Chapter 3

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Husband Came
“Okusama, is everything all right?”

A voice from outside the canopy wakes up from dozing.


“Okusama, how is your health? The meal is prepared.”

“Let’s see, I would like to take a hot bath before that.”

“Understood. Please, excuse me.”

Berta left the room and the door to the bedroom opened soon again.
She probably prepared hot water.
Hot water is prepared with magic.

That’s right. This world is a world of magic.
There is a bathtub next to the bedroom. Water is prepared there with magic.
It’s super convenient.

Incidentally, Amalie has a talent for magic.
But, Amalie was scared of using magic, so she didn’t polish her skills.
What a waste!! That’s unfathomable!!

Amalie has quite a good amount of magical power.
As proof, the room becomes messy when she loses her temper.
She couldn’t control it because she didn’t practice.
She unleashed it with her feelings.
The troublesome human Amalie, is me.

Because of that, I should have been able to prepare the hot water in the bathtub at least by myself.
But, I never did it.
No matter how much I think about it, I have a feeling that I would drown or burn myself in hot water.
Waste of talent, isn’t it?

All right, once I get well, let’s start practicing.
I can’t wait~!!

“Okusama, the preparations are complete.”

“Thank you.”

I take Berta’s hand and get down from the bed.
I take a bath, encircled by many maids.

Tanaka Yuri would be embarrassed, but this is regular for Amalie.
Right now, my body has no strength, and every step I take is dangerous. Honestly, it helps.
Haa, a good bath.
I’m glad I was reborn in a world with a bath, I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart.

While changing into a dressing gown, the sound of the door to the living room being open could be heard.

“I will take a look.”

Berta leaves the bedroom.

Words in low voices are exchanged at the other side of the door.

“Okusama, Dannasama has arrived.”

Berta who came back to the bedroom plainly announces.


I see, he came…
He didn’t come when I was in life-threatening danger, so I didn’t expect him to visit now that my condition is not serious.

The relationship between the husband and wife is of course, completely cold.
Well, not having an affection towards a noisy wife that was forcefully pushed upon you is only natural.
Since the child was born, the husband didn’t visit me, nor I was allowed to enter the main building.

Incidentally, Dannasama and the first wife live together in the main building, while I, the second wife live in a separate mansion.
Amalie seemed to be dissatisfied with it, but I think that there’s no need to be troubled.

While thinking such, the maids steadily fixed my appearances.

They dried my hair and started putting makeup on me.
On the contrary to Amalie’s intense personality, she has a child-like and lovely face.

The corners of the eyes that are risen by default are in reality slightly dropped.
A white porcelain-like skin, blue-silver eyes and platinum-blonde, silky smooth hair, she looks like a doll.

“Berta, I have just come out of the bath, doing the makeup just lightly is all right. Dannasama would not care about my face anyway.”

“… Understood.”

When the preparations are complete and leave the bedroom, Christhard-sama was sitting on the sofa.

“I am sorry to have kept you waiting.”

“… No, you look well.”

When I approach, Christhard-sama stands up and shifts his attention towards me.
After looking at my face with suspicion for a while, he went straight to the door.

“Well then, I will be going to the castle now.”

“Yes, have a good day.”

Patan, the door close shut.

A delicate mood flows around the room.
Everyone is quiet, no one moves.

Are they being considerate?
No, it’s different, they are afraid of my temper.
If it were like before, I would make a great storm.
I would rant and rave, finding fault with everyone.
Amalie led a tiring life.

“Could you prepare breakfast?”

With my words, the invisible ropes on everyone were untied and they have begun to move.

“Y, yes, we will get it prepared immediately.”

Everyone hastily leaves the room.


“What is it?”

Berta who was the only one who stayed calls out to me.

“No… is it all right to prepare the meal in the living room now?”

“Yes, I will be troubling you.”

“Understood. I will be excusing myself then.”

Berta bows and leaves the room.

Fuu, what a tiring event.
I want to get well quickly.

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