t think it was this bad.
No wonder you looked so unwell……

“Aster, you try drinking it too. Ria, you don’t mind, right?”
“Nope, it’s fine!”

If Father is this tired, then Aster who’s helping him should be considerably tired as well.
Ah, let Father finish that!
Aster, I will give you this.
I retrieved one more drink from the pochette and handed it to Aster.
Hnn~ I’m glad I made several bottles~

“Then, excuse me……………!!!”

When Aster drank the special drink at once, Aster who normally doesn’t change his expression much opened his eyes wide and stiffened.

“How is it, Aster?”
“……… My body feels refreshed.”

It seems it was effective even on Aster.
Father exhibited his overdoting powers and proved to me that he doesn’t feel any weariness.

“Ria, what’s up with this beverage?”

I’m glad you asked!

“That you see! Ria made it~”

Father and Aster froze with their eyes wide open……

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