Chapter 8

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I Became 5 Years Old
It’s abrupt, but I, Victoria has become five years old.

I have been diligently raising medical plants and working hard at earning money, but recently, I got into making medicine.
Hughley is not only knowledgeable about plants, but he also has extensive knowledge about medicine.
He knows how to make various medicine.
To even know how to make medicine, Hughley is incredible!
That being the case, I’m challenging myself with making various medicines from the medicinal plants I have grown by myself.

I especially think of making detoxifying medicine and safekeeping it.
I mean, with an antidote in my hands, I can feel relieved if the time comes, right?

There’s a compounding space in the corner of the greenhouse Father made for me.

“Hugh, does this match?”
(It’s fine, Ria.)
“This is next then. Do I do it like this?”
(Right, right. Put that plant in the pot next.)

I’m now producing a beverage that can take the fatigue away!
Father recently looks to be quite tired, so it was on my mind.
When I consulted with Hughley, he recommended trying to make this medicine.

(Yep, it’s okay now. Turn the fire off.)

Normally, it would be too dangerous for a five-year-old like me to be using fire and edged tools, but you know, Hughley is here.
I’ve gotten permission under a promise that I will use them only when together with Hughley.
Well, even if I’m not with Hughley, no one can enter the greenhouse without my permission, so it’s possible to do as I please when there are no eyes.
Because there is no one who would like to enter the greenhouse without permission and incur the spirits’ anger.
It means that I can do whatever I please as long as there are no witnesses!
Although I say that, I won’t break my promise though.
Rather, Hughley is constantly with me, so I would have a difficult time breaking it.

(Alright, fill up the bottle and it’s done.)
“Yay~ I did it~”

Now then, I made it, the recover from exhaustion drink!
Because I have boiled together several kinds of medicinal plants, what I completed was a bitter-looking green liquid.
It looks like Aojiru.
To be frank, it seems extremely bitter.
I intended to give this to Father, but since it’s something I’ve made by myself for the first time, I should properly try it out myself.

“…… Gulp.”

While thinking such and timidly taking a sip, it unexpectedly tastes like green apples!
It’s very mysterious.
But, it’s delicious!

“Hugh, this is delicious~”
(Is that so? It’s fine as long as Ria likes it.)
“But I don’t know whether it took my fatigue away……”
(I have properly watched over you, besides it’s something Ria made, so it will be all right.)

Unfortunately, I don’t know whether it got rid of my fatigue or not.
I don’t seem to be tired.
But, Hughley gave his approval, so it should be okay.

(Then, Ria. Let’s make it one more time before you forget.)

That’s right.
It’s important to thoroughly make it again in order to memorize the method of making.

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