Chapter 4

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There is a Skill

“What is it?”

“I’m happy that Okaasama became healthy.”

Wirbel says with a lovely smile during breakfast.

My child is too adorable as always!!
Look, those happy-looking cheeks! I want to gyu and chuu chuu his shy smiling face.

“I am also very happy to have breakfast with Wirbel. What is Wirbel’s plans for today?”

“Yes, I, today… that…”

“What is the matter?”

Wirbel suddenly hangs his head and stammers.

“That, in the main building… with Arthur Niisama… studying…”

“Oh my, is that so? Is Arthur-sama kind to you?”

“Yes! He’s kind and cool!”

Wirbel, all of sudden, raises his head and answers joyfully.

I see, it looks like Arthur-sama is a good child.
I thought about what to do if Wirbel was being bullied.
It looks like Christhard-sama and Bianca-sama treat Wirbel gently even though his mother is the worst.

“Then, I will also study diligently in order to make delicious sweets for our tea party.”

“Yes!! I’m looking forward to it!! But, that… Okaasama, aren’t you going out? You always seemed busy…”

Yes, I was going out.
Tea parties, evening parties, concerts, painting appreciation, etc. I was rolled up in socializing.
Also, Amalie’s assets are great even without relying on Flaksburb house, so she had a free reign over shopping.
This is a country where the husband doesn’t manage wife’s assets, so Amalie was free to spend her money.

Amalie was an unpleasant woman, but she had a talent for asset management.
She was good at investing which reliably increased her funds.
Even if someone tried to deceive her, she would notice instantly.

It’s one side of the hysteric woman that you would find surprising, but Amalie who is good with numbers had one more magic skill that she was strong at.

With that power, she bought a mine a year ago, which even until now is full of gemstones.

The power of that skill is great, when Amelie looked on a map, she would see shining spots that would inform her of valuable resources.
This child was too well-blessed.

“Well, I am recuperating and listening to Wirbel’s stories while having a tea party seems more fun.”

“I want to talk to Okaasama a lot!”

A smile spreads on Wirbel’s entire face.

“Then, when you come back, I will have you to tell me a lot of stories, okay?”


After the meal, I kissed Wirbel’s cute cheek and sent him out.

Now then, let’s see, let’s see, shall we make some sweets?

I want to eat Baumkuchen.
But, if Amalie didn’t eat it until now, it probably means that Baumkuchen doesn’t exist in this world.

First, the ingredients, right?
What ingredients are in Baumkuchen?
Probably, sponge cake-like ingredients?
All right, let’s start by writing the ingredients on paper.

“Berta, bring me paper and pen.”

“Yes, Okusama.”

Berta instantly arranges it in front of me.
I have a good social position, huh.

All right, first is:
“Wheat flour, egg, sugar”

N? The letters are shining?

It doesn’t shine.

Eh? Do the necessary ingredients shine by any chance?
Is this also the power of Amalie’s skill?
It’s too incredible, though…
Convenient, super, ultra, mega convenient!!

Wirbel!! Okaasama will make you delicious sweets!!

Then, I shall write all the necessary ingredients and flavorings of all sweets I know!!

……… Yeah, ingredients confirmed.
All that’s left is if this world has them or not?
I think they should be generally the same…

“Berta, I wonder if the kitchen has these?”

I hand the Baumkuchen ingredients to Berta.

“Yes… I don’t know this thing called corn starch.”

“Is that so…”

Ah, after all?
I used corn starch to make custard in the home economics, though~
It shone because it’s necessary, right?
What role does it have?

If I’m not mistaken, the home economics teacher was talking about starch of maize.
Can it be made?

Alright, let’s write it on the paper.

N~ This is how it shines when it’s of no use, right~
Okay, I can tell the things that can be used and things that don’t apart.
It looks like it can’t be made in a common kitchen, I think.

Does it mean that it would be all right even without it?
But, it will taste better if it’s there?
… A substitute, huh… a starch…
Potato starch?
No, potato starch is not used as an ingredient for sweets, is it?

Let’s write in just in case?
“Potato starch”

Ah, it’s shining.
Looks like potato starch is okay to use.

“Berta, do we have potato starch?”

“Potato starch, is it? No, I don’t know if we do, but should I ask the head chef?”

“No, it is all right.”

We probably don’t have it.
Ankake[Dish prepared with a starch-based sauce] and such won’t come outmon.

Can potato starch be made?

Oh, shiny.
It seems like it can be made.

“Berta, I am going to the kitchen.”

“… Does Okusama truly plan to make sweets?”

“Yes, I promised Wirbel, after all.”


Berta opens the room’s door with a face of defeat.

Now then, let’s go!

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