Chapter 11

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Production is Apparently Difficult
A medicine from chopped medicinal plants boiled together in a pot?

“P, please what do you mean by that!?”

Chief-san inquired the reason from Hughley in dismay, but Hughley ignored that.
He doesn’t seem interested in answering.

“Why can’t Chief-san make it?”
(That’s because Green’s magical power is necessary while making it. It’s essential to boil it while pouring magical power in. Are they able do that?)

Because it couldn’t be helped, I asked Hughley about the reason and he answered.
Well, I was interested too.
It appears that the reason the medicine is difficult to make is because of the pouring of magical power during the process.

Ah, this world has that something called magical power.
Furthermore, everyone has it to a greater or lesser extent. It’s a world where anyone can use simple magic.

Ah but, “Use” might be a faulty expression.
Because it’s spirits who cause the phenomenon of magic.
For example, starting a fire.
It manifests while wishing kotodama and the necessary amount of magical power.
Kotodama is that thing.
You call out “Oh, Fire” with an excessively lengthy chant.
A Fire Spirit then receives the magical power and produces fire in return.
It’s like that.

The size of the magic depends on the amount of magical power transferred to the spirit, so it could turn either in candlelight or a bonfire.
The amount of possessed magical power which is then received by the spirits differs, but only a handful of people can use adventure fantasy-like offensive magic as it’s generally utilized to the degree of helping with living.

The spirit contract overturns that common sense.
Because the spirits can use their power without compensation.
You understand the reason why countries regard them so highly, right?

And, the attribute of Green Spirit’s magical power was included in the process.
The attributes are Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, Darkness.
There are also others like Green, Lightning, Ice, Time.
The magical power within people has no attribute, so it’s a non-attribute.
When using fire attributed magical power when transferring magical power to a Fire Spirit, the necessary amount would be less than when using non-attributed magical power.
Changing magical power to respective attributes is called Magical Power Conversion.

Unfortunately, I still have not learned about handling magical power yet.
To begin with, handling magical power is formally taught in elementary school.
Pouring Green’s magical power?
What’s that?
I haven’t done anything like that?
I don’t know-how.

“Hugh, why could I make it? I haven’t poured magical power, did I?”
(Ria’s magical power was unconsciously flowing into the medicine.)

I did it unconsciously!
Well, that’s a shocker!


(Rather, medicine is something people came up with in the first place right? Why do you, people, not know how to make it?)
“Is that so?”
(That’s right, Ria. I mean, do you think spirits have a need for medicine?)

I obediently shake my head.
That’s right isn’t it, spirits don’t use a medicine, do they……

“Then, why does Hugh know how to make it?”

He apparently somehow recalled it because he has been living for so long.
Spirits lead long lives after all.
Hugh may look like a senior high schooler, but it has been several hundred years since he was born.

(Anyhow, I guess it got lost after a silly dispute. Well, it looks like the necessary tools are gathered here. Ria, show them while reviewing.)

Ah, I’m going to make it?
Well, it’s fine since it’s reviewing the recipe…

So, I made the medicine.
Not only Chief-san, but many people working here gathered around me.
And then, the gathered people were dumbstruck.

“To maintain a constant flow of magical power of such degree……”

It appears that I really was pouring the magical power unconsciously.
I don’t understand quite well, but…

“Besides, the materials! A spirit grass was used, you know!?”

Spirit grass seems to be a rare medicinal plant.
I’ve grown it myself so I can use as much as I like, but the supply for the people working here is apparently tight.

Yeah, just as Hughley said, I feel like no one except me can make it.

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